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Press Conference Transcript - Practice 9/24


Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening statement:"OK, thanks for coming out. [We] just had a really good Friday practice. We went indoors because of the heat. We'd been outside for two days in the heat; we just felt like it was important to get out of that heat and get some good work. Sergio [Kindle] is back. We had fun with him today, introduced him in the team meeting as if he'd never been here before, so our guys enjoyed that. And he's ready to go to work and get in the weight room after he talks to you guys. And we're getting ready for Cleveland."

On getting LB Sergio Kindle back in the building and involving him in rehab over the next few months:"It's going to be a process, and we're excited to get started on it. And he'll start with a weight workout today. He was in the meetings this morning after he had signed, and he'll get a chance to do some football drills every day after practice with the trainers and on his own, separate from the team. But that'll be, I think, a big part of the process for him. It's going to take a while, and I'm looking forward to seeing how he does."

On whether Kindle is allowed to be in meetings:"Yeah, he can go into meetings, and just like all those guys who are [on Injured Reserve], they can be a part of that stuff."

On whether balance and reactions were the biggest concerns with Kindle at this point:"I think that's the main thing – the physical things like that. So, balance, reactions – stuff that would be brain-related – it's just going to be a process of getting back on track. I'm sure, as far as a normal person, he's probably fine. But when you're talking about playing football at this level, he's not there."

On whether you can tell anything about his injury just in normal conversation:"Oh no, he's good talking to you. He's fine. He's fine. You guys will get a chance to talk to him, but yeah, he's fine."

On whether he knows anything more about LB Tavares Gooden and whether he received a second opinion on his injury:"I haven't heard anything negative. It's a dislocated shoulder. There's always a little bit of damage that goes along with that. From what we understand now, I think he's going to be OK, but it's a process to see how it heals and how it comes along. Hopefully, it's, like we said, two weeks, four weeks at the most. But if it's more than that, you'll know, because we'll have to make a move. But right now, we don't anticipate that."

On the probability of surgery for Gooden:"No, I think you see how it comes along. I mean, if it doesn't respond at all, then they have to go in and fix it, but it's something they think will heal. So, I think we'll know in a couple weeks, just to see how it's healing."

On whether LB Dannell Ellerbe will be able to do some third-down playing:"Dannell is good on third down, and he should be a part of that, and he's always done a good job of that."

On what went into the decision to cut S Ken Hamlin:"We just kind of got jammed up, numbers-wise, more than anything. And it's just a situation where, like I told you, we didn't want to make any move, but we had to for the time being. Hopefully, we can kind of recoup that here in the near future. But Ken's a guy that has been really important to us the first two games. It's going to be a little bit tight without him in the back end, but we feel like we can manage it with our personnel. And we'll see what happens next week."

On what the team does to prepare for rain during games:"For rain, we practice with wet balls and those kinds of things during the course of the year. And whenever we get rain, we try to get out and practice in it. You can't simulate it during the week – it's been 95 degrees. So, we're definitely prepared for a hot, humid day this week, but we're not going to get that. You just play in the conditions that you get."

On whether CB Cary Williams will play in the secondary on Sunday:"Yeah, if he's active. We've got a number of corners right now, and we'll have to see how that goes. He's played special teams really well in the past. I'm sure he can pick up where he left off. He's coming on as a corner, too, so he provides depth at corner."

On why CB Josh Wilson hasn't played much in the first two games and whether he will play more in the future:"I think he's up to speed now. And some of that's kind of during the game – in the heat of the battle and things you're doing as far as getting them out there. But, I'd anticipate he would play more and more this week and then going forward. I would say he's really shined in practice the last week or so. He's a good football player."

On whether he is happy to play at home:"It's going to be great to be at home. We haven't, obviously, [played at home for] two games-plus, it seems like. It's been a long time since we've had a regular season game here. I think it was… Was it the Bears [on Dec. 20, 2009]? The last time we played at home? (Reporter responds, "Yes.") So, that's a long time ago. That seems like a couple seasons ago. So, it's going to be really exciting. And I want to encourage our fans to be loud and be proud and light that place up."

OLB Sergio Kindle

On being welcomed back: "Appreciate it, man. It feels good to be back and let everybody see my face once again. It's good to be around the team. I finally get to go to a game or whatnot and root my guys on to another victory this week."

On whether there has been any initiation since he got here: "No, I was just letting the guys know how excited I was. I told them that since I won't be playing this year, I'll be the biggest cheerleader that they've got."

On what he learned from the balance-reaction testing: "In my opinion, I knew for sure I'd be able to play again. With the injury, it did knock off my balance. We did reaction testing, and I'm not sure how that works because I'm not a doctor. I think I'd do better with physical reactions more so than question-reaction testing, but if we were to do it all over again, I'm pretty sure I'd do better."

On the circumstances that led to his accident: "Basically, all I had to do was turn the lights on. I walked out the bathroom, was supposed to turn right and instead of turning right, I went straight. All I had to do was turn the lights on to find my way. I basically blindly walked into a stairwell."

On what he remembers from the fall:"When I first made contact with my head, I don't remember anything after that, so I don't know what happened."

On not knowing how he fell down the second level: "I don't remember anything."

On what he remembers after the fall:"Being not in my right mind, I was basically trying to leave. I didn't ask any questions; I was more upset about being in the situation at the time. My first question was, 'Will I be able to walk, get up and be healthy again, and will I be able to play football again?' They were like, 'Yeah,' [but] they couldn't put a timetable on when. Based on my recovery, I know for sure that I'll be able to play again."

On who found him and how long he was laying there:"[I] didn't ask [how long I was on the ground]."

On not asking who found him: "No, I know I was at the house with somebody. I'd rather not put that…"

(Reporter interjects: "Did they hear you go down then?") *"Yeah, that's what they said. I'd rather not tell who they are."*

On how much more he appreciates football and life now: "You know, the man upstairs… It was a wake-up call for me. I've made poor decisions in my day, but I can honestly say this one happened for a reason. I'm glad it did because I learned from it. It opened my eyes to see things in a bigger picture than what I was. I'm a better person for it today."

On what a typical day is going to be like in the future:"I'm doing everything they'll allow me to do. If they want me to be ball boy, so be it; let's do it. I'll be able to work out and hopefully do a little bit of footwork drills – no contact. I'll be in meetings taking notes if that's what they want."

On whether watching things from the outside will give a greater appreciation for the game:"Yeah it will, absolutely. Being able to see things and be in the meetings will help me going into next season. I'll be a little bit more seasoned at my position."

On how confident he is that he'll be able to play football again at a high level: "150 percent." (laughter)

On what the hardest part of this process has been for him: "Basically, not playing, and I don't find that hard anymore because the good thing is that I'm still here today. I was blessed to make it through that and get a second chance."

On whether his Rookie of the Year prediction will have to wait a year: "Yeah, if I don't get on the field, I'm not a rookie. When I do get on the field, I'm working towards that goal again."

On whether he suffers from narcolepsy: "I was diagnosed with it in 2006. I have no idea if that had anything to do with it. I doubt that it did."

On whether he treats narcolepsy with medicine: "Yeah, I do every day."

On whether he is disappointed in his contract: "No, it's just good to be here. I could still be sitting at home, but I'm here with my guys in the black and purple. That's the big picture, in my opinion. When the time comes, I'm pretty sure that I'll play my way into whatever, but right now I'm just happy for what I got."

On what the Ravens can expect if QB Colt McCoy gets in the game for the Browns: "For him to throw the ball and have a tough time doing it, because we're going to make it hard for him. I wish him the best, but not against us.

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