Ravens Saturday Quotes: Week 1 vs. Cincinnati



Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening statement: "Good to see you guys here. We appreciate you being here. [It's a] great day for football. Just want to mention a couple of things: First of all, the fact that Monday night is going to be upon us here, like we told our guys, 'There is going to be a lot of football played between now and Monday night,' and we aren't going to be in any of those games. So, our peak doesn't need to be reached until Monday night. Speaking of that, it's an earlier game; it's a 7 o'clock game. We haven't had a night game that early in a while, along with it being Monday night traffic and all that. We are going to have a tribute to Art Modell before the game. We are going to have a tribute to Michael Phelps before the game, and everybody's going to want to be in their seats early for that. We'd love to see them in their seats early and get this thing rolling the right way. And then the other thing is today down at the stadium, the tribute to Art Modell that is taking place down there, and the opportunity for the fans to show their respect … I'm told there are thousands of fans down there, thousands of fans down there. The line is still long. That is just so tremendous, such a great tribute to Art. To the Baltimore fans, thank you very much. We all appreciate that."

John, are you guys quarantine Asa Jackson yet? (Aaron Wilson) "Asa Jackson is in quarantine, I think. (laughing) He is sick, gastro intestinal issues. We've all had those, so that should paint a vivid picture for everybody." (laughter)

You sort of mentioned being one of the last games of the weekend, controlling the emotions of having to watch opening weekend kickoff, and then get the second to last game … (Jerry Coleman) "Right. We've been in that situation before, two years ago. It was against the Jets up there. It's good to have the game at our place. But, that is tough. You are the last game, almost. We are the second to last game this year that gets played. We just have to be concerned with our game, and not be too concerned with anybody else's game."

We've seen Sean Considine out of the red, non-contact jersey the last couple of days. Has he been cleared with his baseline test? (Luke Jones) "Correct. Sean has been cleared, so he's ready to go."

**Quick thought on the emotional week of preparing for a game and losing an icon in the National Football League: There's going to be a moment of silence around the league, including your stadium. *(Jerry Coleman) *"You are right. That's a tremendous thing that the whole league is going to be honoring Art Modell. That speaks to his impact that he had on the National Football League. It's something that we all in Baltimore should be proud of, and I would also say everybody in Cleveland should be proud of that, as well. I think most people, most Browns fans, speaking as a former Browns fan, probably will hear something about this, but that's OK. For Art Modell, it's quite alright. I think everybody feels that way, I hope."

And, the way your team has handled it because of the, you know, preparing for the game and obviously dealing with … (Jerry Coleman) "It's a good thing. These are the type of emotions that drive us in life. This is real. Our guys … They loved Art Modell, the one's that knew him. And, the younger guys are getting an understanding of what he was about, and emotions drive us in a lot of ways. It's been a good week that way. It's been a tough week, but it's been a good week."

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