PR Media Policy

Player Access

​During the regular season, select players will be made available in a podium setting on a weekly basis, typically every Wednesday. Additionally, during the regular season, players will be available for interviews during the open locker room session on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Coaches and players are typically not available for interviews on Tuesday.

During training camp, minicamp and organized team activities (OTAs), there will be no open locker room media sessions due to limited space and size constraints. Select players and coaches will be made available in a podium setting on a regular basis, and a list of players/ coaches scheduled for the podium will be sent out every few days. Additionally, schedule permitting, some players will be available for on-field interviews following practice.

It is recommended that all interview requests be made at least 24 hours in advance and be submitted to Vice President of Public Relations Chad Steele (, Director of Public Relations Patrick Gleason ( or Public Relations Manager Tom Valente (

Head Coach/Coordinator Access

During the regular season, head coach John Harbaugh will be available in a press conference setting on Monday afternoon (in the team auditorium) and Wednesday and Friday from the practice field podium. (Coach Harbaugh is available by request on Thursday.) Offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, defensive coordinator Dean Pees and special teams coordinator/associate head coach Jerry Rosburg will address media members in a podium session each Thursday.

Tactical Information

Nothing can be reported from the practice facility that is of a tactical nature. This includes any information that can help an opponent prepare to compete against the Ravens.

​Reporting/Media Viewing

Electronic/Battery-Powered Equipment: Cellphones, computers and tablet devices may not be used to report from or to communicate with while on the practice field, with the exception of taking pictures during an open shooting period. For those with iPads or similar tablets to take notes, these can be used, but only after receiving clearance from a Ravens' PR official.

Guidelines for reporters:

  • ​Media may report which players are practicing as well as those who are not.
  • Media may include non-strategy and non-game plan observations in their reporting.
  • Reference to plays run or game strategy cannot be reported.
  • No reporting of which players are practicing with individual units (e.g. goal line, trick plays, blitz packages, nickel defense, etc.).
  • No blogging, texting, tweeting or reporting of any kind is permitted during any open portion of practice.
  • If media members leave during an open portion of practice during the regular season format, that reporter may not return to the field. Additionally, reporters may not leave practice to do reporting of any kind until the open portion of practice has concluded.
  • During training camp, media may report non-injury information, but this must be done away from the practice field or in the building's media facilities.

Injuries: As required by the NFL, injuries that occur during open practices can be reported – but only after the open practice or portion of that open practice has concluded.

Unless a player is injured during an open practice or is viewed during these open sessions wearing protective or rehabilitative devices/ equipment, such devices/equipment cannot be reported.

(In other words, we are asking media to only report what they see on the practice field, in the locker room or in press conferences. We've had instances in past years when media members lingered in our lobby and reported players wearing things such as protective boots and braces.)

Information in Locker Room and Common Areas

Any information intended for players, coaches and staff that is posted in or dispersed throughout Ravens' facilities (such as memos/notes in lockers or signs hanging in the building) may not be reported, photographed or captured on video. Additionally, media must refrain from reporting or displaying personal information, effects or products that are in a player's locker.

Post-Game Media Field Access

As is common practice around the NFL, the Ravens do not permit post-game field access for player interviews at home or on the road. (This is a change the team will implement in 2017 in accordance with the NFL's updated Media Access Policy.)

With the exception of the broadcasting network's post-game coverage and the Ravens' media partners, reporters must remain in the press box or post-game press conference room until all Ravens players have entered the locker room.

Per the NFL's Media Access Policy, which has been approved by the Pro Football Writers Association: "After a reasonable waiting period, defined as 10-12 minutes maximum after the completion of the game, the home and visiting locker room areas will be opened to all accredited media with immediate access to all players and the head coach."

Media is permitted to report from the field and do standups following the conclusion of a game, however, reporters must first wait to enter the field/sideline area until all Ravens and visiting team players are in the locker room.