Ravens Thursday Transcripts: Week 5 vs. Indianapolis


Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening statement: "OK, it's great to see everybody here. We have another nice day for football. We're excited to practice. We're getting excited for the game, for the fans to be back at home. A Monday Night Football game at home is very exciting for us to have. We're really looking forward to that, too, and I know our fans are excited about it also. So, what questions do you have?"

I know you're focused on the Colts, but DT Haloti Ngata is going to be inducted into the Ring of Honor. What kind of comes to your mind when you think of DT Haloti Ngata? (Jamison Hensley) "Just a dominant player, that probably looms big in your mind as a coach – and a great family man. Those two things … I can remember his kids when they were just little. They're not so little anymore, as you would expect. (laughter) But they were running around out here in the sprinklers, throwing the ball around and stuff. He's just a great Raven."

Do you remember your first impression of DT Haloti Ngata when you walked into the building, just when you see that physical package? (Childs Walker) "Yes, you do. I had seen him on the field before that too, so I knew just what a dominant player he was. His personality, I thought, was interesting. [He's] just a softspoken, very classy person [and] a very humble guy."

OLB Odafe Oweh said yesterday that you don't really notice OLB Justin Houston until you watch the tape and how he wins his battles. Are you sort of seeing that too? (Todd Karpovich) "That's a really good point. He does win a lot. I saw that quote; it was a really good quote. I thought to myself, 'Boy, that's really accurate. It's really true.' He had a play where they tried to … They [Denver] ran a play right at him and tried to kick him out, the guard kick out. He stepped in there, stopped the guard and kind of knocked him back and came off and made the tackle, right in the hole. Those are plays that not too many people notice, but those are great football plays. So, it's a good point."

You mentioned with the streak, it's a very long one. It's gone over a long period of time. When did you even become first aware of the 100-yard game streak? (Jamison Hensley) "I don't remember, probably this year. Sometime earlier this year, I think."

With the personnel that you have, have you found that the coaching staff has had to re-tool and re-shape some of the offense? In other words, [how have you needed] to accommodate with the injuries that you've gone through and had to deal with different personnel than what you thought you may have had three months ago? (Jerry Coleman) "Definitely. I don't think it's anything drastic, but they're definitely … Our offensive coaches have done a great job, especially on that side of the ball, but on defense, too, of just trying to tailor what we do toward our guys. It's something we spend a lot of time on. We try to always put our guys in position to be successful as much as we can. That's really what … We're still doing that with different guys. All of these guys are good players; it's just a matter of what do they do best with each other – that's what we try to get to."

Not to compare the two teams and how they run their offense, but it seems like the Colts love to use their running backs and tight ends, too, in different ways. Is that … When you're defending them, much like last week with the Broncos who like to use those kinds of guys, is that kind of a challenge this week against the Colts with their running backs and tight ends? (Jeff Zrebiec) "It's a big part of it – there's no doubt about it. They use their [running] backs every kind of way you can use them. They're involved … They're even primary receivers in the passing game, a lot of the times. They're a big screen team. They use them in high-to-low checkdown-type situations in the flats, or over the middle of the field. They try to match them up in man coverage. They do the same thing with their tight ends. Yes, [it's] a really well put together offense."

How much more challenging does this passing game become when QB Lamar Jackson has consistently expanded on not just over the middle stuff, but we've seen him throw more outs on time and everything like that this season? (Jonas Shaffer) "Sure, that's a big part of it. It's been good. People have defended us a certain way. I think we've responded well to some of the things they've done, but it will be different next week and the week after. It's always going to be different. You always have to be ready for all the different things you can get, because in any one game, there can be something that can really give you a problem. I really think [offensive coordinator] Greg [Roman] and those guys do a great job with that. We try to stay on top of that and try to anticipate what we're going to get."

You talked about that being week to week. The fact of the matter is that you guys seem more capable to handle whatever it is they throw at you, because the deep passing game is so evolved, and the run game is so threatening. All the things you have to offer seems to have grown so much. How much more comfortable are you in thinking, "Fine, bring whatever you want to do, we have an answer for it"? (Pete Gilbert) "We're just trying to do the best we can for Monday night. It's always about the next game. There are challenges presented, and that's really how you think of it."

