Ravens Add Fan Improvement

GuestAssist by qtags – an instant customer communication tool for sports facilities, conference/convention centers and other venues that host large gatherings – will be used by as many as 10 NFL stadia, including M&T Bank Stadium, in the 2008 season to improve fans' game-day experience.

GuestAssist provides instant two-way, text messaging-based communication between ticket holders and the venue's event staff, allowing for improved management of safety, security and guest services.

"We want all of our fans to have a great game-day experience," Baker Koppelman, the Ravens' Vice President of Ticket Operations, said. "The Game Assist system gives our fans another means to communicate with us if their experience is not meeting expectations." Koppelman noted that a fan's first option should always be to contact the usher assigned to the area, or a Ravens' staff member in the vicinity.

GuestAssist provides a simple text message code that fans can send via their mobile phones to the venue's Command and Control Center. The number is communicated to fans via stadium signage, public address announcements and other means.

A single staff member can handle and respond to incoming requests through GuestAssist's customized software interface. The operator can send reply messages directly to the fan's phone to answer questions or obtain more information, and, if necessary, can quickly dispatch safety/security, medical or guest services staff to the appropriate location.

GuestAssist is currently licensed for use at:

      • M&T Bank Stadium (Baltimore Ravens)
    • Georgia Dome (Atlanta Falcons)
    • Lincoln Financial Field (Philadelphia Eagles)
    • Cleveland Browns Stadium (Cleveland Browns)
    • Heinz Field (Pittsburgh Steelers and University of Pittsburgh)
    • Giants Stadium (New York Giants and New York Jets)
    • FedEx Field (Washington Redskins)
    • Ford Field (Detroit Lions)
    • MacAfee Coliseum (Oakland Raiders)

"GuestAssist is a simple and effective way to improve the ticket holder's experience at sports and entertainment events," said Jeremy Konko, qtags' chief operating officer. "But it is especially valuable in sports and entertainment venues where there are large, loud crowds. Since GuestAssist is real time and discrete, it allows ticket holders to quickly communicate any issues or concerns they may have. It also provides event staff with a tool that improves their ability to respond to an emergency or to the needs of a ticket holder both quickly and efficiently."

In addition, GuestAssist provides post-event reporting and analysis of guests' concerns to help operators improve staffing, polices and procedures.

The Philadelphia Eagles were the first NFL team to use GuestAssist when they implemented the system at Lincoln Financial Field during the 2006-2007 season. "GuestAssist enables us to have two-way communication with individual fans without them leaving their seats," says Leonard Bonacci, director of event services at Lincoln Financial Field.

Houston-based qtags is a member of the Stadium Managers Association and the International Association of Assembly Managers.

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