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Ravens Reveal New Alternate Helmet

TE Mark Andrews
TE Mark Andrews

The Ravens have added a dazzling new helmet to their closet.

The team will wear an alternate 'Purple Rising' helmet for one game next season, and the new design was revealed on Tuesday. Fans have been waiting for it, and the plans have been years in the making.

Players love the new look.

"It's bad-ass man," Mark Andrews said.

"I know we look sweet, I don't even have to see it on camera," Zay Flowers said.

"This is the one right here," Nate Wiggins said.

On "The Lounge" podcast, Senior Vice President of Marketing Brad Downs detailed the lengthy process that went into making the new helmets become reality. Many designs were considered, and Downs is pleased with the result.

"We pay attention to all of that feedback from the fans, to really try to land on something they're going to love," Downs said. "I've been waiting for this day for a long time. We know our fans have clamored for it. They just like new stuff. But our uniforms have a nice traditional feel and we've had a lot success in them. We don't want to be that team that changes all the time. We like the tradition that we've built.

"We've thought about this for years. I think I had at least 14 options of helmets, and that doesn't even include swapping decals, locals, stripes. We narrowed it down to two, and this is the direction that we went."


626: Story Behind New Ravens Helmet

The Ravens dropped a their new Purple Rising alternate helmet, and Sr. Vice President of Marketing Brad Downs explained the process of coming up with the new look. He shared through the approval process, how the Ravens landed on this option and what could come in the future.

Downs was not ready to reveal which game the Ravens will wear the new helmets. That announcement will be made later.

"We do [know which game], but we're going to save that one. Got to leave the fans wanting a little more. One game is the plan for this year."

The new helmet will be worn with the Ravens' color rush uniforms. The new helmets were designed to match the color rush scheme.

"We're putting this on top of an existing uniform combination that we have," Downs said. "We decided not to roll out a new alternate uniform with the alternate helmet.

"[Head Equipment Manager] Kenico Hines has been instrumental in the process. It's amazing how quick they can change out facemasks and decals. We looked at every finish you can imagine. We wanted to do something different. We looked at black helmets with different finishes. Just the way this purple color popped with that finish and matches the uniform, it's great. When we got the color and the finish out of the box, it was close to a no-brainer."

Here are 22 photos of the Ravens' new 'Purple Rising' helmet.

The new helmet features a forward-facing logo, and much thought was placed into that decision.

"The logo will probably be a popular topic of the helmet," Downs said. "While we don't use this logo a lot, the eyes are very iconic to the gameday experience. Our players run out for intros under the eyes. We felt like it was time to give this logo a little shine, if you will.

"Our fans love the shield. I know that will be one of the popular comments, 'Why not the shield?' But with the existing uniform, we've got the shield right on the sleeve. The shield's already prominently there. This one made a lot of sense to bring to the forefront on the helmet."

The gold face mask and gold talon stripes were added to give the helmet a signature look.

"It wasn't always (going to be) gold," Downs said. "We had a black facemask. We had purple facemask options with black helmets. When we landed on the color rush, it made it a no-brainer to bring that gold facemask."

Downs was pleased when he saw how excited players were when they saw the helmet.

"Seeing the players' reaction was pretty cool," Downs said. "A little bit of validation, because you never know. There's going to be people that wanted a white version, that wanted a different black version, maybe wanted a gold version. It's a bit validating to see their reaction, it's cool."

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