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Post-Game Quotes (10/12)


HEAD COACH JOHN HARBAUGH(general comments) Ravens vs. Colts Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08

"Ok, obviously a disappointing performance. We didn't play very well in all three phases. We got what we deserved, that's what happens when you play the way we did. But I will say this, I like the way our team continued to compete, fight, and I liked the way they are going to handle adversity. They are mighty men and I think we've got a great future in front of us. I can't wait to see where we go from here."

HEAD COACH JOHN HARBAUGH(on defensive coverage) Ravens vs. Colts Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08

"Coverage is a team effort. It has to do with the call made on the back end and it has to do with the pressure. You get pressure and coverage to coordinate on the back end- you've got a chance to cover people."

HEAD COACH JOHN HARBAUGH(on the Colts' defensive okay) Ravens vs. Colts Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08

"I think they did a great job right out in getting to the ball. What they do, they play fast, they get off blocks, and they get to the football and they tackle well. That's how they play. You play a team like that you've got to handle movement, you've got to sustain blocks and you've got to run through tackles. Those are things we didn't do especially well during this game."

HEAD COACH JOHN HARBAUGH(on his post-game message to the team) Ravens vs. Colts Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08

"Well, the message to the team is a thing we talked about in our very first meeting on the very first day we talked to the guys. There is going to be adversity in a football season and we've had two tough losses in games we feel we should have won. You come in here with high hopes and high expectations and you get it handed to you. That to me is an opportunity to show what kind of man you are and what kind of a football team you are. That's what it is, guys can roll their eyes and think its not important but it's a sixteen game season and what's important is where we go and what we do with it. Do we take care of each other, do we have each other's back, do we hold our head high, we move forward and make ourselves a better football team. Really, that's what it is."

QB-JOE FLACCO(on his overall feeling) Ravens vs. Colts Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08

"The overall feeling is that we got beat. We've got to go back to work and get better in order to compete. We each have to get better and as a team. It all starts with me on the offensive side of the ball. We've got to come out in practice and make sure we get better."

QB-JOE FLACCO(on what went on the field that was so different from expectations) Ravens vs. Colts Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08

"You play a good team, and the Colts are a good team, and you saw what happened. We let them get off to a good start, we turned the ball over, and once again it all started with me and you can't do that if you expect to win."

QB-JOE FLACCO(on his interceptions) Ravens vs. Colts Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08

"It is a combination of bad throws and bad decisions. I threw two of them high and missed the guys, for some reason. I've just got to make better decisions. "

WR-DERRICK MASON(on the game) Ravens vs. Colts Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08

"It was a typical game against them. You get a tipped ball, a fumble and the next thing you know we're down 24-0. A team like that gets up on you and then they force you to be one-dimensional. That's not good and everyone understands that. We let it get away from us. It happens with every team in the league. You have a game where you just lost it and you have to be able to look at the film, critique it and correct the things you did wrong. When you get down 24-0, there is not much that you can do. They jumped on us real bad. Honestly, you've got to tip your hat to them. They executed on every phase, special teams, offense, defense, cheerleaders, coaching, everything. And we didn't."

LB-RAY LEWIS(on the game) Ravens vs. Colts Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08

"My mama told me told if you don't have anything good to say, then don't say anything at all."

CB-CHRIS MCALISTER(on Ravens play today) Ravens vs. Colts Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08

"We just need to get better. This is time for us to reflect on what happened and find a way to get better. We can't go around pointing fingers. We did it all as a team."

CB-CHRIS MCALISTER(on Marvin Harrison's touchdown) Ravens vs. Colts Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08

"Marvin made a play. We were on a cover. I let him get inside and he made the play."


HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY(general comments) Ravens vs. Colts Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08

"Our special teams did a good job for us getting the good field position early in the game. Baltimore plays a style of defense that is not going to be pretty. You're going to have to get big plays. We felt we would get some in the midst of some that looked a bit ugly and that was the way it was offensively. Defensively, we did a good job on their running game. We got ahead and that put them in some passing situations. The thing to be displeased about was the penalties. We are not going to be able to afford to have that many penalties and give up that many yards. It was good for our young guys to see how we can play when we are on top of things."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY(on past performances) Ravens vs. Colts Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08

"We have just been a little bit off on things. We haven't been as sharp as we needed to and we still saw signs of that today. We had touchdown passes called back. We were just a little bit off on some things like penalties and that's the way we have been. But we saw more of the sharpness today. We definitely had the energy level. We just got to keep that going and bring our young guys along and see if we can get even sharper. We got a win in our new stadium. We had about five minutes last week. We had a good 45 minutes this week. We have to continue to build on that. I think our guys just played better this week."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY(on having two RBs hurt) Ravens vs. Colts Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08

"It's just one of those things. You don't expect two backs to get hurt. I think Joseph (Addai) is going to be okay. Mike Hart is a little more doubtful. He has a knee injury and we don't know the extent of it but right now it doesn't look great."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY(on RB-Dominic Rhodes) Ravens vs. Colts Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08

"Dominic and I were talking in the warm-ups and we said when we beat these guys in the playoffs, he was the guy that kind of carried the load in the fourth quarter. I thought he was going to have a big day today and he did. He stepped up. You have to do a lot in pass protection against these guys. He gave us some energy. He knew as soon as Mike (Hart) got hurt that he was going to have to carry it the rest of the day and he was up to the task. The one thing about Dominic is that he has a lot of energy. He is always ready no matter what and he was today."

