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Press Conference - Ravens' Mandatory Mini-Camp

Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening statement: "Good to have everybody here. It's a good start, you could tell. I mean, guys are excited to be here, they're in good spirits. I think it's a combination of all the work that they put in over the last [few] months, really over the last two-and-a-half years. So, it's exciting, isn't it? Guys are happy to be here. We had a good start, so we're excited about it."

On Michael Oher playing at left tackle and Jared Gaither moving to the right side today: "Well, I mean, what we try to do is with every unit, is try to put the guys together the best way we can and have the best group we can. You know, so I'm going to give you the standard answer on that, but that's what it is. I don't think I'd read too much into it. It's going to be permanent, as long as it's the best thing for us. And if something else is the best thing for us, we'll do something else. So, that's just how we do it."

On whether he feels like he has two capable left tackles:"I do. We think guys have to play both sides. If you watch what we do with all of our imbalanced stuff, what's a right tackle? What's a left tackle? They play both sides. I'd like to put Oniel Cousins in that category. I think we have some young guys, Tony Moll, in that category; he's played left tackle before. So, we've got some guys that can play both sides."

On what goes into making the decision to switch those players:"We're going to try to do whatever we can to get the best group out there and the [group] that makes our offensive line the best it can be."

On what he thought about WR Anquan Boldin catching passes over the middle today:"Well, I thought Anquan looked good today. He made a couple plays. He taught the young guys a little bit [about] man coverage underneath; you saw he got himself open pretty clearly against some of the rookie corners. [He's] a veteran and he looks like he's kind of in midseason form right now."

On what he can say about S Ed Reed's procedure and how much time he will miss:"I think he'll be ready for… We'll have to see. We'll have to see how it progresses. What we tried to do with Ed was push it as long as we could from a rehab perspective. This is kind of Ed's process more than anything. I think he understands his body better than anybody and he's been driving this. But he decided to get the procedure now to give him the best chance to get back for the most of training camp that he can and be ready to go for the season."

On whether it was a hamstring injury keeping WR Mark Clayton out today:"No, no. Mark had a shoulder procedure done two weeks ago, so just a minor deal. He should be back for most of the OTAs."

On the statuses of CBs Lardarius Webb and Fabian Washington: "Do I have to answer injury questions this time of the year? *(laughter) *Lardarius and Fabian are doing well. They're actually ahead of schedule."

On his thoughts of rookie DT Terrence Cody in the middle and if he reported to camp looking the way he had hoped: "Thank you for not asking an injury question. (laughter) Yeah, you know he's done a great job of… When you say looking like you wanted, you mean the fitness part of it? Then I would say yes, he's been on schedule. He's been losing [weight], and he's been lifting and training, and I think he looks good. I know he's going to even look better when training camp starts. And he moved around pretty well and he picked up the defense quickly, along with Sergio [Kindle] and the other guys. So, I was really happy with the rookies, the draft choices, the free agents that we signed and then even the tryout guys, as far as coming in here and picking up the complexity of what we do, because as you guys saw, we're out there doing red zone the third period against each other. So, we throw it all at them and they picked it up amazingly well."

On the differences between this year's minicamp and the first one he ran as head coach:"Well, I just think we've got a certain amount of momentum built up now. Everybody understands what's expected. I think instead of having two or three guys driving how we're going to do things, we've got a whole football team driving how we do things now, because everybody understands. And it's become everybody's way, it's become our way, and you see it in the way we practice."

On what he thought about the two rookie TEs, Ed Dickson and Dennis Pitta: "They both looked athletic. They both have a long way to go, obviously, I think [to] learn how to play faster, not pacing their way through routes, that kind of stuff, because they're thinking a little bit right now. But the talent, the hands, that was all very good."

On how LB Terrell Suggs looks: "Terrell Suggs has worked hard, and he's been here most of the days. The days he's been here, I think he's worked exceptionally hard. He's committed to really getting in great shape, he's working on his pass rush stuff, so I thought he had a good start, a good morning."

On whether he was impressed by rookie OLB Sergio Kindle's enthusiasm:"Well, he loves football. He couldn't wait to get started. He was here late last night, studying his notebook, and he's been studying really all week. [Linebackers] coach [Dean] Pees – all of our coaches – took a trip to go see the draft choices the week after the Draft. So, coach Pees went and saw Sergio, [defensive line] coach Brooks went and saw the D-linemen, you know just all across the board. [Assistant offensive line coach] Andy Moeller went and saw Ramon [Harewood], and so, we tried to get those guys kind of honed in before they got here, and it really paid off."

On what he thought about WR Donte' Stallworth and him catching a few passes today:"Yeah, Donte' can catch. He's got good hands and he looked quick; I thought he looked explosive. What you do when you see a guy like that jump out on a day like this, you see the work he's put in through the last couple of months. And really, for Donte', for a year, but with us the last couple of months he's worked as hard as anybody."

