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Ravens Sunday Transcripts

Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening statement:"Thank you all for coming out. [We had] a very good practice – a very tough practice – against a very good football team. I liked the way both teams competed. I appreciate the way both teams took care of one another. We got better today, and I believe [the 49ers] did as well. We're happy [with] where we're at after these two days of practice. We'll evaluate now and decide what we want to do tomorrow, as far as practice [goes]. We will practice tomorrow, and we'll be ready to go again. Asa Jackson had a minor ankle thing. He'll be out for some number of days. We'll see, but it's not a major deal. Kapron Lewis-Moore had a more major injury. Early indications are that it's an Achilles [injury], so he'll probably be out. We'll see, but that's what I've been told so far. That was really disappointing for a guy that had the ACL [injury] last year. It's going to be tough for him. We'll rally around him, and he'll be back stronger than ever next year."

Coach, can you talk about the first game and practice with the 49ers and how the players are getting acclimated with one another? (Samuel Njoku)"We both practiced well yesterday, as well, and yes, [the players are] probably a little more comfortable with one another today, as you pointed out, in terms of knowing what to expect. [There was] a little more apprehension not knowing what to expect the first day. Both groups did a good job yesterday; both groups did a good job today. Plays were made on both sides, and [it was] just good football."

John, we noticed TE Dennis Pitta not in pads today. Is there a reason for that or was it his day off? (Bill West)"He had a little tweak, and I just decided to hold him back with the trainers."

With DE Kapron Lewis-Moore now, in addition to DE Brent Urban, does that create a little situation at defensive end? Would DE DeAngelo Tyson or OLB Pernell McPhee be in the mix? (Jamison Hensley)"Yes. The next guy will be up, and we'll find a way to do it. There are always going to be injuries. You adapt, you adjust and you fill out your positions."

There's a lot being made of illegal contact, defensive holding and that sort of stuff. Do you guys have to adjust to that in a way that you teach certain things? I know the Browns are having their guys wear boxing gloves. How do you guys kind of adjust to that? (Jeff Zrebiec)"We teach the way the rules are interpreted. The rules are the rules. [The league] gives us very good clarification on what they intend to call. Every group of officials or every individual official is going to be a little bit different. It's going to be subtle, so you have to try and figure that out once the game begins. But we understand … It's been made clear to us through [NFL vice president of officiating] Dean Blandino and what they do. The [officials] out here that have been with us, they're trying to figure it out, too, [what] exactly [it is] they're going to call. We teach our guys to play good technique. When you play good technique within the rules, then you're going to be fine. That's what we always try to do, and we'll try to continue to do that."

With RB Lorenzo Taliaferro, I think everybody thought because he's a physical back, we'd know more about him once the games started. Did you see that out of him, especially out of that first game? (Jamison Hensley)"Yes. That's exactly what you want to see out of a big, physical back. We want to see him in tackling-type action. He played well. I was really happy for him and with what he did in the game, but we'll continue to build on that and see what he does next game."

John, it hasn't been the cleanest path for ILB Josh Bynes. What does it mean for him to come back and to be able to rely on him? (Jon Meoli)"Josh [Bynes] has just become really durable – a really rugged guy. He had the back [injury] two years ago – a major back injury – and came back even that season, played well and just continues to improve. Josh Bynes is a quality linebacker in the National Football League. I consider him a starter – a quality starter in the National Football League. We're really happy to have him."

John, were there any 49ers that jumped out at you these past two days? (Cam Inman)"The outside [linebacker], No. 99 [Aldon Smith] – he's pretty good. (laughter) They have a lot of good players. I love the way they play; I love the way they practice. [49ers defensive coordinator] Vic Fangio does a great job – all their coaches do. It's a good defense."

OLB Terrell Suggs

On how tough it is to see DE Kapron Lewis-Moore go down with an injury: "It's very unfortunate and it's very disappointing, because the kid has been having a phenomenal camp. And he has just come off his knee injury ­­– his ACL – and to see him work all the way back … And to get injured in camp is very unfortunate. It's a horrible feeling. I feel terrible for him. But I'm going to wish him a speedy recovery, and we're going to get back at it."

