Ravens Rookies Get Scare of a Lifetime at Haunted House

Rookie life in the NFL ain't easy, and it got a lot scarier for Ravens rookie defensive backs Kyle Hamilton and Pepe Williams when they got the assignment to go to a haunted house.

The rookies (hilariously) barely made it through Bennett's Curse in Baltimore. Here's how it all went down:

They went in kind of confident, but it didn't take long for Hamilton to mutter, "Why did I say yes to this?" Williams quickly took the lead.

Fitted with 3D glasses, the rookies crept through with hands up and ready to swing. Hamilton took a different strategy for a bit by closing his eyes. It was unsuccessful.

Hamilton got a little overconfident at one point when he saw ahead of time where a monster was going to pop out and was thus ready for it.

"I saw that coming. We watch film!" Hamilton said. "Film study, man. That really work."

Just then, another horrible creature popped out and got them good.

"That wasn't on the cut up. That wasn't on the film," Hamilton muttered.

At one point, Hamilton nearly tapped out.

"I don't know if he's going to make it, man. He's trying to fight through, man, but there's too many of them," Williams said.

The best part may have been when they finally escaped.

"It was just too dark in there, man," Williams said.

"I forgot what outside looked like," Hamilton replied. "It was good, but it was bad."

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