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PSL Owner Spotlight: Mike Beczkowski

Section 138, Bel Air, MD

They say the Ravens Flock travels well… that is certainly true for long-time PSL Owner Mike Beczkowski. Mike not only creates memories at The Bank but manages to do to the same at all our away games. Keeping reading to learn about Mike and his story as a PSL Owner…


What is your Ravens story?

Born and raised in Bel Air, Maryland, Mike's passion for football began during his childhood when the Baltimore Colts were still in town. Mike vividly recalls the excitement of hearing his father scream at the TV set upstairs. Besides that, Mike says, "I really started loving the NFL with the old NFL Today Show with Brent Musburger, Irv Cross, Jimmy the Greek, and Phylis George. My family looked forward to this every week. I still get chills up my spine every time I hear Brent Musburger say, 'You are looking live at sold out Memorial stadium.'"


After growing up with the Colts, Mike and his family were devastated when they left town in 1984. "We had to deal with 13 years of Washington D.C. football being shoved down our throats." Mike delightfully recalls when he first heard news that the NFL was returning to Baltimore. "Rumors had been swirling, but I was at work when it was made official, and I couldn't contain my excitement."

Mike was one of the many fans who played a part in deciding the name for the new NFL team in Baltimore. "I voted for the name Ravens because of the history with Edgar Allan Poe, and I remember taking my lunch break to go see the team's name be revealed." Mike was not going to let anything prevent him from applying for a PSL for the newly named Ravens. "I delivered my application to the stadium in the middle of a rainstorm. I was not going to miss out on what I had for the previous 13 years" Mike said emphatically. He has been a PSL Owner ever since, faithfully attending both home and away games for the past 28 years.


What do Gamedays look like for you?

While Mike has been spending Sundays at M&T Bank stadium since its opening, the magic of gameday has not diminished. "When I wake up on game day, I feel like I am 12 years old again." Mike begins his Sundays with a workout, before making his way into Baltimore early to see the community come together for the Ravens. After finding his parking spot at his office in downtown Baltimore, Mike typically starts in Federal Hill, going to Mother's for breakfast. "Afterwards, I meet some friends at their tailgate spot, hanging out and patiently waiting for gates to open." Mike previously attended every Ravens game with his father, but as he grew older, Mike has recently been going with his girlfriend Suzanne, or one of his many coworkers who are chomping at the bit to see a Ravens game up close from the front row.


Mike has developed some traditions over the years revolving around gameday. "When I used to attend games with my dad, we began a tradition of eating a peppermint patty on game day for good luck, which I have continued to do to this day." Mike also has his post-game meal sorted out on Sundays. "It's a tradition for me and my guest to go get dinner at Outback Steakhouse after the game." After returning home to Bel Air, Mike begins to prepare for his next game day whether that be in Baltimore, or across the country.

After games, Mike will upload videos from the game on his YouTube channel. "I post these videos so the fans who can't attend Ravens games can experience what it is like to be in the stadium for these memorable moments. I look forward to bringing everyone more great clips this season!" On his channel, you can relive many memorable moments like the Tylan Wallace punt return touchdown, or C.J. Mosley's interception to clinch the AFC North just to name a few.


Any away games?

To say that Mike has seen many Ravens games away from home would be an understatement. Mike says proudly, "Since becoming a PSL owner, I've been to all but two NFL stadiums across the country, and I've seen every Ravens away playoff victory in person." Mike began his chain of attending away games in Jacksonville in 1997. "I attended the game with my friend Matt, and it was a fantastic weekend of seeing family on Saturday, and football on

on Sunday." His enjoyable weekend led him to watch the Ravens play the Falcons and Jets away from home. Since then, Mike has been travelling all over the country to see his beloved Ravens play.

With so many to choose from, Mike pointed out some of his favorite away trips and experiences. "I went to my first playoff game in Miami in 2001 when we beat the Dolphins, and I haven't missed a road playoff victory since!" he exclaimed. Attending Ravens away games also means making new friends in different parts of the country. "I met one friend, Nelson, and his wife in 2009 on the flight home to BWI from the Nashville playoff game. We exchanged our information on the plane, and contacted me one year later. We went to the Ravens-Pats game that year in 2010 and he's a road travel buddy! We traveled to a few other games together including both AFC Championship games in New England."


My favorite memory of all comes from Denver in 2012, seeing the Jacoby Jones long touchdown catch to send it to Overtime, then Justin Tucker's kick win the game in 2OT." In what Broncos fans believed to be the Ray Lewis' retirement game, "I remember the Denver fans yelling 'shank it!' at the top of their lungs." Aside from Denver, Mike said, "It was so great to be in Green Bay. The fans were so nice. Since the stadium is in a neighborhood area, we bought a parking pass which was on someone's lawn. The owner of the house invited us to use their bathroom. Everything in the bathroom--the shower curtains, toilet paper holder, and towel rack had the Packers logo on it!" Mike said with a chuckle. Mike also feels lucky to have been at Ford field in 2021 when Justin Tucker made the 66-yard field goal to win the game.

Travelling to see the Ravens play away from home has brough Mike some great memories, but it is not for the faint of heart. "In 2021 I had a hip flexor injury and had a tough time walking around. I knew that the Ravens wouldn't be scheduled to be back in Chicago until 2029 so I needed to go. It was painful but worth it!". Mike has a strict policy of "No church, no game", so he went to church in Kansas City in 2010 before the game. "I was wearing my purple Ravens gear, and I got booed in church by Chiefs fans!" Mike said with a laugh. Mike describes his trip to Philadelphia as his "biggest test of manhood. I went there dressed in all purple, and I survived despite the close loss."


What does being a PSL Owner mean to you?

Despite watching so many away games across the country, there's nothing like home at M&T Bank Stadium. "Aside from my seats of course, what I miss most about The Bank when I visit other stadiums is the scoreboard. You don't realize how great our scoreboard is until you visit a stadium with lesser technology. In fact, the scoreboard operation at SoFi Stadium never showed any replays," recounted.

The most important part about being a PSL Owner for Mike is being able to create memories with family and friends. "Being a PSL owner has given me the ability to reconnect with old friends and make new ones too! My seat neighbors have gone from acquaintances, to friends, to family over the years." At the end of the day, being a PSL owner is a guarantee to see every Ravens home game live in person. "Despite problems like traffic and parking on Sundays, there's something about being at the game that watching from the comfort of your own home can't match up to."