QB-PEYTON MANNING(on the win) Colts vs. Ravens Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08

"Well, it is certainly fun to get a win, especially here at home. It was disappointing that we haven't won a home game yet. We played an excellent team today. We did play well. We got off to a fast start. The defense did an excellent job all game, holding them to three points was impressive, creating a lot of turnovers. We had some excellent field position, but we wanted to be aggressive against Baltimore. They are such an aggressive defense and they are so smart and you have to pick and chose your times to be aggressive, but you do have to be. Otherwise, if you just sit back on your heels that is what they really feast on. So we wanted to take some shots down the field and (WR) Marvin (Harrison) ran a good route, just a straight take off route on the first one. That was big to hit. It set the tempo for the first half and the second half. Obviously, when you got the lead you want to be able to run the ball some. Down to one running back which is not ideal, but Dominic's run on a little draw play where he kept going really set the tone for the second half. We did some really good things overall."

QB-PEYTON MANNING(on the RB injuries) Colts vs. Ravens Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08

"Mike Hart came in on the critical 3rd-and-2 run and two guys had him in their grasp and he wouldn't go down. That set up the second touchdown to (WR) Reggie (Wayne). Unfortunately, (Hart) was injured. We have said all along we are happy to have (RB) Dominic (Rhodes) back. He has made a lot of critical plays, catches, blocks, runs, in his career here, so we were glad to get him back this offseason."

QB-PEYTON MANNING(on the pass protection) Colts vs. Ravens Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08

"The protection was excellent. Anytime you play these guys it is a mentally exhausting week of preparation because they play so many looks. You really have to prepare for all of them. I thought our guys really did a good job all week of preparing on the mental side of it. The more you play these guys it does not get anymore familiar or easy when you play them. It is always a challenge. They got a sack early, we had a little miss assignment early, but after that we really kind of settled down and handled some of their blitzes. That was good as it allowed time to get down the field."

QB-PEYTON MANNING(on getting back up to speed after the injury) Colts vs. Ravens Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08

"It is hard to say just because right now I have nothing to compare it to. If I had a similar situation in year two or year three, kind of have a bar to compare it to I guess. In some ways you could say this was really like the first week of the season for me because I have four weeks of preseason games and training camp these past four games. All I have ever known is taking every rep and going through every single practice and playing every preseason game. This year it was frustrating not to be in those situations, A. for me personally getting my timing down and B. sort of trying to put my stamp, if you will, on the offense. Letting these young guys know what I kind of expect from them, let me get comfortable with them, so we did miss some time there. So we have kind of been working through that these first few games. Certainly it is all about trying to be consistent in this league. Today's game was more like what we expect around here."

C-JEFF SATURDAY(on the Colts' performance) *Ravens vs. Colts Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08
*"I think we're doing well. The guys are putting forth great effort. I think today was by far the best that we've played overall; offense, defense, special teams. We played some great, great football. We got a lot of turnovers on defense that gave us a short field and we jumped on them pretty early, so I felt that this is the best we've played so far."

C-JEFF SATURDAY(on why the Colts offense is improving) Ravens vs. Colts Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08

"I think communication. We have two rookies that are starting at guard right now and different guys have had to rotate in because of injuries. I think were getting to the point where guys are communicating and understanding where everybody's going to be and how things are going to play out, and guys are just filling the roles and playing good football."

RB-DOMINIC RHODES(on importance of offensive performance) Ravens vs. Colts Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08

"It was excellent. You talk about an all-around win, that's what we did today. Everybody played great today; the offense, the defense and special teams. When you have all three of those working, that's what happens. We won big and that's what we have to keep doing for the rest of the year."

RB-DOMINIC RHODES(on pressure to win) Ravens vs. Colts Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08

"I wouldn't say any pressure has been lifted. We're expected every year to be good. That's what we built and that's what we have to do. Every week we're the hunted. Even though we didn't start 4-0, we're still the hunted because everyone wants to beat the Colts. We've set a standard in this league. We still have pressure on us because we still have a lot left to do and we've got to get it done."

WR-REGGIE WAYNE(on what made the little things work this week) Ravens vs. Colts Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08

"Doing what we are supposed to do and believing in each other. Taking what they give us and making plays offensively, leaning on the defense since they were getting three and outs, and giving us an opportunity to get back on the field. If you give us a lot of opportunities we are eventually going to figure everything out."

