Ravens Training Camp Has Been Upgraded


Ravens training camp has been significantly upgraded for fans this year.

Training camp at the Under Armour Performance Center kicks off Thursday, and will include more seating, more activities and more comforts for fans in attendance.

Last year, the Ravens were able to accommodate about 300 to 400 fans per practice. This year, about 1,000 will be* *attending each day. The Ravens secured additional off-site parking to accommodate more guests.

"Increasing capacity and enhancing the experience for training camp practices is a major initiative for the organization," said Vice President of Marketing Brad Downs.

"We know how much our fans value the up-close experience that training camp offers fans of all ages. To be able to host more than double the number of fans this year is a big win for us, but we don't plan to stop there. We're doing everything we can to continue to expand the Ravens training camp experience in future years."

The Ravens had three small bleachers last year, as well as a roped off area for fans to stand and watch practice. This year, there are five sets of much larger bleachers that give fans a look at all three fields.

Some stadium-style bleachers are elevated for better viewing. One set of 6-row bleachers has replaced the standing-room-only area for fans, stretching almost the entire length of one field. Some of the bleachers have large canopies to provide shade.

Fans will also have more to do while at practices.

For the hungry fans, there will be a food truck and picnic table seating. For those who want to do more than watch practice, there will be a bounce house as well as interactive games such as a giant Collect Four and Jenga, a football toss area and a Price-Is-Right-like wheel to spin and win prizes.

There will be other free giveaways from the Ravens and sponsors, a team store and free water and popsicles to cool everybody down.

Tickets to training camp have been distributed via a lottery, and all fans can attend the team's practice at M&T Bank Stadium on Monday, Aug. 3, beginning at 7 p.m.

The team has plans to continue expanding next year with the hope of accommodating 3,000 fans per day in 2016, according to Team President Dick Cass.

The Ravens practice facility has been primed for the hustle and bustle of training camp.

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