On whether he can elaborate on the thought process of switching Oher to left tackle:"I know it's going to be a big story and it's what everybody wants to talk about. To us, it's not a big story. You know? We're a football team, we put our best 11 guys out there, we're blessed with two quality – I would say starting first-line offensive tackles – that can both play left or right. So, we're going to put them in there where we think we can be as strong as we can possibly be. So, to elaborate on that? No, I'd really rather not to be honest with you. I just think that's enough to say and that whatever we do will be best for our team."

On whether rookie T Ramon Harewood jumped out:"Well, the thing about Ramon that's really interesting is he probably did jump out for the fact that he is big – as you said – and he's really athletic. I mean, he's got really good feet, he can really bend, [and] he's a very quick study. There are plenty of things he's got to learn. He was here last night studying his notebook as well, and I just think it's going to be interesting to see how high he can go."

On whether he ever scratches his head at the energy LB Ray Lewis has, now entering his 15th season:"I think Ray is probably 29 [years old]. That's pretty far along. Once you get to be 29, you quit aging, right? No, he was laughing out here before practice about just how good it felt to be out here – you know, beautiful day, beautiful field, good looking football team – and he was just excited for practice. So, I hope that never changes. That's probably why he's been in the league so long, that and a lot of talent."

WR Anquan Boldin

On his first impressions of the camp:"It felt good getting out today. Everybody has those first-day jitters. For myself, I'm just trying to get out here and get familiar with my surroundings."

On if catching passes from QB Joe Flacco is everything he expected:"Right now, we're just getting into it, just get a feel for everybody with the offense. I think the day went pretty good, considering it's the first day. We threw in a lot of material, and I think the guys picked it up pretty quick."

On Flacco's passes:"He throws a real catchable ball. I'm looking forward to the season."

On his chemistry with Flacco at this point:"It's growing. We've been here for passing school, and we're just trying to work from there. We got out a couple of times by ourselves and threw the ball around. It's a process. It's a long season, but right now, we're just trying to get a feel for one another."

On comparing his first impressions of Flacco with Kurt Warner:"I don't even remember my first impressions of Kurt. They both throw catchable balls. Kurt is a smart guy, a veteran guy. I look to develop that same chemistry that I had with Kurt with Joe."

On the tempo of practices:"The tempo was very high-energy, very upbeat. There's not walking around, no lagging from drill to drill. It's quick, precise, in and out."

On if he's excited to play with a team that has a great defense:"Definitely. There are going to be times during a game where the defense has to carry the offense, just because you have those days. And vice versa, when the offense has to carry the defense. For me, I love to play with a great defense, because they get you the ball. As an offense, you want the ball as much as possible."

On what it feels like with so many offensive weapons:"Whenever you have those types of weapons, it gives defenses fits. You can't really key in on one guy or double a guy because you can spread the ball around, get the ball to different weapons. Having those guys definitely makes my job easier."

On playing with a veteran like WR Derrick Mason:"It's good for me. Hopefully, I can learn a lot from Derrick. He's been in the league going on 14 years. I'm going into my eighth. I've always been that veteran guy on my team, and I've never had a veteran receiver ahead of me. I'm definitely looking to pick up some things from him."

On if this was the first time he's ever worn his purple practice jersey:"Yeah. I look good in it."

QB Joe Flacco

On whether he feels like he and WR Anquan Boldin have good chemistry and what it feels like to have him as a target:"It's felt pretty good. I think everybody's out there getting the hang of it. [We've] got a lot of new guys that are trying to get a grasp of the offense, and we're throwing it all at them at once. So, we've got to get out here, and I think we're doing a good job of learning the plays. [We're] trying to execute them the best we can, but just trying to get on the same page with everybody – get everybody lined up – and I think we're doing a good job doing that so far."

On what it feels like to have this corps of receivers, like Donte' Stallworth, Anquan Boldin, Derrick Mason, etc.:"It feels good. Like I said, right now though, I think we're all just trying to get on the same page and making sure we're running the right routes and getting lined up right. These guys are great receivers, they all are, and once we get all that down, they're going to be out there and it's going to be great and it's going to be a lot of fun. But like I said, right now, I think we're just trying to get our feet under us and go have some fun. But it was a great start; we were out there practicing about as fast as you can. So, to come out there and practice with the tempo we did today and see how good everybody was on the same page was pretty promising for us."

On whether he did any recruiting at the receiver position during the offseason or if he just stayed out of it:"I was out of it. I don't know if they wanted my help. I'm sure if they did, they would have asked. I talked to our coordinator a little bit, and just talked to Cam [Cameron] just to tell him who I think I liked and stuff like that, but they're not really using me. I think they've done a good job over the years here, and they have confidence in what they're doing. They don't need a 25-year-old kid to help them out."