On whether the defensive line is concerned about its depth: "We have tremendous depth around here. But to lose those two guys, [Kapron Lewis-Moore and Brent Urban], with all that potential … And they were doing so well in camp. And they definitely showed that they [would have] been able to help this team win, and to lose them in camp is unfortunate. We all know injuries are a part of the game. It sucks that it happened. Like I said, we wish both of those guys a speedy recovery, and when we'll be fortunate enough to get them back … We'll get them back, but until then, we just have to continue to work."

On whether he is enjoying the joint practices with the San Francisco 49ers: "I like it. I like it because you get to compete against another phenomenal team. This is a team that has been in a championship game in the last [three] years. It's definitely a benefit for us to go and compete against a team that has so many phenomenal talents and some familiar faces. But it's really good, and I think both teams are getting a lot out of camp."

On how beneficial it is to practice against QB Colin Kaepernick:"It's very beneficial for the simple fact that not too many quarterbacks move like him anymore. He poses a dual-threat [ability]. He can throw the ball and he can run the ball, so we're doing a good job of staying away from him. But he gives us flashes of him taking off a little bit. It's good, because like I said, not too many quarterbacks can do that, and it's good for us to prepare and practice against a phenomenal quarterback like Colin."

On how Jim and John Harbaugh run practices: "I like their precision. They're both perfectionists. I'll call [Jim Harbaugh] 'Coach,' too. They're both coaches out here. He has earned that respect. It's just good. They look so much alike. One is just bigger than the other. It's just good. [I] get to joke around and have fun with him. It's good having him out there."

On S Darian Stewart: "It's preseason, man. It's preseason. He looks good. We like live action. He's having a good camp. We'll see when we get live."

On where he thinks the defense is at this point in camp: "We're going to continue to work. We're not going to assess that. I think we still have a lot of work to do. We're still going to work and get better. We're not satisfied with where we're at. We're trying to build something, so we can continue to be a contender in this league and make a run for it. We're just going to continue to work. We're not going to assess how good we are or aren't right now. We're going to show up every day ready to work."

On whether he thinks RB Ray Rice can be a leader for the team:"Yes, yes I do. He showed back up [to training camp] in phenomenal shape, and that's always good for us. We like what we've seen out of Ray, and we liked it so much on defense that we [are] staying off him. We don't want to bruise him too much in camp. But definitely, he still can put this team on his back – him and No. 5 [Joe Flacco], and No. 88 [Dennis Pitta], and No. 89 [Steve Smith, Sr.], and No. 82 [Torrey Smith]. We have some guys over there."

On how different a joint practice is compared to a preseason game: "I like it. I think it actually speeds up the process. You get four games to get ready for the opener, and a lot of those games you don't play that much, probably but one game. But I think it's good. I think it's really good. And, like I said before, to go up against a team of the caliber of the 49ers with their success and the guys they've got, it kind of speeds up our process to get ready for our opener. This has been a very beneficial camp for both teams. We both get to see how to compete against each other and learn that way."

On matching up with the 49ers' offensive linemen: "You're not going to find too much of a better tackle than [Joe] Staley. He's definitely one of the premier tackles. He's one of the best tackles in the league, and I'm not just saying that. He is one of the best tackles in the league, and it's phenomenal to get to work against the guy every day. And not just that, the things they do offensively … They do so many things on offense. You really have to be disciplined and [stick to] your fundamentals. You have to be technically sound. It has been a very beneficial camp for me that way."

On whether he has talked to T Joe Staley about technique: "We haven't really [talked]. It has been our defense versus their offense and our offense versus their defense, so I haven't really had talks with Joe during these few days. But I've been talking with them and they ask, 'What's this?' 'What's that?' We have all been helping each other. They are an NFC team and we're an AFC team. You would have never thought the two teams would have gotten along so well. I guarantee you if we have to face them in Arizona in February, there isn't going to be that much brotherly [love]."

On whether the Ravens want to compete hard against the 49ers: "Yes, you do. You always want to compete. Like I said, this is a very good football team we're practicing against, as you can clearly see. Any play can explode for them. You're definitely more tuned in [compared] to when you're playing against your own offense. You look at the guys they've got … I don't think there is another receiving corps like this in the NFL. From [Michael] Crabtree, [Anquan] Boldin, Stevie Johnson, Brandon Llyod … And then you have No. 85 [Vernon Davis]. And you have Frank Gore in the backfield and Colin Kaepernick. It's not going to look like that every Sunday. You see what I'm saying? So, we definitely are going to take as much from this as we can."

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