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Ravens Offense Crushes Defense In Lardarius Webb Charity Softball Tournament


The Lardarius Webb Charity Softball game keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Fans packed the 6,300-seat capacity Ripken Stadium in Aberdeen, Md., Sunday afternoon for the fourth annual charity softball game.

Tickets started at $14 and benefits went to the Lardarius Webb Foundation, which largely works with the Boys & Girls Club of Baltimore.

"I just want to get the kids off the street," Webb said. "After school programs do that. If I can do anything to get kids out of trouble and keep them out of trouble, I'm all for it."

The event was, as always, packed with plenty of laughs. There were 40 players in attendance, including wide receiver Torrey Smith, tackle Michael Oher, wide receiver Jacoby Jones and first-round pick Matt Elam.

The teams were split into offense and defense, with cornerback Jimmy Smith pitching for his unit and long snapper Morgan Cox toeing the rubber for the offense. The offense won in a landslide, 16-7, with running back Bobby Rainey clubbing two home runs and punter Sam Koch crushing another.

With the rout on, the game shifted to home run derby. Koch crushed four home runs, Rainey had the longest, which cleared the actual ballpark fence about 365 feet away, and rookie defensive tackle Brandon Williams also ripped one over the wall.

Koch played some intramural baseball in college and Rainey was on his varsity high school baseball team when he was just in eighth grade. Center Gino Gradkowski also had a nice scoop at first base and Smith, who played baseball in his youth, showed off his speed around the base paths.

But the majority of the softball was less than impressive.

Cornerback Chykie Brown couldn't catch, period. A number of other players also saw balls roll between their legs and bounce off their gloves. They spent most of their time jokingly yelling at the other team or the umps.

"You can see who's coordinated and who's not," Smith said with a laugh. "The defense is always terrible. You know how they say cornerbacks are wide receivers who can't catch? It's like one of those. None of them are good."

Highlights of the action included Jones doing some "Dancing With The Stars" moves, including his Ray Lewis dance, and throwing out a player that was wearing Steelers socks.

"Ain't no Steelers fans on my field!" Webb shouted.

Ravens players signed countless autographs and took countless pictures with fans in what was another successful year for the event.

"The fans, they come out and support me, and it means a lot," Webb said. "My teammates come out and have a good time and they make a show for the fans. Everyone keeps making it bigger and bigger. Hey, we're the world champs, it's going to be big."

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