Last year, when you faced the Colts, it was with QB Philip Rivers. This time, it's QB Carson Wentz. What kind of a threat is QB Carson Wentz combined with this new offense? (David Andrade) "Carson Wentz is different from Philip Rivers, for sure. He can throw it. He makes a lot of throws, especially over the middle, high-to-low-type throws. He gets the ball out to his [running] backs really well. He's very much on time. He does a good job with protection and changes the protection. He makes certain checks at the line. Then you have to be concerned with him running the ball. He has a history of taking off and running and getting yards in scrambles, scrambling and throwing, and then also the quarterback driven stuff he's done in the past. So, these are all things that we have to be aware of."

You've talked in the past about kind of the difference between a guy who gets a chance to start an NFL game and a guy who really establishes himself as an NFL starter. Are we seeing that evolution with CB Anthony Averett right now? (Childs Walker) "Oh, absolutely. Yes, most definitely. … I will say he's establishing himself, how about that? We'll just keep it in process, but he's doing a great job."

Over the last two weeks, it seems like QB Lamar Jackson has had probably two of his best passing games. Do you think this is just a natural evolution? Do you think this is how the offense is maybe changing? Or is that too small of a sample size? (Jamison Hensley) "I just think we're just trying to win the next game. The big picture stuff, like I said, all of that stuff, I really haven't sat back and thought about the evolution of it. We're just trying to do the best we can the next week."

We talked to WR Devin Duvernay yesterday, and he had mentioned that he had never done punt returns before he came here. You've had some great ones here with S Ed Reed, WR Jacoby Jones and even WR/RS Devin Hester. What did you guys see in WR Devin Duvernay to know that he would do well [at punt returner]? (Kevin Richardson) "Right … We had some good ones in 'Philly' [Philadelphia] back in the day, too – Brian Westbrook, Brian Mitchell, your guy (points to reporter), and Reno Mahe. There's a name for you. [He] led the league, OK? Reno Mahe. … I have to give [special teams coordinator] Chris Horton all the credit on that. Devin [Duvernay], he came out and practiced it. … Well, Devin deserves the credit, but for acknowledging it and seeing it, it was Chris, and [special teams coach] Randy [Brown] and [tight ends coach] Bobby Engram for working with him. He looked like a natural catcher. They worked with him all season. We got into some roster situations where we kind of needed the roster spot, and the question became, are we going to be able to put James [Proche II] down, last year in where we were at, to pick up the roster spot and then use Devin as a punt returner? Chris was adamant, [he said,] 'He can do it.' I'm like, 'Hey, we have to catch the ball. That's the main thing. Can he do that?' Chris said, 'He can do it.' And he turned out to be right. So, thumbs up on being right." (laughter)

What is the likelihood we see WR Rashod Bateman on Monday night? What does he have to show you over the next few days to get into the lineup on Monday? (Shawn Stepner) "He has to show that he's ready and that he's ready to play in a game. It's a game, and he hasn't been out there for a while. So, we'll have to see that."

Did you know any of the fans in Denver that you were celebrating with? The one in particular who hoisted you into the stands? (Pete Gilbert) "Yes, we talked about that Monday a little bit. He played center for us at Western Michigan. So, we've kept in touch a little bit. (laughter) To be honest with you, I didn't recognize him; he looked like a crazy man up there. I was a little afraid for a second. … Man, we got high up on that wall." (Reporter: "You were like Spiderman up there.") "Yes, but then you have to come back down. See, that's the challenge." (laughter)

WR James Proche II and WR Devin Duvernay, they've been getting more involved as the season has gone on, but you are about to get WR Rashod Bateman and WR Miles Boykin back. How do you balance making sure that those guys don't get lost in the shuffle? (Cordell Woodland) "That's a great question, and I don't think there's any really easy answer for that. We're just going to have to let it play out. The goal is to do everything we can do to be as productive as we can with the group. Those guys all root for each other, they cheer for one another, they want the best for each other, [and] they all want to do well. So, we just have to let it shake out week to week and see where we go with it. We don't know right now."

T Alejandro Villanueva, is his status OK? Has anything changed with his status? Because, obviously, with the tackle situation and T Ronnie Stanley not starting… (Jeff Zrebiec) "We'll just have to see how that goes. It's not serious by any stretch, we just have to see. … Sometimes, during the season, you just have to see how guys are feeling week to week, and it really becomes that. Nobody is 100% at this point, not even Lamar Jackson."

