PR Credential Information

The Baltimore Ravens online credential application service is for members of the accredited media. The username and password remain the same for 2018. If you did not receive this information via a media advisory or have any unanswered questions after revieiwing our policies, please contact Tom Valente at

Based on the criteria listed below, season media credentials for the 2018 season have been assigned. The web site will be open for game by game credential applications beginning in July. You may request credentials for multiple games at one time, but all requests for home and away games must be received at least 10 days before the game date.

Credential Application Information

  • Applications for both HOME and AWAY games must be submitted online from your Sports Director or Sports Editor. SEE CREDENTIAL CRITERIA BELOW.
  • If you are not granted a season credential, your media outlet may be considered on a game-by-game basis. The RAVENS reserve the right to deny any media outlet credentials if it does not meet Ravens credential criteria.
  • The RAVENS reserve the right to revoke credentials of anyone who fails to comply with the waiver on the back of the credentials, or who abuses the credential, or who does not meet Ravens credential criteria.
  • The RAVENS do not credential freelancers; the RAVENS do not credential colleges, except under extremely special circumstances. The RAVENS do not credential websites, except for national sites like
  • You will be contacted by email (the email address you supply on the application) that we have received your application.
  • If a credential is not picked up and/or used on game day, future credential requests may not be granted.


The BALTIMORE RAVENS decision to issue credentials to a media outlet for the purposes of covering a BALTIMORE RAVENS home or away game is determined by a variety of factors. They include the following:

  • Amount of coverage given to the Ravens throughout the season
  • Intention/ability to cover every RAVENS home game, including the preseason
  • Interest in covering RAVENS road games
  • Distribution of publication: free, subscription, sale on newsstands, etc.
  • Radio or TV station program format and size of audience
  • Attendance at RAVENS IN-SEASON press sessions, especially Mondays and Wednesdays
  • Attendance at RAVENS training camp
  • Local coverage of the RAVENS before, during and after the NFL Draft

​Home Credential Requests

Only accredited members of the media who cover the RAVENS and the NFL on a regular basis may apply for credentials. ALL credential requests must be made online a minimum of ten (10) days in advance of the game. Media should email to confirm credentials on Thursdays preceding Sunday games. Failure to utilize an issued credential without notifying the PR department, or any attempt to transfer, sell or trade a credential will result in revocation of future credential privileges.

Media Will Call/Credential Pick-Up

Media must pick up their credentials in person at Media Will Call on game day. Photographers and other field media should pick up credentials and enter at Media Will Call (located on the south side of the stadium between Gates C and D). Media Will Call opens four (4) hours before kickoff (9:00 AM for a 1:00 PM game).

When picking up a credential you MUST:

  • Enter the Media Will Call lobby
  • Show a CURRENT government issued I.D.
  • Allow bags to be inspected
  • Wear a vest for all Field Media (pick up at Media Will Call. You will be required to leave a current government issued photo I.D. at Media Will Call while you are working at the game.)
  • Be subjected to a brief security pat down
  • Return your vest to Media Will Call
  • Have your credential visible at all times

Non-compliance with any of these security measures will result in the revocation of the Ravens credential.

​Road Credential Requests

If you are a regular member of the RAVENS media corps and wish to cover the team on the road, ALL requests must be submitted ONLINE no later than 10 days prior to a road contest. Note that opponent venue credential availability may be limited.

​Hotel Reservations

Members of the media should send all hotel travel requests directly to Please be sure to include your name, media outlet, phone number, check in date, check out date and room type.

​Game Day Home or Away Locker Room Access

NO media credential allows access to the RAVENS locker room without an official RAVENS PR escort on the day of the game. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Violating any of these policies, or NFL credential policies printed on each credential, will result in revocation of all credential privileges for that game and/or the future.