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Postgame Transcript - Browns

(Opening statement) – "Obviously, that was a hard fought victory over a team that had two weeks to prepare for us. I thought they did a heck of a job. They played with great emotion, tremendous intensity and it was a dog fight. I'm proud of our guys. It was a tough first half. We played tremendously well on defense throughout the game. We put 13 points up early in the second half and separated us a little bit. That was really the key to the game. A shutout is just a credit to your defense. We were dealing with some difficult formations and alignments. Things they were giving us were challenging to line up against. I thought our guys handled that really well. We stopped Joshua Cribbs – that, in and of itself, is an accomplishment. Those were kind of the keys to the game."

(On the injury to LB Terrell Suggs) – "As of right now, I don't know. It's not one of those catastrophic knee injures. We'll get an MRI tomorrow and let you know."

(On K Steve Hauschka) – "I'm not sure if it is in the swing, but that is disappointing. He's got to kick the ball better and with more confidence. We need our kicker to play better than that. We've been evaluating the kicking position. Steve and I had a great talk on Tuesday night and he'll be the first to tell you that he needs to kick better than that. He kicks better than that in practice and he's kicked better in games up until this point. He just didn't do the job tonight and I think he knows that."

(On the injury to S Haruki Nakamura on the opening kickoff) – "It was pretty stunning. It didn't look good and he was in pain out there. We were excited about the way we returned the kick but that was a little bit of a shocker right out of the gates."

(On the blocked extra point attempt) – "Well, they've got Shaun Rogers in there – who is the best EVER – at blocking kicks. He got a nice push in there and that is disappointing because we worked on it all week. That shouldn't happen like that. It hasn't happened all year and we don't expect anybody to get penetration on our field goal protection. I thought the kick was a tad bit low, so probably a combination of those two things."

(On the Ravens run defense) – "It was a combination of the run defense and the pressure on the quarterback. That is a really good offensive line over there. I think they were determined to run the ball from multiple formations. It is a really physical front and physical running back so stopping the run first of all was a challenge, but we did that. To get the pressure out of the four-man rush was a plus. That was probably the key to the game on defense."

(On the 41-yard reception by WR Derrick Mason) – "That was huge. That was the key. We needed something. We had a couple of those opportunities in the first half and we didn't hit them. To finally hit that was great. I thought they did a great job of covering us all game and he was pretty well covered on that one too. Derrick spun out and broke the tackle."

(On the upcoming schedule) – "This three game stretch is probably everything for our season. It is a one game stretch as we look at it, but big picture-wise, it is very important for us."

(on the first half) – "To give them credit, they played a good first half. We shot ourselves a few times, but I said it during the week, their record does not show how good they are. They played a stout first half. One thing about us is that we're a tempo team. When we tried to get a tempo, that's when we got a quick touchdown. Derrick Mason stepped up and we went back to the run. They were stout in the first half. With everything that's going on over there, they play."

(on the next three games) – "These teams are great teams. We have to go out there and prepare for these teams. This is where the season begins. We stumbled a bit in the beginning but these three games right here, and the rest of the season, will tell the tale of the season. We're looking forward to it."

(on the second half) – "We just wanted to get a tempo going. They played great defense in the first half. Field position played a part of it. It was a grind-it-out win. Now we have games where we know we have to start fast. That's one thing we're going to start preaching is that we need to start fast. We've got Indy and we have to actually score points against them. That team is always going to be ready to play."

(on winning on the road) – "It feels good to get a divisional win on the road. No matter what the record is, a divisional win is a divisional win. We're just looking forward to keep going in the next couple games."

(on grinding it out) – "That starts up front with the offensive line. That offensive line starts with the mentality that we're a team that wants to run the ball definitely to finish games. There's no need to put the ball in the air if we've got guys that can run it. That just starts up front. It was a great job of the offensive line to just keep plugging away and using the time management correctly."

(on the halftime adjustment) – "To be honest with you, it was nothing. It was just to come out here and play. They played well in the first half. Coach Cameron came in here and said, 'you know what, we got their best shot. Let's go out there and finish the game.' Guys amped it up a little bit, the line stayed on their blocks a little longer, the receivers ran their routes a little better, Joe completed the ball and we ran the ball really well."

(on Brady Quinn) –* *"He's a very athletic quarterback. He's good in the pocket and has good pocket feel. We got to him a couple of times."

(on his sack) –* *"It's like playing chess in the dark. I ran past the lineman and got to the QB. We could have had a lot more but he got rid of the ball quickly."

(on the shutout) – "A win is a win. Shutouts are a vanity thing. It's nice to have, of course. It's not something we talk about a whole lot."

(on the shutout) –* *"Anytime you're in the NFL and you get a shutout, it's big. Cleveland had two weeks to prepare for us, and they were going to come out and give their best. They came out and played extremely hard."

(on Brady Quinn) –* *"We did not want him to get into the pocket and get comfortable. If you watch their plan, the last time they played us, they threw a lot of quick passes. We blocked a lot of passes down at the line of scrimmage. We really worked on those things coming in and we had a great game plan."

(on the Ravens offense in the 2nd half) –* *"It doesn't get any better. When you come out and start the 3rd quarter like that and you get somebody behind, it's going to be a long day for them."

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