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Raiders Post-Game Quotes (11/02)


(Opening Statement) – "Obviously, that is a happy locker room. I just want to say from the bottom of my heart, when you feel this way after a football game – I couldn't be more proud to be the coach of the Baltimore Ravens. We talk about character and integrity and doing what's right – to overcome the adversity that they did in the second half speaks about how big their hearts are. As a football team, we want to dedicate this football game to Mr. Art Modell. He deserves this more than anybody."

(On the performances of rookies Ray Rice and Joe Flacco) – "When they get drafted by the Baltimore Ravens, we expect them to play like that. Are we surprised? No."

(On the offense carrying the team) – "I think the defense is more proud of what the offense did than the offense is. The Browns are a good football team. They are well coached, tough and a hard-nosed football team that played their hearts out. Their special teams unit is unbelievable. You probably saw a healthy Joshua Cribbs for the first time this year. That guy is hard to bring down. There are a lot of things in this football game that we need to get better at as the season goes on. That is a big win over a good football team."

(On expecting the offense to score as much as they did) – "We plan on 37 points every week. We are disappointed we didn't get more. That has to be your mindset in football. Whatever means necessary is what we talk about."

WR Derrick Mason

(On improvement in passing game) "We didn't do much in the passing game last week, but we still came up with a win. We preach that you've got to win in more ways than one. Last week we proved it, and this week I think we proved it as well."

(On Ray Rice's performance) "Ray did a great job out there. He ran tough, and especially the last run. He did a great job. Ray just kept running the ball, and if you run hard and continue to stay with your technique, you'll bust one, and Ray busted one at the end."

(On keeping pace in AFC North with win) "I still don't think we're where we should be, but it's great to be 5-3. We have a lot of football left."

LB Terrell Suggs

(On interception return for touchdown) "We're an aggressive defense, and that's probably one of the plays that we can make. I rushed the passer the play before, and I saw him talking to himself. In a game time situation, what can he possibly be talking about? I kind of just baited him, and he threw it right to me."

(On offense's performance) "You've got to tip your hat to the offense. Amazing what they did. They put up 14 points fast when we were down 27-13. They scored twice, and you could feel the sense of team being formed, what we've been searching for all year. You've got to tip your hat to them."

(On LB Ray Lewis serving as inspiration to team) "You've definitely got to respect Ray Lewis. He's hands down the greatest general, the greatest leader. When we were down 27-13, he told the whole team, 'We're going to win this game.' You could see the truth in his eyes. We just stayed with it. You keep piling on wins like this, it's scary."

RB Ray Rice

(On speaking with RB Willis McGahee) – "Willis and I always talk. I asked him some of the things he sees as a runner. Obviously, he's a special player. He has been in the league a while. I talk to a lot of the guys about what they might see in a game. I have to give credit to the offensive line."

(On his 60-yard run) – "We called the play and the hole opened up. As a running back, you always want a one-on-one. Your eyes get big when you see that hole. They close up a lot quicker in the NFL. That was one of the turning points."

(On his performance) – "The way we practice – I can't say that I was surprised. I do a great job of studying and watching. When it is my turn, I'm ready. It surprises me with how many people are rallying behind you. Even if you make a bad play, they rally behind you. Today was a team win. I can say that I made a lot of plays, but the Browns have one of the best defensive lines that I have ever seen."

QB Joe Flacco

(On the win) – "Your confidence is always growing. You get more and more experience each week. We are in the hunt but we need to just stack up wins. That is our main focus right now."

(On attacking the Cleveland secondary) – "I think we did a great job of getting what we wanted. We had a chance to get them over the top for a touchdown. That was pretty big. We felt like they wanted to put pressure on us and we converted on those chances – enough for the win."

LB Ray Lewis

(On what he told the team) – "I told each of them to look me in the eyes. I told them we were going to win the game and how we were going to do it. We have to believe that. Adversity builds character."

(On the win) – "Anytime you win in your division, that is big. I think it was more for the team morale. It helps because we are not .500 or we didn't lose a game we felt we should have won. I like the way we came back and fought as a team."


