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Post-Practice Transcript - Sept. 11

Opening statement:"Great to see everybody. It was a good practice day, we got some work done, and we're looking forward to playing on Sunday."

On if it feels like they've been focusing on the Chiefs for forever:"The thing is, from here on out you'll have your opponent. All of a sudden you'll play your game, you'll review your game, and it will really be about four days of preparation, five days of preparation, and you'll play. This has been a whole training camp of preparation, really an offseason. So, it's always a long time coming to the opener."

On how TE L.J. Smith did this week:"He worked hard. He worked hard. He's working to get himself back, and if he's ready to go Sunday, he will. If he's not, he won't. It will be a game-day decision. You always roll your eyes when I say that kind of stuff, like you think I'm going to give you something different. (laughing)"

On bringing the players together at the end of practice to listen to Art Modell, and how important it is for them to understand what Modell means to the Ravens and the NFL:"No doubt. Art Modell, he's… We all know what he's meant to the NFL. We all know what he's meant to this organization, and he was just telling these guys it's his 48th opener in the NFL. That's two times as old as most of our guys, right? The older guys know. And you can see the guys like Todd Heap – Kevin [Byrne] and I were talking about it – and Ed Reed and Derrick Mason right up there in front, because they've got such a great relationship with Mr. Modell. The young guys will have that same relationship with him as time goes on. He's a big part of the Ravens."

On if he had a chance to watch any of the Steelers vs. Titans game last night, and if he experienced any flashbacks:"I saw the game last night, most of it. I caught the second half. I had to put [his daughter] Alison to bed for most of the first half. She wouldn't go to sleep. The second half, I saw it. It looked familiar. It looked like football we're familiar with."

On a there being a Chris McAlister sighting in Baltimore, and if there are any chances he could come back to the Ravens:"Come back? No."

On if the no cell phone at practice policy has to do with Tweeting:"There are no cell phones; there never has been. No cell phones at practice for anybody. We don't have cell phones at meetings, we don't have cell phones anywhere. That's always been the policy."

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