On his relationship with QBs coach Jim Zorn and what he brings to the table:"Jim has been great. I mean, me, John [Beck] and Troy [Smith], all [of us], we're getting along with him great. I love his coaching style and just like a lot of the things he's doing with us. And I'm just looking forward to the rest of the season. And who knows how long we're going to be with him, but I'm looking forward to all of it."

On whether his visit with USC baseball coach Tom House had anything to do with his mechanics:"No, nothing with my mechanics. It had nothing to do with me throwing a ball, it was more… I think the pitchers that were out there wanted me to throw them passes one day. That was the only throwing I did. It was all about working the shoulder out and just keeping it healthy. It had nothing to do with my throwing mechanics and me throwing the football any better. I asked him if he could get me throwing the fastball a little bit better, but it had nothing to do with me throwing the football. It was just all strictly strengthening the shoulder."

On whether he's had offseason workouts with Boldin and if he's thrown to him before today:"Yes. Anquan has been here a pretty good amount. He's been back and forth from Arizona, but he's been here a good amount. Donte' has been here the whole offseason, so I've gotten to throw to both of them on a handful of occasions."

On whether Boldin has soft hands: "Yeah, Anquan is a big, physical guy that makes every catch look easy. You know, it can be two feet behind him and he'll make it look like it hits him right in the head. And Donte', he can just get up and go, and I think he's going to be a huge help for us."

On Stallworth being known as a speed guy, but also looking like he has good hands:"Yeah, I would hope so. An NFL wide receiver, I'd hope they can catch. But yeah, he's a good receiver. He can catch, he can run, and to have a guy that can run like that, hopefully he's going to put a big stretch in the defense for us. And he's going to be a big asset."

On whether Zorn has brought anything new to the table:"I don't know. He's definitely a big drill guy. He likes to do a lot of drills, get you out there, get you moving. He's got some drills that you're like, 'I don't know if this makes any sense, but I'll do it.' But it keeps it fun, it keeps it loose, and like I said, I think we're all taking to it well. I know I am, and by the way John and Troy have reacted to him, I think they are, too. So, like I said, so far so good, and I don't anticipate anything different."

LB Sergio Kindle

On if practice was everything he expected it to be: "Yeah, man, everything and more. The tempo out here was about 10 times faster than college, especially when they were throwing plays at you like bullets. First of all, you've got to slow down your head spinning and then you have to make your legs run as fast as your head is going and you're just crashing. It felt good out here today. My body felt good, no knee issues. I got cleared, and I'm ready for the next practice."

On if there was a moment where he realized he was in the huddle with LB Ray Lewis: "Yeah, when I saw him it was one thing, but then when he was coming out to the field and he slapped me on my head and almost gave me a concussion, that's when I knew he was intense 100-percent of the time when he's on this green grass. That's what I love about him."

On if the veterans have encouraged him to not say anything about being Rookie of the Year: "I'll say this: When I said that, it was just an exciting moment for me, getting drafted and my head was in the clouds. First of all, you've got to learn the playbook, get on the field and then perform well to get Rookie of the Year. It'll be a good goal for me to set for myself to try to strive to, but I've got to take it one step at a time, so if you can copy, paste and delete that, that'd be nice."

On how late he was studying his playbook last night: "Until about 11:30 p.m. I wanted to study more, but I needed at least five hours of sleep coming into the day."

On if he expects tomorrow to be easier and the playbook to be second nature by training camp: "Yeah, I would hope so, but tomorrow we've got a whole another install to do. If those bullets come as fast as they did today, then I don't know. But so far, actually being on the grass and getting acclimated to the speed of the game, I think that'll slow down for me. But, I've got to learn these plays and that's going to be the hard part."

On any kid of hazing he received today: "Besides him making me carry his helmet off the field today… When they asked us to introduce ourselves today, one guy was like, 'State your name, position, college and your signing bonus.' So, based on what I sign, that's probably going to be how many people I have to take to dinner."

LB Ray Lewis

On if the team is put together for a Super Bowl run and if this is his last year:"I don't know. I wouldn't even answer that. The bottom line is that we came out and had a great practice today. The energy is freaking incredible. The site of my future… God only controls that. No other man controls that. Me getting up, working out every day, is a passion that I love doing – not for football, but for a lifestyle. So the game comes easy, and when you love it the way I love it, you just keep going until that fire burns out. And I don't think it'll ever burn out is just the bottom line. Even when I decide to let it go, but that's totally up to God. So, up to that, just keep coming out here and keep educating these young babies and just keep having fun playing football."

