Ravens Have Sixth Pick In 2016 NFL Draft


The Ravens have the sixth pick in the 2016 NFL Draft.

Baltimore finished the season 5-11, tied with the Jacksonville Jaguars and San Francisco 49ers with the fifth-worst record in the NFL. Five teams (Cleveland, Tennessee, Dallas, San Diego) had worse records.

The Jaguars will pick ahead of the Ravens in sixth position because they had a weaker strength of schedule. The Ravens pick ahead of the 49ers because Baltimore had a weaker strength of schedule.

It will be the Ravens' first top-10 pick since 2003 (No. 10, Terrell Suggs) and highest first-round selection since 2000 (No. 5, Jamal Lewis).

The Ravens have always nailed their top-10 picks, getting offensive tackle Jonathan Ogden (No. 4) in 1996, outside linebacker Peter Boulware (No. 4) in 1997, cornerback Duane Starks (No. 10) in 1998, cornerback Chris McAlister (No. 10) in 1999, Lewis and Suggs.

Here's the top-10 draft order:

  1. Tennessee Titans
  2. Cleveland Browns
  3. San Diego Chargers
  4. Dallas Cowboys
  5. Jacksonville Jaguars
  6. Baltimore Ravens
  7. San Francisco 49ers
  8. Miami Dolphins
  9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  10. New York Giants
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