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Ravens' 2017 Offseason Schedule Release


The Ravens have finalized their offseason schedule prior to a July break before training camp, and the start of work is just around the corner.

Here are the important dates to know:

April 18 – Offseason workout program begins
Players can report to the Under Armour Performance Center to start working out with the team's performance training staff. Those who haven't participated in newly-promoted Director of Performance Steve Saunders' strength program are "in for a rude awakening." Players can also start studying with their coaches in a classroom setting.

May 1 – Football School
The Ravens have 14 days of what they term "Football School" that spans five weeks. The first 12 days are spread over the first three weeks of May. During this time, players continue working with coaches in the classroom, but can additionally start doing limited work with them on the field as well. The offense and defense do not line up against each other.

May 5 – Rookie MinicampThe Ravens will draft their 2017 crop of rookies from April 27-29, then sign their undrafted class shortly thereafter. They'll get to work almost immediately, as rookies will report for physicals on May 4 and kick off their three-day camp on May 5. It's a time for them to get their feet wet before organized team activities open.

May 22 – Organized Team ActivitiesOrganized team activities (OTAs) are the next step up in terms of on-field intensity. While players still aren't in pads, these voluntary practices are more like the real thing without contact. Offense and defense will line up against each other in 7-on-7, 9-on-7, and 11-on-11 drills. Defensive backs can cover receivers without physical play or hits, and offensive and defensive linemen can engage at low speed. There are 10 days of OTAs.

June 13 – Mandatory Minicamp
The three days of mandatory minicamp will bring out the remaining veterans who may not come to OTAs. At this point, drills can be done in pads and some light contact is allowed, although still no heavy hitting. These are the final offseason practices before the team breaks for about a month ahead of training camp.

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