On if this is a Super Bowl-caliber team: "I don't know if you can think about a Super Bowl right now. The bottom line is for us to come and get these young guys to understand our tempo, our pace. We've got a lot of new pieces in a lot of new places. We just want to teach them the Raven mentality and get this mini-camp under our belt and then move from there. Then when the season comes along, we'll start speaking about those type of things. But until then, we've got a lot, a lot of work to do."

On how the young guys understood the tempo:"I think the young guys had to understand the tempo very quickly because I think coach [Greg Mattison] has almost installed 100 defenses in less than 20 minutes, so my head was spinning myself, so I can only imagine these young guys' heads. It's just amazing to see how they bought in so quickly. Sergio [Kindle] and [Terrence] Cody… Just seeing them try to run to the ball and all these young guys just getting to the ball… Very up-tempo, everyone was competitive. Anytime you see that it's always a good start."

On if the defense gets excited about the new receivers: "I think the defense gets excited for anything, really. The bottom line is as a team when you start to put your team together, when you start to evaluate both sides, you kind of piece together what's going on. We did some good things this offseason. Bringing in Anquan [Boldin], bringing in [Donte'] Stallworth, re-signing 'Mase' [Derrick Mason] back and picking up two great young tight ends in the draft… David Reed as a receiver. I just think overall, offensively, we've got a lot of pieces in a lot of places. We also did the same thing on the defensive side of the ball. It's kind of exciting on both sides of the ball that we've got some pieces that are going to step in right now and help us."

On if his offseason emphasis was to get bigger: "No, not really. My mindset definitely changed when we drafted [Terrence] Cody. Just imaging Cory Redding, Cody, [Haloti] Ngata and [Terrell] Suggs on one line. I think I get to run around and have fun again, and that's always a good thing. As far as me, my emphasis was a lot of different things. Every year I'm always trying to find a different way to take my body through confusion, and I did a great job with it, and now I'm sitting at a nice weight that I like that I'm very comfortable at right now. I don't want to lose too much. I want to stay right where I'm at, about 252, and just even out and keep having fun."

On his offseason training regimen: "This time I took a different art, the art of Kenpo [karate]. I'm not fitting to go into mixed martial arts or nothing like that. I don't like getting hit in the face and all that. It's good because it's a different type of work and it really teaches discipline in the mind. I really focused on it greatly this time, and now I have to go back and pick it up. A good friend of mine, who's my sensei, he's a very hard person to actually deal with on an everyday basis, and then to try to add football with that, you have to block him out when you get ready to do it. So, that was the biggest thing that I made the change with this year, and I just think it really helped me with my flexibility and everything."

On if he has spoken to S Ed Reed: "No, just sent him a text. When people go through that you let them know that you're praying for them and they're in your thoughts. Outside of that, Ed will definitely reach out when it's time for Ed to reach out. Surgery is surgery, and nobody likes to have surgery is the bottom line. When you go through your surgeries, you've got to figure it out yourself like, 'Ok, where's my mindset?' and then you kind of get back into football mode. He doesn't want to hear about any football right now. Right now it's about his health and getting back healthy enough to walk."

On if he has thought about not having Reed: "I've never thought about not having him. I think that's one thing that me and him have always kept each other accountable about. The bottom line is no matter what we go through, when that first whistle blows, I know '20' is going to be behind me, so that's all that matters."

On if OLB Terrell Suggs is coming in with more intensity: "I think I just see a little more relaxing. Anytime you relax playing this game, I think you are going to have your best. I think whatever last year was for him – a lot of pressure from whatever side I don't know – the bottom line is right now he's very loose and he's back to being Terrell. The first thing I said to him was, 'Just go be 'Sizzle' and we've got you. Don't worry about all that other stuff. Just go play football.' And you really see him relaxing into that again, so that's always a good thing for him."

On if he is impressed with rookie LB Sergio Kindle: "I'm impressed with how he threw himself in the starting lineup already. Seeing him on one side, Suggs on another… I just think he's a great kid. I told him that when I saw his name when I got ready to call his name at the Draft. I watched him in college. I like his fire, the way he plays the game. Just to see the way he runs around now, and I just briefly spoke to him over there to tell him that we're very interchangeable partners. The bottom line is, whatever you need off the field, then let's figure it out. Let's stay after late if we've got to stay after. Come over to my house. Whatever we've got to do, we'll figure it out."

On if he sees how difficult it will be to stop the Ravens' offense: "Yeah, I think the biggest thing is the unknowing part. That's a very hard thing to do. You look at the New Orleans Saints, going to win the Super Bowl, and one of the reasons why is because the offense is kind of new to everybody. You had a lot of pieces in different places, and when you have that, you have a lot of things. So, I'm going to introduce Anquan Boldin and I'm going to get away from here and he can talk about his offense."

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