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Post-Practice Interview Transcript (Fri. 11/07)

Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening statement:"Good to see everybody. I see the crowd out here today. We had a good practice. The guys are working hard, getting ready to go."

On if there is concern at the tight end position with TE Daniel Wilcox out:"Well, it's a concern with Daniel out. It shortchanges us, obviously, offensively, but also on special teams a little bit. He's been a big part of what we've been doing, and he provides depth for us on offense, and he's a good special teams player. So we're going to have to overcome it."

On the results of CB Chris McAlister's visit to a physician in Canada:"Right now, talking to Chris today, it looks like he's going to take the surgery. So I don't think we've made any sort of formal announcement about it yet, but I think it's fair to say in talking to Chris… Maybe we should have waited to make the announcement. [Team spokesman] Kevin [Byrne] is shaking his head."

Byrne says:"It's OK."

Harbaugh continues:"I'm pretty certain that he's going to end up going down. I'm not sure what the timing is of it right now, but he expressed to me that it was in his best interest. The knee is a problem. It's a problem because of the position he plays. He changes direction and the things he has to do. That PCL just wears the knee down, basically, so he's got to get it corrected."

On if the PCL is the specific problem with McAlister's knee:"There are a couple of things there. I'll have more for you the next time we get together, specifically. But there's a PCL issue, there's a cartilage issue, so he has two things going on right now."

On if McAlister would be done for the year if he elects to have surgery:"Yes."

On the status of S Dawan Landry:"Dawan, we're still trying to figure it out, but I wouldn't say it's optimistic right now. We should know by Monday which way we're trying to go on that, but we're still trying to hold out hope."

On if the Ravens have any interest in acquiring DeAngelo Hall:"We would be interested if he was interested in coming here under our framework. We think that'd be a pretty attractive option for him. I mean, in the sense that he would come in and help our football team win football games. We've got some really good corners. We don't need a top corner. We need another good football player. And if he was interested in those terms, we're interested, but only in the frame that it helps our team win."

On concerns with rumors of off-field issues with Hall:"I've heard good things about him off the field. We've got a lot of people in our building who know him. So, the off-the-field stuff hasn't come up too much as a concern. Now, he's had some issues on the field, and we'd want to talk to him and make sure he felt good about doing it the 'Raven way.' But he's a good person. I had a chance to talk to him after the game, before the game when we played the Raiders. We've got coaches here who've worked with him. He's got a good heart; he's a good person. And I think Ozzie [Newsome] is involved in talking to him. But it's just very preliminary. It's not something that's far along down the road at all."

On if CBs Samari Rolle and Fabian Washington will be the guys for this weekend:"Samari and Fabian, yes. And Frank [Walker] and Corey [Ivy] and Ed [Reed]. Yeah, that's five players."

On if he prepares the week's schedule differently for three road games in a row:"No, we haven't prepared it any different. We think it's a one game at a time. No matter where you play, it really doesn't matter. We've said it before: You've got to play eight on the road and eight at home. What difference does it make what order they come in? And we travel first-class, so let's go play a football game."

On if Texans TE Owen Daniels reminds him of any other tight ends he's seen:"Boy, I'd have to think about it. He's a heck of a position tight end in the box. He's got an ability to get open; he's got great body control. You think of some of the NFC East tight ends that we've seen – [Jason] Witten and [Chris] Cooley, kind of remind me of those guys a little bit."

On if T Adam Terry is getting more comfortable with a tight end role:"Well, he lines up at the end of the line, so he looks comfortable. He's had some pass-receiving experience, he tells us, so we work on that, too."

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