QB Lamar Jackson

On his children's book, I Dream, You Dream, Let Us Dream!: "It pretty much is talking about dreaming. Me wanting to be an NFL player, I've dreamed about that since I was a little kid, and my dreams came to reality. I know there are probably teachers that wanted to be teachers [and] stuff like that. They dreamed about it, and they ended up being teachers or professors. That's pretty much what the book is about – just dreaming for the little kids."

On what percent he's feeling after head coach John Harbaugh said no one is 100%: "Probably 101[%]. (laughter) Yes, sir."

On if he would consider wearing more pads if he's going to be more susceptible to hits in the pocket: "No, not really. I feel like if I put on extra padding and stuff like that, I'll be looking like a transformer or something. (laughter) I don't want to be slowed down. But I just feel like we should be protected – all quarterbacks in the league, not just myself. Everyone should be included in that. Especially while we're in the pocket, our leg area and stuff like that. That's it, man. But football is football. Guys get aggressive sometimes and stuff happens. They probably don't mean it, but I would like the ref to throw the flag, though, if they catch it."

On his takeaway from facing the Colts a year ago: "They're a tough defense. [They're] fast [and] aggressive. The guys run to the ball; all 11 at the ball every play. You have to be on your 'Ps' and 'Qs.' You have to be completing passes and keeping the ball moving, because that's a bend but don't break defense."

On if he expects the same energy from fans at home on Monday Night Football: "Oh, no doubt about it. 'Flock Nation,' we're in the building. You guys had a whole year off. This is going to be our second home game, so let's get it popping. Let's go. Turn up. (laughter) I know they're going to be ready. I know the fans are going to be ready. They are ready in the stores if we see them. So, I know the stadium is going to be crazy."

On the national media not talking about his downfield passing ability: "That's why we have you guys. You guys are going to talk about it for us – the Baltimore media. We're not worried about the outside media. It's all good. We just have to keep winning, keep playing ball [and] doing what we're doing. We're not worried about the outside."

On if the team still is seeing different looks from defenses like they did last year: "Yes, it's still happening. Nothing has changed. … Sometimes, defenses hit us with something we didn't see on film. It's us. They have to do their job at stopping us, and our job is to go out there and make things happen on offense. It is what it is."

On how gratifying it is to beat teams with his arm when the other team stops the run: "It's football. That's my job – I'm the QB. It's whatever. Whatever it takes to win, that's what we're doing. Coach calls it out, we're going to do it. We're going to handle it that way, and that's what it was this past Sunday. They wanted to stop the run, [so] we had to throw the ball. I hope teams do it a lot. Just let us throw the ball around [and] let our playmakers make plays."

On why his passing outside the numbers has improved from last year: "[I've been] working hard [and] a lot of consistency. 'Urb' [quarterbacks coach James Urban] is on me. We worked with [Tom House Sports'] Adam [Dedeaux] this offseason, and we're doing it in practice."

On if the playoff loss in Buffalo was a lesson for him with where he needed to put the ball: "I'm not going to lie to you; I'm not even worried about that game. That game is way out of my head. I'm worried about this season. I'm locked in on this season. We've been doing good this season, and that's what we're going to keep going. We're not worried about the playoffs until we get there."

On how the team has adjusted to injuries: "We have NFL players here. Each and every one of those guys are NFL players. 'EDC' [executive vice president and general manager Eric DeCosta], they do a great job. When one guy goes does, they have someone coming in. They did a great job with that. Our guys are dialed in, and these guys want to win, just like the starters do. They get in there and do a great job. [If] we just keep it going, we'll be fine."

On what it would mean if the team was able to break the record for most consecutive games with 100 rushing yards: "For sure. It would mean a lot, because we've been doing it ever since I've been here. Getting the win, like I said before, and breaking the record, that would be pretty dope. Especially because it's a rival record. So, it would be dope if we do that, for sure."

On when he first became aware of the streak: "After you guys told me in the media, I was aware of it. (laughter) I'm not looking up the records and saying, 'Dang, what record should we break this week?' Or stuff like that, it just happened to happen. We've been working hard. We're trying to get yards on the field [and] trying to score touchdowns, and we end up breaking records doing that. So, we just have to keep that mindset going and try to score."

