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Press Conference Transcript - Nov. 6

On whether there is any chance that DT Haloti Ngata will play on Sunday:"Yes. I wouldn't [rate his chances]. I wouldn't be interested in doing that. But there is a chance."

On his confidence level in DT Justin Bannan if Ngata can't play:"Well, the thing about it is, is no matter what happens we've got good players. And it's the old saying, 'The next guy goes in and plays.' So, if that were to be the case, no matter who it is, you just play the next guy, and that's what you do."

On how much the defensive pass rush needs to step it up with Bengals QB Carson Palmer: "You just keep getting better at all of those things. I mean, pass rush is so important, coverage is so important. You can't have one without the other, and we've got to get better. We're playing a heck of an offensive line. We're playing maybe the quarterback who's playing the best in the NFL right now. So, all of those things are going to be so important."

On whether he's ever gone into a game with a guy playing long snapper who doesn't play that primary position: "Yeah, [in] college. We had to go into a game one time where for the punts, the long snapper was the kicker. He was the kicker for kicks, and he was the long snapper [for punts]. They went after him; he survived. (laughter) Dave Rowe – if you're out there, Dave, here's a shout. You did good. I think it was against Penn State, too. Can you imagine? That will not be the case in this game. No snapping duties on [Steve Hauschka's] plate. "

On what he has seen out of CB Domonique Foxworth's progress over the last few games: "Domonique, to me, has always been a good player. Plays get made on corners sometimes in this league, and they come under fire, because a play gets made and a guy is right there, and a receiver goes up and makes a super play or the quarterback makes a great [throw], and all of a sudden the corners are under fire over there. And they're in position, and the next thing you know a flag comes out, and the corner is under fire. It's all around the NFL. But I really have a lot of confidence in our corners; our corners are good. And our corners are playing tremendous technique with discipline, but their challenge this week is immense. You look at the quarterback and the receivers that they're up against – it's going to be tough. But we're happy with the way they've played recently, but really, even with the way they've played all year."

On whether you have to be a high-character, mature guy to play cornerback because of the scrutiny you get at the position: "It's a good question. Levels of maturity and character, they vary across the league and in our world in general, right? But [cornerbacks], they have to be confident. I think they have to be team guys, because secondary play is really a team effort. They really have to play together, and you're not pointing the finger when somebody's not exactly where they're supposed to be. It's just not what it's about, so that's probably true."

On CB Lardarius Webb and his progression as a rookie: "He's a really talented… We loved him on tape. He's a football player. When you watch him on tape at Nicholls State, he was all over the field – sideline to sideline, covering people, making hits, returning kicks, covering kicks. And usually what you see in a player in college is what you see in the NFL – at least at some point in time. So, he's played well so far, but as you add more to what he's doing, the challenges become greater for him."

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