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Ravens Make Major Investment To Rebuild Western District Police Station


The Ravens and a handful of other local organizations came together this week for the grand "re-opening" of Baltimore's Western District Police Station.

The Baltimore Ravens made a $250,000 contribution to the project, which was headed up by Scott Plank's development company War Horse Cities.

The focus of the project was to rebuild the station in a way that improved the working conditions for officers and created a more inviting atmosphere for the public. As part of their investment, the Ravens built a community collaboration room that will allow for citizen-police programming.

"This renovation project was very appealing to us, because its main objective is to unify our community," Ravens Director of Community Relations Heather Darney said. "Not only does it help create a safe work environment for the police officers who serve our city, but it provides the residents of West Baltimore a welcoming facility that is designed to serve their needs."

Using recommendations from President Barack Obama's Task Force on 21st Century Policing as a guide, the redevelopment transformed the station into a community anchor designed to support its nearby residents.

With the improvements to the facility, the police department has been able to hold events like a mini block party and an open Zumba class. The station now also has outdoor public Wi-Fi access and an electric car charging station.

The new facility and technology are all part of the combined effort from the police department and local organizations to help foster improved relationships between the police and members of the community. Some of the other organizations involved in the public-private partnership include Under Armour, the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development and the Baltimore Police Department.   

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