On how proud he is of WR Devin Duvernay and WR James Proche II: "I'm very proud. I was proud of them last year. Last year, we played the Chiefs at home with no fans in the crowd, [and] 'Duv' [Devin Duvernay] ran a kick return back. I was proud of him then. James [Proche II] had been getting in on special teams stuff like that and doing what he can do. Now, he's worked his way up this year. He's been doing a tremendous job. Even in practice, those guys are working so hard. James is always the first one out there doing his own thing. I tell him, 'I don't know how you do that.' (laughter) We have practice on top of practice, and before practice, we have pre-practice. So, it's like, 'You're practicing before all of that?' It's dope. It's great to see him making plays out here on the field. We just have to keep it going."

On if he feels the game is slowing down when he's in the pocket: "Our [offensive] line is doing a great job with giving me time. So, it's my job to complete those passes and see guys come open, throw the ball to them, and let them make plays. As long as we keep that going, we'll be fine. I feel it's been doing pretty well this year so far."

On if he is practicing today, and if his back injury impacted the gameplan against the Broncos: "Question [No.] 1 – I'm practicing today. I would have practiced last week if my back wasn't hurting. The next day, our training staff wanted me to sit out for my back to not have any problems with me moving or anything like that. So, that's why I sat out that day. [Question No. 2] – I don't think it impacted it at all. Me sitting out, it helped my back heal up faster. The soreness went away, and I was able to perform."

On if the officials say anything when he makes a gesture about a missed call on a late hit: (laughter) "No. They just look … (moves to the side) [They] probably look down the field or something like that. They won't look at me; they try not to, I guess. But it is what it is. Hopefully, they see me talking about it and then they'll make the calls and stuff like that. But they'll do their job, they'll do it."

On if he's the type of guy to bring up missed calls to the refs: "No, I leave that to the coaches. But if I keep getting hit late, then I'll say something to them. Like, 'You have to make those calls.' If I feel it's unfair, yes. But I let them do their job, like I said."

CB Marlon Humphrey

On his podcast, Guru Punch, with T Ronnie Stanley: (laughter) "It's going good. It's interesting to do it, but it's going good. I'm learning that sometimes it's hard to talk for 40 minutes. [For] as much talking as I do, sometimes it's a little hard to talk. So, it's going really good. You guys should tune in."

On when he came out of his shell after being a shy rookie: "I actually spoke about this on my podcast; I said, 'I'm a shy guy.' But I think you hit it on the head. It came with being more comfortable. When I first came in as a rookie, the biggest thing I tried to do was just learn from the guys that were around me; never really step on the vets' toes. I just kind of did what I was told. Getting the wings for the guys for the plane – different things here and there. And then, once I started figuring out the ways and how it was here … The biggest thing I kind of got encouraged by was this building, this team, this organization kind of promoted just to be yourself. And so, that was a really special thing to me – when the organization kind of just says, 'How you are, just be yourself. Come out to work like we know you can.' So, it made me really comfortable."

On if this upcoming game against the Colts means something extra to him because he missed the game in Indianapolis last season: "I actually didn't think about it. But it was weird, definitely, watching my brothers play last year without me playing, due to COVID[-19]. But no, nothing too crazy. [I'm] just excited to be able to play this time."

On if he believes CB Anthony Averett having to wait his turn to get on the field at Alabama has helped him during his journey as a Raven: "I'm not sure. I think it was a very similar situation – the way things [had gone] at 'Bama. [He] kind of waited his turn to play, like most guys do at 'Bama, and [it was] kind of a similar situation here. But I do know 'Ant' [Anthony Averett] has always been a great player whenever I've been out there with him. Any time I look over, I've always trusted [that] he was going to do his job, and he was expecting me to do mine, as well. It's cool to play with a guy you played with in college – to redo it again at the next level. It kind of seems like that happens a lot with the 'Bama guys, which is a good thing. I'm doing my recruiting pitch here to the recruits out there. (laughter) But Anthony has been playing great. He's been playing really good football. I think it's a surprise to the fan, but it's to no surprise of the coaches and the players here, because we've seen him do it time in and time out in practice."

On how challenging the changes in personnel and all the moving parts have been: "It kind of seems hard when you look at it from the grand scheme of things, but [with] the way we've [gone], it seems like we prepared for this a lot during training camp. I think the coaches did a good job of [at] different times just saying, 'Hey, Marcus [Peters], you come out, and we'll put Anthony [Averett] in. Marlon [Humphrey], you come out. Marlon, you bump into nickel.' [There were] splashes during training camp, and I'd be like, 'I wonder why we're doing this?' I didn't really ask many questions. And it was crazy that a lot of the coaches, really, were kind of two steps ahead, based off the way we did training camp and strategically giving different guys rest days and vet days in training camp. And it was crazy [with] those things, how it all worked out. You never want injuries or different things, but it worked out very well that people were already comfortable moving around in these positions."