(On the loss) – "We didn't play well enough. Defensively, we gave up some plays that we haven't been giving up and that hurt. Offensively, we really couldn't get anything going to help. When you put yourself in those kinds of situations, you need to make every play you can. We had an opportunity to make a play or two and we didn't make it. That hurt us big time."

(On the defense stopping the run) – "On one drive in the second half, they were able to run it and they went down and got a score. We needed to do a lot better on that particular drive. If we could have gotten a stop there, it might have had a different impact on the game."

(On the passing game) – "We didn't do enough in the passing game. We tried to mix it up like we said we needed to do. They have a big defense and they play well against the run. We didn't get a lot going in the running game and towards the end of the game, they were able to pin their ears back a little bit and rush the passer. I think that was the difference."

(On the injuries) – "Steinbach (OG Eric Steinbach) had a rib injury and did not go back in. We need to see what that issue is."

TE Kellen Winslow

(On not being able to finish the game)- "I don't know. I will have to watch the film. We were up 27-13 and I think we got lax and let it get away from us. I don't know what happened but we have a short week ahead of us. We have to let this go and get ready for Denver."

(On a short week)- "It was a big game and we didn't meet the challenge. We just have to get ready for Denver and move on. We have to watch film tonight. Everybody has to get ready tonight, because it's such a short week."

QB Derek Anderson

(On the interception)- "There was a little pressure. The guy made a good play on it. I didn't want to hold onto it and take a sack. I wish I would've handled that a little better, but I'm trying to win games."

(On the offense)- "You know it's going to be a game like this in the NFL, we just try to play it. When the game's tied you try to run the ball and if you have to punt, you punt."

(On losing the 14 point lead)- "We felt the momentum change and they started making plays. It's very frustrating."

KR Josh Cribbs

(On the kick off return for a touchdown)- "It was good blocking. I was due for one. It was time for me to start pulling my weight around here. Everybody's been waiting for a return and I was able to get one. We needed the spark and that's what I'm here to do."

(On motivating the team)- "For this game I was able to do it. But I need to do this every game. I didn't score the last game or the game before that. The defense has also been carrying special teams. I was able to get some momentum and be a sparkplug for offense and defense. We got two touchdowns from good returns. We just wanted to hold onto the lead."

(On losing the 14 point lead)- "It's hard and wild football. We were playing Baltimore and they're a good football team. We just couldn't pull it off. Those are tough ones because our fans were really counting on us. We have home games coming up and we have to take advantage of these."

DB Brandon McDonald

(On giving up the lead)- "We were up by 14 points and they came back and beat us by 10. It's tough anytime we lose."

(On Baltimore's unanswered points in the fourth quarter)- "We didn't get things done or do what we were supposed to do. We were up 14 and we couldn't hold them."

(On the last 10 minutes of the game)- "We had a lot of momentum when we were up 14 points and they sucked that momentum right back up. They scored 14 points to tie it and ended up beating us by 10."

LB D'Qwell Jackson

(On stopping the Ravens in the fourth quarter)- "It wasn't enough to win the ball game. When your offense gets you 27 points you have to win the game. We were banking on us playing well, we've been playing well in the previous weeks and it's a little frustrating right now. We gave up a lot rushing yards and big plays."

(On giving up the lead)- "We were dominating them and things started happening to us that haven't happened all season. We have to take a stand and stick together. Everything piled up once things started happening. We were unable to get any turnovers and things started getting frustrating."

(On [RB] Ray Rice's 60 yard run)- "It was a key play for Ray. They were committed to running the ball and they popped one. We were shutting them down early and the one drive they ran the same play up and down the field on us. They were able to score off of it and it hurt. In the end we were unable to make the plays we needed to. We need to put this behind us quickly because we have Denver. This is the one we let go for the season."

LB Andra Davis

(On the game)- "They hit a couple big plays. Hats off to them, they played hard. As a team we haven't been giving up those big plays on defense. Once we went up 27-13, we thought there was no way we would give up any more touchdowns. I don't think we really relaxed. They hit a big third down and 16 and that was huge for them. We just need to go correct some things and get ready for Denver."

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