Ravens Outside Linebacker Matthew Judon Does the 'Macarena' Sack Dance


Ravens outside linebacker Matthew Judon continued to put his elite celebration skills on display Sunday in Cleveland, and this time he went old school.

The second-year linebacker broke out the "Macarena" after notching his seventh sack of the season. Judon, 25, was just 1 year old when Los del Rio's hit song/dance swept the nation in 1993.

For those who may have forgotten the "Macarena" (or have never been to a wedding), here’s the original music video. Don't click that link unless you want it stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

Judon got his sack near the end of the second quarter with the assistance of veteran Terrell Suggs. Suggs came around the right edge and made Browns rookie quarterback DeShone Kizer step up and look for an escape. Judon, who rushed inside, looped back and finished the play.

The sack set up the Ravens to get one of their four turnovers on the next snap when inside linebacker C.J. Mosley blew up running back Duke Johnson Jr., who was trying to make a play in a third-and-22 situation and fumbled.

Judon has been one of the Ravens' most entertaining celebrators this year. Two weeks ago, against the Detroit Lions, he pretended to go to sleep after a slack and was woken up by his teammates.

Last week, he gave the Pittsburgh Steelers this: !

There may be no Raven who dances/celebrates more than Judon, although he has many challengers.

"Of course I'm the best dancer on the team," Judon told The Lounge podcast last week. "There will be people down there hating, but all the touchdown celebrations, I'd like to think I came up with them. I'm helping everybody."

So how does Judon keep the presence of mind to execute these celebrations?

"You have to envision that stuff," he said. "I envision making plays, so I envision the dances I'm going to do after making plays."

Judon had another strong game in Cleveland, as he also had a tackle for loss in addition to his sack. He was joined by third-year outside linebacker Za'Darius Smith, who made one of the biggest plays of the game when he sacked and stripped Kizer in the end zone, leading to a Brandon Williams recovery touchdown.

Smith has been waiting a long time to make such a big play. He had just 1.5 sacks over his previous 15 games, though he's come close on numerous occasions. Smith missed the Steelers game last week because of a shoulder injury.

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