On Colts QB Carson Wentz: "Carson Wentz – he does not give up on any play, no matter what the score is. He doesn't care about if he's about to get hit. I know we apply a lot of pressure, but he doesn't care if he's about to get hit; he's going to stay in there. He's a guy that, I think you said it best, in that Eagles game, it seemed like that game was all but wrapped up, and then the next thing you know, I'm like, 'Man, we've gotten ourselves into a dog fight.' So, he's a guy you've got to play all four quarters with, and like you said, he will throw the ball. He doesn't care if he throws three interceptions, he doesn't care if he gets sacked five times, he's going to keep competing the entire game."

On how tough it would be to defend against QB Lamar Jackson, especially with how he's been throwing the ball: "When I watch Lamar [Jackson], I sit there thinking, 'I don't ever want to play this guy.' He could always throw and different things, but sometimes, you're going to have those games when teams are like, 'We are not going to allow you to run the football,' and I think the Broncos surprisingly did a pretty good job of stopping the run. I know we're probably not trying to bring it up, but I was watching the number to see what we were going to do with the 100-yard [rushing] barrier, and the entire time, I'm like, 'Man, we've got to get some more running yards.' I'm like, 'The Broncos D-Line and stuff must be really good.' So, it was interesting to see that number not go to 100 until the end, but it was really cool to see all those passing yards [with] Lamar. I just remember being on the sideline, and it seemed like, at one point, the whole team was just like, 'Man, we're doing some stuff in the air.' It's rare to see us, being so successful running the football, to throw it so much. But it seemed to work really well, and it just now shows that we don't always have to run the football. I think it's a really good message to other teams."

On how he was keeping track of the Ravens' rushing yards during the game: "The Broncos actually – not all stadiums do it – they had it on the board. And so, I think I told some of the guys, and then they were like, 'Man, I don't know if we're going to get it. I don't know.' And then I'm like, 'Man, we've got to get it.' I know it was controversial and whatever, but I was super excited that we went for it. I actually thought we didn't get it. After we got the interception, I thought the game was over, and then, I was like, 'Man, we didn't get it,' and they were like, 'No, we got it.' (laughter) It was really cool. I think it's just such a big testament to … Kind of like 'Harbs' [head coach John Harbaugh] said, there's been so many different O-lines, this guy goes down, that guy goes down, and it just hasn't fell off. It's crazy to do that. Our O-line, and 'Joe D' [offensive line coach Joe D'Alessandris], 'G Ro' [offensive coordinator Greg Roman] – it's just a big testament to that."

On how he will keep track this week, as the Ravens have a chance to break the record for consecutive games with 100 rushing yards: "I'm not sure. Maybe I should be more focused on the game. (laughter) But I told Ronnie [Stanley], I said, 'Man I wish coach would have put me out at wide receiver just to go out there and block, just so I could put my name with that list.' I don't want the football or anything – I don't want to get hit. (laughter) It's cool to be on this team, and be kind of a part … I didn't really help, but I was kind of a part of it."

On if he was able to hear the whistle by Omar from The Wire prior to running out of the tunnel in the game against the Chiefs: "I was not able to hear it. But I hate to say it: I was not a fan of The Wire, so I did not keep watching. I know that's probably going to upset some people, but I couldn't get into it. It was two episodes, and I was like, 'This just isn't it.' (laughter) Maybe I'll re-visit [it]. Hopefully, I don't get too much heat for that. But it's the truth, it's the truth."

On how much tackling has been a focus for this defense, especially after the Detroit game: "Yes, after that [Lions] game … It was a crazy win, but I just felt … I missed, I think, two tackles, and I saw a lot of guys miss some tackles, and so, that was the first thing I said to 'Harbs' [head coach John Harbaugh]. I was excited we won, but also felt like we can just get better [at] fundamentals. I think going forward, we've just got to continue to … Not one guy has to make a single tackle. You don't get to the NFL if you don't know how to tackle. So, the encouraging thing with that is you just have to put more focus on it. You have to put more focus on it. Our coaches have come up with some different drills for us to help with that. But a defense can only go so far if you [don't] do the fundamentals. So, that's a big focus on this defense – of just doing the fundamentals right – getting off blocks, shedding blocks correctly, making tackles, using your angles, using the guys – who's outside, who's inside – and coming together, and making that small, small focus. I think it will pay dividends."

