Ravens Introduce New Ticket Pricing For 2016


The Ravens are rolling out a new ticket pricing model for the 2016 season that doesn't affect fans' bottom dollar, but does a better job of differentiating between the value of preseason and regular-season games.

Baltimore will utilize a two-tier pricing model that has different prices for preseason and regular-season games.

Preseason ticket prices in all categories will be reduced by approximately 50 percent, putting them more in line with their actual value. While preseason games are still a big NFL production, there's no denying that a game where the final score doesn't matter has less worth.

Meanwhile, the price of the team's eight regular-season game tickets will increase by nearly 12 percent.

The preseason savings and regular-season increase balance out to a net of zero change for those that buy all 16. The total season ticket package cost will remain unchanged for the fourth consecutive season.

Invoices were delivered to PSL Owners in early February.

"Our PSL Owners have been asking us to better recognize the value of preseason versus regular-season games in our pricing for a long time," said Senior Vice President of Ticket Sales and Operations Baker Koppelman. "We have heard it loud and clear, and it's time that we met that expectation."

When speaking to fans on a conference call at about this time last year, Ravens Owner Steve Bisciotti said the team would look into preseason ticket pricing. Now he's made good on his word.

"Yeah, that was my gripe too when I was a season-ticket holder," Bisciotti said last April.

In addition to responding to fans, the Ravens will keep pace with other professional franchises in the region and other NFL teams. The Orioles, Nationals, Capitals and Wizards all utilize variable pricing, as do 27 of the 31 other NFL teams. The Redskins recently announced a similar change.

Single-game tickets will also be sold using variable pricing and will continue to be priced $5 higher than season tickets. Individual game tickets will be available for purchase on a date to be announced.

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