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Press Conference Transcript - Nov. 19

On what he thinks of his new kicker, Billy Cundiff:"He's great."

On how difficult it was to say goodbye to Steve Hauschka:"Probably the biggest thing was the fact that you feel like you let the team down as a coach. You didn't get the kicker to the point where he could be the kicker. As you all know in your own jobs, if something doesn't go well in your own job, you don't feel real good about it. That aside, on a personal level, you get close to guys when you're working with them every day for the long time that you do. So, in a lot of different ways, yes, it's disappointing, but most importantly, we've got to go forward from here and fix this issue so we get the opportunity to win games. We'll go win games with our kicking game."

On the steadiness that Cundiff exhibited with the Browns:"He did. That certainly had a factor, I'm certain, in the decision that Ozzie [Newsome] and John [Harbaugh] made on this situation. When he came in here and worked out, also, he worked out very well. I had the opportunity to work with Billy in Atlanta during the time he was there in training camp for us, and so my familiarity with Billy also made it a little bit easier decision. I could give them information that I had on a personal level of how he practiced, what he was like, and how he would handle this kind of situation. I think that helped them as well."

On if he's looked at Cundiff's range:"Sure I have."

On if sharing that with the media would be too tactical:"Well, that's information that we find out on Sundays when the wind is blowing and the field conditions and all those things. But Billy, as you probably are aware, Billy came into the league and went to Dallas, and the thing that I've seen over Billy's history is that he's got a real strong leg. He's had some long field goals when he first started out with Dallas, then he went through an injury situation, and I think Billy's back to his old self. He's strong. He's a very athletic young man, and I think that he'll demonstrate that for us as well."

On the Colts' secondary with their new starters: "They're playing as well, if not better. In a lot of cases, even with these young guys, it's [that] you lose three starters and then continue to play. Obviously, [against] New England, the numbers would say that they gave up a couple of big plays, but that's happened to a lot of people. This is an outstanding defense, outstanding secondary, and you've got to give those guys credit for filling in and their coaching staff for doing a heck of a job."

On whether he can pinpoint what all the slow starts are about:"Well, we think we addressed it at halftime. We've been talking about it and talking about it, and it was nice to come out in the second half, and that's how we'd like to start a game. And hopefully, that's an indication of what we're going to see the rest of the season, is what you saw at the start of the second half the other night, because we're well aware of it and there is no magic wand you can put on it. It's just everybody collectively, coaches, starting with me. You know, the start of that game, I got two plays in late and that kind of got us off kilter, so I didn't help the situation. I need to do a better job, and then we all collectively just said at halftime, 'Here's what we're going to do,' and then you go out and you do it – bottom line."

On if they will place emphasis on attacking the Colts' depleted secondary:"Well, they're a Cover 2 team, and so, in a lot of ways, there are ways to protect young corners, and they do an outstanding job of that. They're not just putting those guys out there in Cover 1, man-to-man coverage, single coverage all day. That's not happening. If that were the case, then you'd say, 'OK, go out and throw it to the two young corners all day.' But they're not doing that. They're smart. You've got to attack this defense from all 11 guys. It's an outstanding defense, obviously one of the better defenses in the league."

On how much DEs Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis make QB Joe Flacco want to get the ball out faster:"Well, it doesn't slow down his clock. I think what we try to do – it doesn't always work, but what we try to do is – going all the way back when Don Coryell put it in this system.... This system was built on a compact drop, getting the ball out fast, and you try to teach techniques that fit these types of defenses. Again, it's a lot easier said than done. So, our mindset is the balls just come out quick most of the time anyway. But, that will be important this game because these guys, as you guys know, are two of the best in the business."

On whether Freeney and Mathis make their best plays in the fourth quarter: "They do. They really do, and they do a great job substituting those guys throughout the course of a game. I've gone against these guys a lot, and they do a great job in their substitution to try to keep them in that mode for the end of the game. And they tend to make big plays late in games, and obviously, we'll have to have a plan for that."

On how concerned he is that TE Todd Heap will not play: "That's not a concern to my knowledge."

On how comfortable he is with TE L.J. Smith if Heap is hampered: "A lot of confidence. And there are a couple of guys, and L.J. being one, his opportunity to play has really been… His lack of plays at tight end is to the way other guys have been playing. So, if Todd is not full speed or we need to spell him in there a little bit, we have tremendous confidence in him."

