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Ravens Changing M&T Bank Stadium Field Paint


Not only does M&T Bank Stadium have a new, grass surface. It will also have new field markings.

The large Ravens shield logo* *at midfield will be replaced by the Ravens' primary logo, the bird head.

In one end zone, there will be the word "BALTIMORE," and in the other end zone will be "RAVENS."

Previously, each end zone mirrored the other with the Ravens bird head and the word "RAVENS."

The new field paint won't be entirely in place for tonight's free and open practice at M&T Bank Stadium starting at 7 p.m. The letters in each end zone will be outlined and there won't be a midfield decal.

"We felt like it was a good time to move our primary logo to midfield, and bring back the word Baltimore in one of the end zones," said Vice President of Marketing Brad Downs. "We are proud of the heritage of Baltimore and wanted to represent our city prominently."

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