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Ravens to Debut 'Man Of The Crowd' Podcast


Premiering Monday, July 24, 2017, "Man of the Crowd" is a multi-episode podcast that pulls back the curtain giving fans a rare and intimate look at key Ravens personalities.

This season, creator and host Sarah Ellison takes an in-depth look at the Harbaugh family and their fascinating and often controversial ultra-competitive "fighter" approach to life. With over 25 interviews with family members, friends, co-workers and reporters conducted over the course of a year and woven into a story told over nine episodes, fans get a glimpse at what makes this family tick.

"Man of the Crowd" can be downloaded and heard on most audio streaming services (iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, Google Play, TuneIn) and on all of the Ravens' digital channels.

We're launching a new podcast, "Man Of The Crowd," which will give you an in-depth look at the Harbaugh family. : — Baltimore Ravens (@Ravens) July 20, 2017

This season on "Man of the Crowd":

Episode 1:World's Most Competitive Brothers Make NFL History
John and Jim Harbaugh make NFL history by becoming the first – and only – brothers to face off as head coaches in the Super Bowl.  But the competition didn't start there. 

Key Interviews: John, Jack and Jackie Harbaugh

Episode 2: Inside the Mind of a Harbaugh
What makes a Harbaugh tick? It is the relentless and enthusiastic fight for a higher purpose.

Key Interviews: John Harbaugh, Joanie Harbaugh

Episode 3: The Fear of Being Wrong
Hear from Owner Steve Bisciotti as he recalls the excruciating decision to fire Brian Billick and search for the team's next head coach.

Key Interview: Steve Bisciotti

Episode 4:John's Battle in Baltimore
After the high of being selected as the team's new head coach, John embarks on a battle for the team and the buy-in of his players.

Key Interviews: Ozzie Newsome, Jarret Johnson, Ray Lewis, Steve Smith

Episode 5: The (Michigan) Messiah Returns
After the brothers Harbaugh grow up idolizing the legendary Bo Schembechler, Michigan looks to its hometown hero to restore their college football program to its glory day.

Key Interviews: Jim Harbaugh, Rich Eisen, NFL Network, Jim Hackett, CEO of Ford

Episode 6: Jim: Crazy or Misunderstood?
Famous for his eccentric and some would even say crazy personality, Jim, his family and close friends weigh in on this revered coach that's captured the nation.

Key Interviews: Jim Hackett, Harbaugh family, Rich Eisen

Episode 7:Plug Your Ears, Harbaughs … Comparisons and Shadows
In a family that hates comparisons, we explore the similarities and differences in the brothers' personalities and take a deeper and emotional look at the shadow that one walked in.

Key Interviews: Harbaugh Family 

Episode 8: Life Is Not a Pie Chart
You don't want to miss this as parents Jack and Jackie watch the Super Bowl for the first time since that day breaking down key moments in the game and explain why a parent can feel 100% joy and 100% sadness at the same time.  

Key interviews: Harbaugh family

Episode 9:Loose Ends and Legacy
Hear various perspectives on the legacy these two coaches will leave and enjoy a few cutting room floor clips.  

Key Interviews: Steve Bisciotti, Jim Hackett, Peter King, Mark Snyder

Sarah Ellison joined the Ravens staff in 2005 and currently serves as writer and editor for Ravens Media. She created and writes the team's daily Late for Work column and appears as a regular guest on *Ravens Unscripted. *

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