On what the secret is to stopping QB Peyton Manning: "I'll tell you what, if I knew that… He's a great quarterback. We just have got to play defense. The thing you have to do with him is make sure you understand he's going to complete some balls. He's going to move the ball. You've got to take the next play as the most important play. Just go out there with the mindset that your whole deal is to keep them out of the end zone, whatever way you have to do it. It doesn't matter if something negative happens. Then, the next play has got to be a positive play. Just take it one play at a time. When that ball game is over, if you've added up as many as you should, you're going to be successful."

On what the level of concern is on OLB Terrell Suggs being out for a very long time and his thoughts on LB/DE Paul Kruger filling in on the defense:"The trainers, to me, are very optimistic. I haven't heard the 'very long time' deal, and Terrell is a tough, competitive football player. He'll come back as soon as he can. So, whatever his makeup is, as far as physically, he'll be back. Paul is just like we've said of all of our young guys. He works tremendously hard. He gets better every play. He showed last week going in there and playing, and that was key for him. He got a chance to play under some fire. So, we've just got to keep going, and I feel there are going to be some great things for Paul. He just keeps working at it."

On how much he has talked to Kruger in the last three days: "I don't know how much you're going to teach him in three days. It's how much was he taught in two-a-days, and how much has he picked up along the way. The great thing with the Ravens is there are such great examples that he sees all the time. For him to play behind Terrell Suggs has been unbelievable for him. Every time you're coaching Terrell, you're really coaching Paul, and he knows that. That's our approach to our film sessions. So, it's not a magic deal where all of the sudden in two days [he knows] what's got to happen. He's just got to go back to that [memory] bank and pull out the things that he has to do."

On the Colts' young receivers looking like veterans: "Well, I think a lot of that is because of [Reggie] Wayne and Dallas Clark. What happens is, a lot of teams end up doubling those two guys or end up putting a lot of their [defensive backs] towards those two guys, and they're NFL receivers. If they're single-covered for a long period of time, or if they're in their own in zones, they're going to catch the ball. So, with a guy like Peyton, he's going to know who the open guy is or who has a chance to be one-on-one, and that's the guy that's got to step up for us."

On if he is looking for something new to do against Manning since no one else has succeeded: "I think what happens is you have to have a package that you go into camp with that is so big that when you find the quarterback or the offensive system, you've got to be able to pull out those plays or those defenses. You don't put in a whole new scheme or anything like that. But, you take from those that are for that. Anytime you have a good defensive package, which they've had for years around here, you can pick out and say, 'OK, this is a good one for that.' But if you start adding a whole bunch of things… It's the players. It's the players anyhow. I've said this forever. Yeah, you want to put them in the best position, but it's your football players that win games for you like this."

On if he was surprised that DE Dwan Edwards was fined and if he was aware of the fourth timeout given to the Browns: "We were aware of that. Vic [Fangio] was upstairs, and he was adamant about that [being] the fourth timeout. The hit by Dwan, like I said, I don't comment on officiating. But I know one thing: I want every one of our defensive football players – if they're going to the football and if someone is in their way – they're going to go after them within the letter of the law and the rules. You play physical football, and that's what Dwan has done the last three of four weeks. He has really stepped it up, and that's just how he's played."

On how much not having Suggs out there will affect the team: "Well, he's around the guys. He's around the guys. The players love 'T,' and 'T' loves the players. He's around. He's getting treatment. He's doing everything the doctors are asking him to do. So, it's not like he's in the hospital or he's going anywhere. I wasn't sure that he wasn't going to play. He's not going to play?* (laughter) I didn't know. I wanted to wake up one morning and say, 'Terrell is not going to play.' *(laughter) But he's around, and he's a huge part of this team."

On if he anticipates using OLB Antwan Barnes in rotation with LB/DE Paul Kruger: "I don't know that. That's something that I won't comment on. That's something that we'll decide right before the ball game."

On someone having to step up for S Haruki Nakamura: "Definitely. Again, I've said this all along, that's what makes us the Ravens. The next guy… If he's practiced and done what he's supposed to do and learn the system, and when that happens, he steps in. Who that is yet, I don't know. I don't want to comment on that. That spot will be filled."

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