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Practice Report: Ravens Secondary Shines

S Marcus Williams
S Marcus Williams

The deck was stacked against the Ravens offense, as Baltimore worked on third-and-long situations in Saturday's training camp practice.

These are the kinds of situations that make defenses lick their chops, and Baltimore's secondary feasted, grabbing nine interceptions on the day – a testament to the kinds of playmakers the Ravens have on defense.

"We were playing uphill today, and I felt like for the first time in this training camp, it was a learning experience," tight end Isaiah Likely said. "I mean, you could say the defense won, but in my head, we don't really lose, we just learn."

Cornerback Marlon Humphrey also pointed out that the day was scripted to give the defense the advantage. Given the third-and-long situations, the Ravens blitzed often Saturday.

"I'm not going to lie. Defense dominated," Humphrey said. "It was a defense day. The script was meant for the defense to win and we won. We got a great offense, but for the defense, when it's scripted for us to win, we got to win."

Here's the rundown of defenders who nabbed interceptions: safety Marcus Williams (2), safety Kyle Hamilton, cornerback Keyvon Seymour, cornerback Jeremy Lucien (off of a double deflection), cornerback Corey Mayfield Jr. (2), safety Ar'Darius Washington, and cornerback Daryl Worley.

Seymour's was the last of the day and perhaps the most impressive, as he leapt on the sideline and did well to tap both toes inbounds on his way down. That one elicited a big celebration from the defense. One of Mayfield's was also superb,as he leapt backwards and crashed on his back. 

Several of the interceptions came on deep shots down the field as the Ravens offense was forced to try to make a play.

Here are other notes from Saturday's practice:

  • Lamar Jackson started practice really hot. He was dealing, including a number of pinpoint throws while on the move and trying to escape pressure. Jackson and tight end Mark Andrews had their mojo working early in practice.
  • Washington had a very strong day. In addition to his interception, he also forced an incompletion on a deep Jackson lob to Devin Duvernay down the middle of the field. Jackson seemingly changed the play with a blitz coming and he faded backwards and floated one over the middle. Duvernay made that kind of catch many times last season, but Washington matched him at the point of attack.
  • Fullback Ben Mason caught about a 20-yard pass from Johnson, showing a taste of what he can offer as a secondary receiving threat.
  • Rookie outside linebacker Tavius Robinson continues to look really good. He beat Ben Cleveland off the edge a couple times during 11-on-11 work to get what would have been sacks. Robinson also never stops running to the ball.
  • Cornerback Jalyn Armour-Davis made a nice recovery after Odell Beckham Jr. got overtop him. Armour-Davis showed good makeup speed and got his head turned around in time to make a play on the ball, which helped him avoid a pass interference call.
  • Rookie wide receiver Zay Flowers made an impressive toe-tapping sideline grab on a ball that Jackson ripped to the sideline. The rookie's awareness is impressive.

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