On if Broncos RB Javonte Williams' 31-yard run was a turning point for the defense: "Yes, it was. We missed a couple [tackles] on that, and then I took a little ride for a couple yards – 20 yards or so. (laughter) But after that, there were not many missed tackles after that. But that was …" (Reporter: "Did you all meet about that on the sideline?") "We had to just lock in. I think that's the biggest thing. We can tackle; we just have to lock in on it and do it. It's just a focus thing. So, it's a really simple fix, but simple fixes, you've still got to do it."

On RB Jonathan Taylor and the Colts' running backs: "Yes, they've got some great running backs that can really tote the rock, and they really want to be a running team. So, it will be another emphasis this week – to really wrap up, tackle [with] the first guy. You can't have guys running through the defense, so it will be a big emphasis today in practice. We're in pads, and so this is the best time to get better at it. You want to be able to do it in practice, so when you get in the games, it's really no emphasis, and you're just out there playing, and you just know you can do it. You trust the guy next to you that his pursuit will be there and shoot your shot."

On saying on his podcast that he eats tomatoes despite not liking tomatoes, and what other foods he eats that he doesn't like: "I'm a big food guy – big tryer. One day … This is why, this is why: One day I was … I think I got some coleslaw, and I was like, 'Oh, man, I don't like coleslaw.' And then I thought to myself, 'I've never even tried coleslaw; I just automatically didn't like coleslaw.' So, from then on, I said I'm just going to continue to try foods, even though I don't even like them. I'll even order foods that I don't even like, if the waiter says that's what I should get. So, that led me to eating tomatoes. And I ate a tomato today with lunch, and Ronnie [Stanley] told me, 'You really do like tomatoes.' I said, 'No, I don't.' He said, 'You're a fake not-liking-tomato guy.' (laughter) So, kids, eat your vegetables."

OLB Justin Houston

On facing his former team, the Colts, on Sunday: "I think it's going to be cool. I'm going to treat it like any other game. [There's] nothing special about this game, besides that we need to win, and it's an AFC game."

On OLB Odafe Oweh's growth and what he'll work with him on: "Just staying consistent. I think some guys in this league – you see that happen a lot of times – they start making plays and they lose their consistency with their work ethic. So, I always just tell him to stay humble and continue to work, because the sky is the limit for that kid."

On the Colts: "They're banged up right now, so that's definitely a different offensive line. But they've got a good team; they've got great players; they've got playmakers across the board. They want to run the ball, and they've got great running backs, so we're going to have a tough task in stopping the run this week."

On if he thinks back to his days with the Colts and will bring any knowledge with him into Monday night: "I am, and I also used to go against [Colts head coach] Frank [Reich] a lot when I was in Kansas City and he was in San Diego. So, we've definitely had some times going against each other."

On if he felt the defense played up to the level he envisioned last week in Denver: "I definitely felt like we made an improvement, but it's not where we want to be. We know that as a whole, as a defense, we set high goals for ourselves, and we've made great improvements, but it's nowhere near where we want to be."

On the key to generating the pass rush against Denver: "Just staying consistent and just putting ourselves in pass-rushing situations [by] stopping the run on first and second down. So, we had a lot more third-and-long situations."

On notching his first sack as a Raven last week: "Oh, it felt good, man. Hopefully, that's the start of a whole lot of things coming. I just need them to keep coming in."

On how special it would be to get 1.5 sacks against his former team and reach the 100-sack mark for his career: "It will be special any time you get that mark, so it doesn't matter when I get it, as long as I get it. I'll be happy either way."

On if he has a celebration in mind for when he reaches his 100*th*-career sack: "Not at all, not at all. I do think, whatever quarterback I get it on, I'm going to ask the quarterback, 'Can I keep that jersey?'" (laughter) (Reporter: "The jersey? Not the ball?") "No, they can have the ball; I want the jersey." (laughter)

On if he has the jerseys of any other quarterbacks he's sacked: "Yes, I've got a couple jerseys. I'm trying to collect from the ones I think are Hall of Famers in my mind, so I've got a few."

On if there was a time when he thought he was going back to Indianapolis for another year: "No. In my mind, no."

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