WR-REGGIE WAYNE(on playing Colts football with a quick start to the game) Ravens vs. Colts Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08

"That is, especially when we have a lot of guys on defense that are banged up. We want to score some points and make their offense one dimensional. That helps our defense out. We just wanted to go out their and win one at home. We didn't think it was going to be like this. We were thinking it was going to be more down to the last minute or so of the game. Can't take these for granted"

WR-REGGIE WAYNE(on there being carryover from the last few minutes of the game last week) Ravens vs. Colts Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08

"I hope so. We were saying hopefully we would get a jumpstart from that and come out fast. We had a good week of preparation and that was key. We just wanted to come out and find a way to win at home. We got that done today."

DE-ROBERT MATHIS(on playing with passion) Colts vs. Ravens Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08

"This is exactly what Colts football is all about. From first to last whistle everyone, offense, defense and special teams. So we are just happy to get it going."

DE-ROBERT MATHIS(on the play of the defense in the first half) Colts vs. Ravens Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08

"It gives us confidence. People have been harping our size a whole lot this year. It's just a matter of playing football, knowing your techniques, being fundamentally sound."

DE-ROBERT MATHIS(on stopping the Ravens running game) Colts vs. Ravens Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08

"We have been harping on it. They are a big run team. They live and die by it and we have a big-play defense. We want to take the challenge. Tired of hearing what we are not doing and show everyone what we can do."

DT-RAHEEM BROCK(on the Colts' performance) Ravens vs. Colts Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08

"We just came out and played Colts ball today. I've been saying it all year that if we could just get everything together, there are little things we need to work on especially defensively, that we'll start playing Colts ball and we did that today."

DT-RAHEEM BROCK(on the effectiveness of the Colts' defense) Ravens vs. Colts Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08

"We just didn't want to make mistakes. We wanted to come out there and make tackles and run our scheme the best we can and we did a great job going out there and making plays, getting after the quarterback and picking them off. We're just trying to work every week on getting better. There are still little things we got to work on, and we're trying to work each week to get better and get prepared for the upcoming games."

LB-GARY BRACKETT(on the first win at Lucas Oil Stadium)* Ravens vs. Colts Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08*

"It's long overdue, but we finally got a victory here at home and it was much deserved."

LB-GARY BRACKETT(on the defense's performance)* Ravens vs. Colts Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08*

"I think we played pretty well. Really, it starts up front. Those guys got us going early; (DE) Raheem (Brock) with that big sack, (DE-Robert) Mathis with a strip for a fumble. Then, we just took it from there. Down in, down out, we just tried to play consistent. 'Three and out, three and out, let's get a turnover.' That's what we've been preaching out there and that's what guys did. It feels good to go out there and play a complete game on defense."

LB-GARY BRACKETT(on if he expected Baltimore to try and establish the run)* Ravens vs. Colts Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08*

"I think tried to establish it. Obviously, we stopped them the first series and they went down seven (points). The second series we stopped them again and they went down 14. There has to be a point in time when they have to get away and try to get some points on the board. That's what they wanted to do and guys did a great job making plays."


LB-GARY BRACKETT(on the interception on the first series)* Ravens vs. Colts Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08*

"I think it was huge. (DB) Melvin Bullitt really played a great game today. He went out there and had a couple of turnovers. (DB) Tim Jennings went out there in his first time starting and made a couple of key plays on the field. I think that interception was huge, just getting off the field early and getting our offense back the ball."

LB-GARY BRACKETT(on if there was a carryover from the end of the Houston game) Ravens vs. Colts Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08

"I think so. We talked about playing with that passion that we had the last four minutes of the last game. I think that was our message early on in the game, 'Let's play the whole 60 minutes like that last four minutes.'"

DB-ANTOINE BETHEA(on the upcoming schedule) Ravens vs. Colts Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08

"We just have to take one game at a time. We have to come into each game with as much focus as we did today. We got the job done (today). We just have to do the same thing against Green Bay (next week) and play the same type of game that we did today."

DB-ANTOINE BETHEA(on the Colts' defense) Ravens vs. Colts Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08

"The defensive line did a great job getting at the quarterback and everyone flew to the ball. Coach (Tony) Dungy said most of the time when you win the turnover battle you'll win the game and I think that played a big part for us today."

DB-MELVIN BULLITT(on if he is happy with the turnaround in play) Ravens vs. Colts Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08

"Definitely. It all started with the last five minutes of last week (at Houston). We said to ourselves this week that every game we are going to play like we did those last five minutes and that we weren't going to give up anything. Today we went out there and we did what we were supposed to do."

DB-MELVIN BULLITT(on if his play compares to DB-Bob Sanders) Ravens vs. Colts Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08

"No, no. Bob was the defensive player of the year last year for a reason. He is, in my opinion, the best safety in the NFL. I'm just trying to do what I can do until he gets back."

DB-MELVIN BULLITT(on feeling comfortable) Ravens vs. Colts Post-Game Quotes 10/12/08

"Coach (Alan) Williams does a great job with us in the secondary. He knows that I am young and still learning and that I make a lot of mistakes. A lot of the guys on the team make up for the mistakes that I have and I really appreciate that from them."

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