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Ravens Already Discussing Draft Trades With Teams

Ozzie Newsome's phone line is open.

The Ravens general manager has already started fielding calls from other teams interested in moving up to acquire the Ravens' first-round pick at No. 17. And Newsome is listening to what those teams might have to offer.

"I've already had some calls from clubs who said that if their guy gets to our spot, they might be willing to trade up," Newsome said Wednesday. "And we might see what the value is based on the players we still have left on our board."

Newsome did not disclose which teams have reached out to him.

The decision to trade back is based on the offer from another team, as well as the Ravens' ability to get a player they still have highly rated later in the round.

"If we move back four, five or six spots, we may still have the opportunity to get to one or two of those players [we value] and get the additional pick," Newsome said. "That's kind of how we look at it."

Newsome isn't the only one who subscribes to the philosophy of collecting draft picks. Owner Steve Bisciotti is an advocate of getting as many draft picks as possible, and that will be a consideration when another team calls looking to make a move.

"Our boss is always looking for that one next year," Newsome said. "If that opportunity comes then it would be hard to pass up."

The preference for Newsome and the Ravens is to trade back to acquire additional picks, rather than moving up in the first round. Newsome and Assistant General Manager Eric DeCosta said numerous times during Wednesday's pre-draft press conference that they "love picks."

The desire to add picks in a deep draft makes it unlikely that the Ravens would part ways with later selections to climb up the draft board. Plus, four of the Ravens' eight draft picks are compensatory and not allowed to be traded.

"I'd have to say no because we don't have a lot of ammunition this year," Newsome said about trading up. "It would be hard to do."

Newsome did still give the Ravens a slim chance of trading up based on a player falling down the board.

"I could probably say if one or two players start getting really close, we'd be clamoring to go up and get them," he said. "We'll be telling Steve that we need to go up and get this player because we feel like he can impact us that much."

Newsome has a history of moving around the draft board, and has traded the Ravens' first-round pick in four of the last six years. In 2008, he made two first-round trades before picking quarterback Joe Flacco with the No. 18 overall selection.

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