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Press Release - 2010 Preseason Schedule

The Baltimore Ravens will open their 2010 slate of games on national television when they host the Carolina Panthers on Thursday, Aug. 12, at M&T Bank Stadium. The game will be telecast on ESPN.

The Ravens will play at the Redskins on either Aug. 20 or 21, host the Giants on either Aug. 27 or 28 and complete the preseason schedule at St. Louis on Thursday, Sept. 2.

Here's what **John Harbaugh** said about the schedule:

"Opening on national television gives a little more incentive during training camp to be ready for a large audience. I know that playing the Redskins in the preseason is something our fans enjoy, and it gives us a backyard rivalry that adds some spice to that game. The Giants, like us, are a tough, physical team similar to those we play in our division, which makes that game a good tune-up. Playing indoors at St. Louis prepares us for that type of environment… Overall, it's a good, balanced schedule that will help us prepare for the regular season."

Here's the 2010 Ravens' Preseason Schedule:


Fri./Sat. 8/20 or 21 at Washington Redskins

Fri./Sat. 8/27 or 28 NEW YORK GIANTS

Thurs. 9/2 at St. Louis Rams

Please note: It is anticipated that the NFL will announce the regular season schedule by the middle of April.

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