Ravens Final Mandatory Minicamp Practice Transcripts

Head Coach John Harbaugh

With everything you that you have on your plate this time of year, how much are you able to communicate with [Terrell] Suggs when he is the building about what's going on? (Joe Platania)
"He's in every meeting. I talk to him all time; he is a part of everything we're doing, except for practice."

Does he seem upbeat despite what's happened? (David Ginsburg)
"I really don't get into all of that. You guys are the guys that attribute people's emotions and what they are thinking and what they are feeling. 'This guy seemed this way, and that guy seemed that way.' So, you guys can try to get in everybody's head; I'm not really interested in doing that."

We saw Jacoby [Jones] yesterday; he seemed to kind of limp around. Is he doing OK after yesterday? (Aaron Wilson)
"Yeah, he is going to be OK. We'll see."

Saw Jah [Reid] get carted off. Is he OK? (Aaron Wilson)
"Why are you even asking me? Why? They are fine, everybody is fine."

After watching these guys, are you happy with what you saw? (David Ginsburg)
"I'm really happy. I'm really happy. It was a really good minicamp. I love the way we worked. I love the mindset of our guys, the very determined mindset. They are having fun, working hard, and that's what you ask for – spirited, spirited."

Have you talked to Joe [Flacco] about his little [newborn]? (Rob Carlin)
"I haven't. Texted, texted, but I have talked to him. I think the baby was eight pounds, a little boy, Stephen. That's named after Joe's dad, I would assume."

This time of the year, you guys won't have the guys for a month. Do you sort of send a certain message and say, "Have fun, be with your family, relax, but also be careful and just be mindful of what you are doing?"(Aaron Wilson)
"No, it will be a little bit more detailed than that, I would think, the message that we will give to them. It will encompass our mission – what we have at stake starting on the 25th [of July], what we need to accomplish next in training camp. Our eyes move to the next horizon, which is the training camp aspect of what we are going to do. We had a successful offseason. It's individual and it's group. Also, I am very proud how they have been throughout the whole offseason. I would like that to continue. You see things happen around the league and life – a lot of media guys getting into trouble here and there, things like that. So, we try to make sure we all do that. And hey, things can happen, but our guys did a great job if you look at the whole offseason. So, I am proud of the guys for that, and obviously, would like them to continue with that, too. Nutrition is a big part of it, rest, recovery, training, studying football. Get with your family, absolutely. Get refreshed a little bit mentally. All of those things."

Do you feel good about where you team is – you had the offseason, you had the NFL Draft, you had the tryouts with free agency – as you head into a time where you got your team formed a little bit before camp starts. (Aaron Wilson)
"We are on schedule. I like where we are at right now. We just have to keep building. Every day is a new day. Every day you have to make the most of every day. It's nothing more complicated than that. Everything else is just speculation. We just really have to go to work when the time comes."

As far as Bryant McKinnie, what does he have to show you to be on the field that first day of training camp? (Jamison Hensley)
"We will leave that between us. That's something that is an in-house type of thing right now. Bryant [McKinnie] has done a good job, he's worked hard. It's not as simple as some of you guys want to make it. It's just a situation where we are going to do what is best for the team, what is best for Bryant. We want him here; there's no reason he wouldn't be here. He has worked hard, so you try to do what's most beneficial for every guy in every situation, and it's always individualized."

We are going to hear from [Terrell] Suggs in a little bit. What's conversation like with him now with balancing his trying to get well quicker than maybe is needed? (Ed O'Brien)
"No, no conversation that way. Once again, you guys put your own spin on it. You think it needs to be talked about in some certain way. We have doctors, we have professionals and we have a professional player who know the pace. You work hard, but you do it within the boundaries of what you are able to do at the time. We have a lot of people who are professional at that. Nothing really needs to be said other than to get back as soon as we can, and part of that is no setback. Professionals take care of that."

