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Press Conference Transcript - Nov. 20

On if TE Todd Heap is a game-time decision: "Yeah, we'll see. He's getting treatment and working hard to get back."

On how QB Joe Flacco is doing: "He's not an injury concern at all. He's fine."

On how LB/DE Paul Kruger has practiced all week, and if he will start this week: "It's great you guys want to ask that every week. (laughter) He practiced well. Kruger practiced well. He did a nice job."

On if a windy day is the type of day he would like on Sunday:"We have checked that. (laughter) We have studied that. I think it's nine miles per hour, is what's predicted right now – rain later in the day, about 57 degrees – does that sound right? I think that's what it is, exactly, to be honest with you."

On if there is any way he can increase the wind on Sunday: "We've got the fans cheering loud. What if they blow from one side to the other real hard right before the snap? I think that's a good idea."

On what he learned about QB Peyton Manning from coaching him in the Pro Bowl: "Well, he was great with all the people. He's unbelievable. He was great with my daughter, Alison, on the bus. She was sitting on his lap. He's just a really good guy. He's very tight with information. We thought we were going to go out there and learn a little something about his offense. He gave us nothing. (laughter) But he was pumping us for information. We gave him nothing. (laughter) We had fun. That was probably the extent of it."

On if it is interesting to watch the chess match between ILB Ray Lewis and Manning: "It will be interesting, yeah. I'd put Ed [Reed] in that category, too – guys that really understand the dynamic of the disguise and all that. It's really hard. He does a great job of uncovering the defense. You just have to play. In the end, you just have to play. It still comes down to throwing, catching, blocking, tackling and defending. If we do all those things, we'll just match up and see how we compare, and we'll be satisfied with that."

On if the NFL ever said that they were sorry about giving the Browns an extra time out on Monday Night Football: "They never say they're sorry. (laughter) I was disappointed in that, too. They don't really apologize, but it was an honest mistake. I credit our guys in the box, our coaches in the box. They had that, and we asked them about it, but I guess there was no procedure for them to get it straightened out."

On if he would still use his timeouts the same way after looking back on the game: "Well, I feel OK with the challenge because they were hurrying to the line. I knew we were flipping a coin. It was just a shot. I felt OK with that. I felt OK with the third timeout because we ended up getting the first down after that one. Remember? We called a play and got a first down. It was like a second-and-18, maybe. I felt pretty good about that one. I felt like if we had four of them we would have been in good shape. If they had evened that out we would have been just fine." (laughter)

On if K Billy Cundiff is up to speed with everything: "Yeah, the operation looks smooth. Good question. They got right on it. Billy's impressed with our two guys [holder Sam Koch and snapper Matt Katula]. He feels good about them and how professional they are about it. So, that looked good."

On what he has noticed about T Michael Oher and seeing him handle the distractions:"Michael is neat. He's a really neat young man. I think it's really important to him… I think he's proud of where he's come from and what he's been able to accomplish – the Tuohy's as his family and what they mean to him. But I also think, like all of us, he wants to move on and move forward with his life and what he's going to accomplish going forward. That's really the story to me, to us. It's a great motivational story for anybody, but at the same time, what is he going to do from here on out? That's the thing we're interested in, and that's kind of where his thoughts are."

On if there's anything to the Ravens being 4-1 when RB Willis McGahee carries the ball seven times or more:"OK, you'll be counting. We won't be counting.* (laughing) *Is there a question in there?"

On if he'll get McGahee more active this week:"We like Willis. Willis is a very good player. I think there's a good chance you'll see a lot of Willis this weekend. We'll just have to see, like always."

On how the team seems to be loose and not uptight about the big game coming up:"That's a good point. I think we have a confident team, and we've played a heck of a schedule. I think we're playing seven out of eight first-place teams. That's just what it is. We'd have liked to have won a couple of more there, and if we had won a couple of those in there that were close games, we'd be excited about what the record is. We're not happy with 4-4, but we look at it like we're tied at the midpoint. We're playing three really good teams in a row here, and starting with the Colts. You're not going to be uptight about it. We're not going to be intimidated. We're excited to go play. We know we have a very good football team, and we really want to prove it. We're going to do our best to try to prove it on Sunday."

On what it is about the kicker position that makes them bounce around to so many teams:"I think it's a different position than the other positions. Speaking to a public relations guru, as we know you are, Kevin [Byrne], it's a different position. I think [Derrick] Mason said, 'Eh, he's a kicker.' Kicking is so important in the game, but it's not really a football kind of position in the sense of an offensive lineman. You come out… Michael Oher, we've got a pretty good idea of what kind of player he is. Oniel Cousins is a developing player. They're kind of right where they are. Kickers are kind of almost like golfers. Golfers get on the tour… Now, Tiger Woods came out and lit it up pretty early I guess, right? Other guys, it takes them a little while to develop. When you bring a young kicker in, maybe you've got, not Tiger Woods, but maybe you've got a guy as a rookie, the 'Rookie of the Year' type-guy, and he makes it. But more likely, 60 percent, whatever those numbers say, 70 percent, you've got a guy that's going to take two or three years if you recognize that he's the talent to do it, because just honing that swing and being in pressure situations and missing a put to lose yourself a championship, maybe you learn from that. I don't know. We were hopeful that Steve could be that guy, and I'm confident he will be able to do it, but he's going to have to figure that out for himself. We'll see if that happens."

On if pressure is the X-factor, being put in situations that can't be imitated in practice:"Probably. We put as much pressure on him in practice as we can, and like we said in training camp, we're not going to know until he steps up there and has to kick those kicks [until the regular season]. He made one in San Diego. He made one against Denver early, which I thought was a big pressure kick. But he missed one against Minnesota. What was the next miss? I can't remember. Cincinnati? So yeah, it was kind of 50-50 at this stage, and that's not good enough right now, not for this team."

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