Press Release - Summary Of NFL's Final Proposal To Union


    • We more than split the economic difference between us, increasing our proposed cap for 2011 significantly and accepting the Union's proposed cap number for 2014 ($161 million per club).
*   An entry level compensation system based on the Union's "rookie cap" proposal, rather than the wage scale proposed by the clubs.  Under the NFL proposal, players drafted in rounds 2-7 would be paid the same or more than they are paid today.  Savings from the first round would be reallocated to veteran players and benefits.  
*   A guarantee of up to $1 million of a player's salary for the contract year <u>after</u> his injury – the first time that the clubs have offered a standard multi-year injury guarantee.  
*   Immediate implementation of changes to promote player health and safety by
*   1.  Reducing the off-season program by five weeks, reducing OTAs from 14 to 10, and limiting on-field practice time and contact;
2.  Limiting full-contact practices in the preseason and regular season; and
3.  Increasing number of days off for players.  

Commit that any change to an 18-game season will be made only by agreement and that the 2011 and 2012 seasons will be played under the current 16-game format.

*   Owner funding of $82 million in 2011-12 to support additional benefits to former players, which would increase retirement benefits for more than 2000 former players by nearly 60 percent.  
*   Offer current players the opportunity to remain in the player medical plan for life.  
*   Third party arbitration for appeals in the drug and steroid programs.  
*   Improvements in the Mackey plan, disability plan, and degree completion bonus program.  
*   A per-club cash minimum spend of 90 percent of the salary cap over three seasons.
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