With Joe [Flacco] gone the last two days, have Tyrod [Taylor] and Curtis Painter gotten a chance to do some things over the last two days that maybe they wouldn't have if Joe would have been here? (Gerry Sandusky)
"Sure, they got more reps. That was good. The reps were very valuable. Sometimes the old saying is, 'Life is what happens when you make other plans.' These guys had a chance. The plans were for Joe [Flacco] to take most of the reps, and they took most of the reps. So, what an opportunity and for our team to build reps around those guys, and that's something that will be invaluable for us going forward."

How does Michael Oher look at left tackle? (Aaron Wilson)
"He looks really good. Did you watch practice? OK. Put your spin on it. I'm sure you will. You're an evaluator. Mike [Oher] looks great. Mike always looks great. Mike practices his tail off. He does a great job."

Is there a specific player that has really stood out in your mind through all these camps that may have jumped out a little bit more than the rest? (Kris Jones)
"Not off the top of my head, no."

OLB Terrell Suggs

On how his recovery is coming and if he still feels on pace to return in November: "It's going. It's going good. We're going to be really optimistic about it, so I'm happy. I've been to the [doctor]; he's been saying good things, working it out. You know, we've got the best trainer in the world saying good things, so we're just going to see where we land. Maybe we were shooting too far? [We'll] never know. We'll see."

On whether he is frustrated watching his teammates practice when he can't: "Tons. Tons. You know, this is a very unfamiliar feeling for me. I used to dread this. I'd be like, 'Oh my God, I got minicamp,' and you know ease us all back and go out in the sun. But now, I've never appreciated it so much, because I've never had to sit and watch my brothers go to battle without me. So, it's definitely frustrating, but it's going to be a learning experience for me."

On what his next step is with regard to rehabbing:"I don't know. I guess just, the repair, getting it as strong as it can be – not rushing it, just kind of letting it heal in its time. You know what I mean? So, that's pretty much the next step. We're going to come up with a plan, me and Mark Smith, our trainer, pretty much in a few minutes. But the whole time, we've just been here working it."

On what he sees as the best case scenario and also the worst case scenario: "Just like if I really wasn't taking it easy on it and just making sure [it was healing], because they've got some kind of new procedure, and he did it on me and it worked really good. So, I don't know what the worst case scenario is, but we definitely came out with the best case scenario."

On whether it's tough to have to listen to the doctors rather than feeling like he could play through it: "Yeah, I mean, it is tough. But like I said, I've never sat out before. You've got to know your body. They constantly keep trying to tell me, 'Rehab and rest. Work as hard as you can.' Right now, rehab is my football field. And until I master it, I won't be out there. So, I'm definitely trying to become All-Pro at that, ASAP."

On what his message is and what he'll try to teach OLB Courtney Upshaw: "From what I've seen on the film, he's been playing pretty good. He's ahead of where I was when I came in my rookie year. He clearly knows the game, and they're moving him around. So, it isn't just him playing the 'rush' [linebacker position]; he's playing a little bit of everything. So, I think that's awesome, and I'm really excited to see how the puzzle comes together when we're all here. But until then, I've got 100 percent confidence in the kid."

On what it means to him that the organization is not going to take away any of his salary: "I never expected them to, because like I said, after 10 years you build a relationship with the people around here. You have their back, and I come through and I give my all for them. And like I said, just like when I won my MVP award, they've always been behind me no matter what was going on or what was happening in my life. So, we pretty much, we've got an understanding. I consider this organization my family, so like I said, it was huge, but I never expected them to do that, and I know they didn't expect to."

On what his thoughts were when he saw reports that people saw him get injured playing basketball: "It was crazy, because I was actually in the middle of a rehab, and it flashed across the screen and I was just like … You know me, I don't hold back or hide from anybody. I wanted to fire back and get into the whole facts, the he-said-she-said. But then, I'd be giving them exactly what they want. So, I decided not to and I just released a statement saying that's not what happened. First and foremost, I don't answer to them. First things first, I answer to this organization. Secondly, I answer to my teammates and I answer to my coaching staff. Thirdly, I answer to you all and my fans. So, you all that know me, know when I say what happened, that's exactly what happened. So, it was kind of upsetting and frustrating, but I was like, 'Look. They're talking about two entirely different things – two entirely different incidents.' So, it's whatever. I'm way past that and I'm continuing to work to get back on the field."

