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Questioning the Enemy: Titans

With the Ravens preparing to take on the Tennessee Titans this Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium, two members of the enemy team answered a few questions about their squad. gives you head coach Jeff Fisher and quarterback Kerry Collins.

Head Coach Jeff Fisher

Is the Titans' 4-0 start a surprise?

Jeff Fisher:"Well, I mean I think everybody, you know, you expect to get off to a good start. And, we've just been fortunate that we've been protecting the football and have found ways to win. But we're not surprised. We're kind of all about that 'one week at a time' thing, you know, where you come in and you prepare and you respect your opponent and you put a game plan together and go out and do the best you can to execute."

Is that a part of the plan to rebuild the team?

JF:"This is a really fun team. It's a really good group of guys. They've been committed for several years now and have had a great offseason program and a real productive training camp. We're not there yet, I mean I'd still say, like anybody, you're looking to upgrade. But, I'm happy right now with their attitude and their work ethic, and they police themselves and they have fun and work hard, and they expect to win. Like I said, they respect their opponents and they know the games are going to be hard. They just trust each other to find a way to win the game."

What's it like renewing the rivalry between the Titans and the Ravens?

JW:"Yeah, there are memories, and there are just a few people that will go ahead and share those left on the roster. We have so many guys that are unfamiliar with the Ravens, and that's the challenge with us. It was a challenge for us last week because we hadn't seen the Vikings in years. I think in the NFL, you're ability to familiarize yourself with your opponent each week really has to do with the success level that you have. As far as the rivalries and all that kind of stuff, these are two good, well-built teams, similar in nature in that they like to run the football and play good defense. And, it's just going to be a great ballgame."

Will it be different not seeing former Ravens head coach Brian Billick on the sideline?

JW:"You know, I really haven't given it any thought. Brian had a great deal of success there and the organization decided to go a different direction, and I'm very, very impressed right now with the job that John [Harbaugh] has done."

Are the memories of playing against Ray Lewis good or bad?

JW:"Ray's a great defensive player, and he's still playing really at a really high level. As coaches, if you've been around long enough, you have to respect that, and I've always had a respect for Ray. I've spoken with Ray numerous times off the field, offseason, and I'm just really, really glad to see he's still playing the high level and that he's the leader of that defense."

QB Kerry Collins

What do you think about Joe Flacco?

Kerry Collins:"I watched the game a little bit last night – I think I saw the second half of the game – and I thought he made some great throws. It seems like he's got good poise for a rookie. It seems like he's showing good poise and is back there just reading things out and throwing the ball well. Obviously, he's got a strong arm, and he's got a pretty good head about him. So, I was pretty impressed."

Does Flacco reminds you of yourself?

KC:"I think a little bit in the same mold, you know. We're not going to run around a whole lot. Both pocket passers and a taller guy who seems to have a strong arm, so yeah, I think we're probably cut out of a similar mold."

Do you have any advice for Flacco?

KC:"I would say just keep doing what he's doing. It looks like he's doing a good job. We saw him play when we were getting ready for the Bengals, and it looked like he did well there. Just keep learning week to week and just keep trying to make good reads and good throws."

What do you remember about how that defense game-planned against him when he was with the New York Giants?

KC:"Their team speed was just tremendous. They were all over the field, and obviously a well-coached bunch – smart players, very sound in what they did, and obviously very talented. But, that was by far the best defense I've ever played against. Like I said, my hat's off to them."

What do you see out of this Ravens defense?

KC:"I mean, I think they bring the same attitude. They're aggressive, obviously. They've got good leaders over there. Ray [Lewis] is still playing at a very high level and they're active. They show you a lot of different things, a lot of different looks. You've got to be on your toes and ready for everything they throw at you."

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