Ravens Linebacker C.J. Mosley Isn't Worried About Contract Extension Talks


There's a reason why C.J. Mosley pays an agent. It's so he doesn't have to worry about his contract.

Mosley's possible extension has been a topic of debate around Baltimore, but it's something the three-time Pro Bowl inside linebacker says he isn't thinking about.

"I'm not really worried about it. I'm here just like everybody else to get better, to get ready for the new season and try to accomplish our goals," Mosley said.

"All the contract stuff … that's what upstairs and my agent [do]. That's why I pay him that 3 percent for it. I just play football."

Mosley said the last time he heard from his agent regarding his contract was during the Pro Bowl in January. His agent told him then that talks had begun with the Ravens. Three months later, there's been no deal, but Mosley isn't sweating.

"Like I said, when I wake up, I'm not really thinking about that," Mosley said. "When it comes, it'll come."

A first-round pick in 2014, Mosley is set to play on his fifth-year option this season, which would make him a free agent this time next year if he and the Ravens don't reach a deal.

That's still the plan, said Mosley, who has previously stated that he wants to finish his career as the second-best inside linebacker in Ravens history behind Hall of Famer Ray Lewis.

"It's been the plan the whole time. I'm sure we all see eye-to-eye with that point," Mosley said. "As far as the money and all that stuff goes, that's for the upstairs and the agency."

Mosley is one of the league's most productive defenders. Only he and Carolina Panthers inside linebacker Luke Kuechly have notched 450 tackles, five interceptions and five sacks since 2014.

Mosley is also a quiet team leader and perhaps Baltimore's best young player at this point. The three-time Pro Bowler is the centerpiece of the defense and calls out all the plays.

But how much will Mosley cost? Kuechly averages more than $12 million per year. Minnesota Vikings inside linebacker Eric Kendricks got a five-year, $50 million extension earlier this week. While it seemingly caused just a blip on Mosley's radar, his agent surely took note.

"If I wasn't eating breakfast when I saw it, I probably would have never noticed," Mosley said. "It's always good to see a player in your position get paid, or anybody in this league to get paid because everybody puts in hard work."

Mosely has put in a lot of work for the Ravens. He's played through multiple injuries and only missed two games in his first four seasons. In previous offseasons, he's dealt with lingering wrist or shoulder issues, but said he didn't need any surgeries this year.

"It's been good just to start from where I finished and build on that," Mosley said.

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