On him playing basketball, but not when he got hurt:"Not when I got hurt. We're talking about two entirely different incidents. I didn't get hurt doing that. That's not what happened. Like I said, I have built enough relationships here with [general manager and executive vice president] Ozzie [Newsome], my head coach [John Harbaugh], my teammates. Any of you all, you can call me and say, ''Sizzle,' what happened?' I'll tell you what happened. That's not what happened. It happened running my conditioning test. Like I said, it was upsetting at first, but then I got over it. I was like, 'Hey, man, they weren't there.' And then this guy was like, 'That looked like an Achilles [injury].' I was like, 'That's why you decided to be a gym director and not a doctor, so...' It's cool, but it's whatever. Like I said, you have to kind of just laugh those things off. Facts are facts. Everybody has their own truths, but we all know what happened. Like you all know, I don't shy away from anything. If that would have happened, I would have been like, 'I [messed] up. This is what happened.' Excuse me. You all are going to have to edit that out. 'I messed up.' You know what I mean? But, that's clearly not what happened. We are talking about two entirely different incidents."

On if the targeted return timetable of November comes from the doctors or himself:"When they did the timetable, you kind of look at the months, and I was like, 'Oh, I can be back by then.' But like I said, I am not a doctor, so that's just a guess. It feels good now, I guess. We'll know in my progression when I will actually be able to come back. But like I said before when I first got injured, I will be in a Baltimore Ravens uniform in 2012. The only question is when."

On if he has been leaning on anybody for emotional support:"I felt bad because, like I said, this is an unfamiliar feeling for me. They made sure that when I got here, 'You better be 'Sizzle' or we're going to let you know about it.' We are all kind of back to leaning on each other. This isn't the first year we've had to deal with injuries with players. They know we're not taking any steps back, and we're definitely not going to let this (points to his foot) take any steps back. We are trying to get over the hump, not only finish where we left off, but get it done this time."

On if the defense can survive without him: "Absolutely. This defense has tons of stars. I am not even going to name anybody because I don't want to leave anybody out. This defense definitely can get it done and hold the levies until I get back, just like we had to do when we lost our general [Ray Lewis] last year for four games. So, you have to go get it done."

On what he can still do to help the team: "I can help the young guys just with the fundamental side of the game and try to help bring Courtney [Upshaw] along. Not just that, Paul Kruger looks as ready as anybody, so all I have to do is pretty much just work my butt off in rehab and get back out there with my team."

On if he finds himself being louder or talking more:"Only in the locker room. Not so much at home. At home, it's pretty much the babies run the show. So, [it's] only when I come up here when I am a Raven. When I am at home, I am pretty much just a dad."

On if it is how he feels or what doctors have told him that makes him think he can play this year: "I think it's both, a combination of both what the doctor said, and I know my body. As long as I keep my body in physical shape and come in … I am not going to be in football shape, but I am going to be in shape, so I can give myself the best chance to perform this year at a high level."

On if the reason people say "it's not as bad of an injury" is because the injury is higher up towards the calf:"Yeah, I guess that, or I think people are optimistic just because of the new procedure they have with little incision and not the big one. So, they said that the procedure that was done was really neat, and it's known to shorten recovery time. Like I said, we're just going to be optimistic. Until the season is over, I guess we don't know, or, like I said, until I run out of the tunnel. We'll see."

On what his rehab schedule is like now: "It's every day. There are no days off. It's every day. I work everything else, then I work my leg, my foot, then I ice it, rest. It's kind of like a two-a-day, just kind of like I'd be doing had I not got hurt."

On NT Terrence Cody taking it upon himself to keep the huddle loose:"I think that's awesome. If it wasn't myself, I think Terrence Cody definitely can do it, him and Haloti [Ngata]. I think he's got it."

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