Ravens Make Special Request For 2015 Schedule


The Ravens have made a special request of the league for their 2015 schedule.

Baltimore wants its games in Oakland and San Francisco to be played on back-to-back weeks.

That way, the team wouldn't have to make two exhausting cross-country flights, and would instead stay in the Bay Area for a week to re-charge their batteries.

"We've requested the league to schedule us back-to-back, San Francisco and Oakland," Team President Dick Cass said at Monday's NFL owners meetings.

"But I believe other teams have made that request as well. So I have no idea whether that request will be granted."

The Ravens have a lot of long travel on their upcoming schedule, with flights to San Francisco, Oakland, Denver and Arizona on the docket. The dates and times for those games will be announced when the entire schedule is released in April.

In order to stay in the Bay Area for a week, the Ravens would need to find practice fields, relocate the entire team and much of the staff and find a hotel to house everybody.

Cass said the Ravens won't work on those logistics until the schedule is released.

If the Ravens do get the back-to-back games, it could make for a strong Baltimore contingent in the Bay Area, as Ravens fans have proven they travel well, especially to warm-weather cities. Ravens fans could take in two games and a week's vacation in California.

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