Press Release: M&T Bank Stadium Upgrades


The Ravens are continuing a three-year, approximately $120 million self-funded investment that will improve the fan experience at M&T Bank Stadium.

Phase One of the three-year project was completed prior to the 2017 NFL season and was highlighted by two dramatic, 4K ultra-high definition video displays, which doubled the width of the stadium's previous standard HD boards and equal the highest resolution and clearest picture of any stadium video display in the United States.

Completed Phase Two elements of the project are listed below, while Phase Three of the stadium enhancements will continue into the spring/summer of 2019.

Completed Phase Two Enhancements

Southeast Escalators/Elevators:

  • New escalators on the southeast corner of M&T Bank Stadium will be operational for this Sunday's game against the Cincinnati Bengals (1 p.m.). A total of 10 escalators (five pairs) will service all levels of the stadium, most notably the upper bowl.
  • Another set of six escalators is currently being installed in the stadium's northwest section, where completion is scheduled by the start of the 2019 season.
  • All of these escalators will service over 28,000 guests who sit in the upper levels of the stadium.
  • Additionally, each of the escalator banks will include two new elevators intended to assist disabled guests getting to and from the upper level. The southeast elevators will be available to the public later this season.
  • Stated Ravens senior vice president of stadium operations Roy Sommerhof: "Over the years, in surveys and interactions with our upper level guests, the topic of escalators was always atop their wish lists. We are pleased to provide this long-awaited amenity to those incredibly patient guests, who will now save time and energy getting to and from the stadium's upper level."

"Corner Notch" Suites & Video Boards:

  • New suite/hospitality areas appear in each notch of the stadium's upper bowl, where four large 4K ultra-high definition video boards (measuring approximately 33 feet wide and 44 feet high) were also installed. These boards provide fans additional in-game content, NFL highlights/scores, stats and fantasy information.

Sound System:

  • A new sound system was installed in the seating bowl prior to the start of the 2018 season.  

WiFi Network:

  • In recent years, M&T Bank Stadium has hosted a rapid increase in data usage over its WiFi network. In order to keep up with the demand, in 2018 the Ravens increased the WiFi network's capability five times what it was in 2017. This massive upgrade helps keep fans' data flowing and moving faster.
  • During the 2015-17 seasons, M&T Bank Stadium's throughput capability was 2 gigabits per second (GBPS). In 2018, the stadium boasts a throughput capability of 10 GBPS.

Phase Three Enhancements – Expected 2019 Completion

Club Level:

  • All concession stands and bar/lounge areas on the stadium's club level will receive upgrades. These developments will enhance the area's general design/comfort, audio/visual capabilities, quality of service and food options.

Improved Kitchen Facilities:

  • The stadium will undergo continued kitchen renovations that include new equipment, improving the quality of food and providing more options at concessions stands throughout the entire venue.