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Ravens Training Camp: Podium Transcripts


Head Coach John Harbaugh, Linebackers Coach Don "Wink" Martindale, LB C.J. Mosley & G Marshal Yanda

Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening statement: "Good to see you guys. I appreciate you being here. Obviously, a good, hot day, [and our] guys fought through it really well. I really love the work ethic and attitude of our team – very business-like. [There's] a lot of enthusiasm when you continue to work and improve every single day. I see a lot of the guys getting better at a lot of things. I'm really happy with where we're at and where we're going right now.

"A couple things of note: [Michael] Campanaro returned. You guys saw that; he's out there. Breshad [Perriman] walked off earlier, and it doesn't seem to be serious; his hamstring tightened up a little bit, so we took him out. You never know [with hamstrings], so we'll see where it's at, but it doesn't seem serious. Quincy [Adeboyejo], don't know – haven't heard. Nico [Siragusa], we don't know what happened to him at the end there, so we'll see. He got rolled up. Kenny Bell had a hamstring; that'll be a period of days, so we'll see where it's at – potentially weeks [since] it's a hamstring. Sheldon Price has an issue that'll be some period of time, not more than a week. Then, [Brandon] Kublanow had an issue that I'm not really too familiar with what it was. So, he wasn't out here today. That's what we have."

Did you get any clarity on TE Crockett Gillmore and CB Maurice Canady? (Luke Jones) "Yes. Crockett, they repaired his medial collateral ligament, so that's five months [recovery]. Maurice, they repaired his other cartilage – the outside version of that. It's not five months, so he can come back at some point in time."

With TE Crockett Gillmore, it looks season-ending? (Jamison Hensley) "Yes. It looks bad for Crockett, as far as coming back."

How does RB Danny Woodhead look so far? (Jim Johnson) "Danny looks good. This guy is a pro. He just loves watching practice, and his attitude is phenomenal, [as well as] his knowledge of the game. What he can do, and what he's going to do for our offense is just … Danny Woodhead is a joy to be around every single day. Good player, really good player."

**Talk a little bit about DB/LB Anthony Levine Sr., if you would.  *(Ken McKusick) *"I just complimented him before practice about how well he was playing, and he took it by saying he wasn't playing well enough. That's how Anthony feels. He's had a heck of a camp, and he continues to improve. He does so many roles for us. He plays at both levels, both back end levels on defense, and is a key member of our special teams. He continues to improve, so he's having a very good camp."

You have developed a ton of young linebackers. It seems like when one leaves, another one comes in and succeeds. How much does the Ravens' tradition these guys want to uphold, how much does that have to do with it? How important has linebackers coach Don Martindale been in the mentorship there? (Jeff Zrebiec) "Probably all of those things are important. We have a great linebacker tradition in Baltimore, and the standard is high. Guys want to play, they want to be successful, and I think we've done a good job of bringing in good players. The third part of that is the coaching. Obviously, 'Wink' is a very good coach. He's developed a lot of young players – free agent-type guys to first-round picks. He can handle the whole spectrum of player. He deserves a lot of credit for that."

Do you think WR Michael Campanaro is still shedding the rust, or do you feel like he's making progress? (Ed Lee) "It was his first day back, so I really don't know. He looked good to me today. He moved around well, made a couple catches. I'll get a chance to watch the tape. But, it's the first day back, and it'll be a process to get him up to speed, I'm sure. I have high hopes for 'Camp,' always have."

It's the first chance we've had to ask you about Steve Bisciotti's comments from the other night. What did you make on what he had to say about Colin Kaepernick? He was on the fence about that, and he mentioned Robert Griffin III. Can you add to anything? (Jerry Coleman)"There's really no update on that. I thought what he said was very honest, forthcoming, genuine comments that he made – which you always respect from Steve. He does a great job of that. That's what our fans should appreciate about him. There's really nothing new about that quarterback situation."

Everyone talks about Colin Kaepernick, as you know. How much of that is linked to QB Joe Flacco's timetable? (Jamison Hensley) "I don't know. I think it's all linked – life, everything, is linked. People want to draw big broad lines about, 'It's about this' or 'about that,' but it's always about everything. Relationships with your spouse, there's a lot that goes into it." *(Reporter: "It's not one thing?") *"It's never one thing. So, we'll just have to see where it goes and try to do the best thing for our football team, organization and everything."

Just for our daily Colin Kaepernick update, it's ongoing?* (Jamison Hensley)* "That's your quote. Nothing has changed; it's just right where it was."

The injuries, and I know when you get in "camp-mode" you have to put your blinders on, but in a quiet moment, do you go, "This has been a run." I've covered 18 of these training camps, and I've never seen a run of injuries like this. Do you ever think, "What's going on here?"* (Jamison Hensley)*"No. I think we're going to be fine. We have a lot of good players. We're going to play football games. We're the Ravens, and we're going to be a really good team. That's how we do it. Guys are going to get nicked up, guys are going to come back, not come back, guys are going to come next year – it's the National Football League. Look around the league. No, you don't lament that stuff; you just forge ahead. I'm very confident in our guys and the team we're going to have. I'm not worried about that one bit."

If you were done having discussions with QB Colin Kaepernick, would you tell us right now? (Dianna Russini)"I haven't thought about it. We're not ... I haven't talked to him or anything like that in the past couple of days. We've been running football practice right now. But, that wouldn't preclude me from talking to him. I like talking to him. Who knows? We'll see what happens. I'm excited about our team, the different options that we have, personnel-wise, to bring some players in here. He's one of them, but there are a lot of other ones that we're working on. I was here last night until pretty late looking at players on tape that could be guys that could make us better. That's what you do this time of year. That's the one most people talk about, because it's an intriguing story, and I'm as anxious as everyone else to see how it plays out."

Is there another quarterback that we should be paying attention to? (Dianna Russini)"I would pay attention to every quarterback that isn't signed at this time. Look at them all. They're all options for us right now. There are probably some guys that we could trade for, too, if we wanted to at every position. Look at those guys, too. Start compiling a list, and it's a pretty long list at that point. (laughter) That's really how it works, though, in reality."

Linebackers Coach Don "Wink" Martindale

There is a lot of attention on LB Kamalei Correa. How have you seen him progress so far? (Jeff Zrebiec)"I think he has progressed well. I think he is right on schedule. We have such a young group that I was going to [mention] before. This is the youngest and fastest that we have been at the linebacker position, and they are all playing well. I think in the first five practices – knock on wood – everybody is healthy. I think the only one that banged up their knee was [vice president of public relations] Chad Steele before he came out here.* (laughter) *We are really excited about where we are at. We have a long way to go – a long way to go. What I talked to my guys about here in the first five practices is during training camp at this time when you are not hitting … We had our live [practice] in the stadium and things like that, but it is never as good as it seems, [and] it is never as bad as it seems. Somewhere in between lies reality. That is where we are at right now, but Kamalei has done a great job. He has been very productive on the football in pass breakups and interceptions. We need to clean up some technique things, as we do with all of them."

Do you like what you seen from OLB Tim Williams coming off the edge? (Luke Jones)"Yes, yes. He has been very impressive. Tim has done a nice job. The rookies, you really just can't go out and crown anyone right now. Are you excited about them? Yeah. Tyus Bowser? I am excited about him. But, you can't really crown anybody yet on exactly where they are at until we start playing some preseason games."

What is the next step for ILB C.J. Mosley? When you go to two Pro Bowls in three years, there is not a ton of room for growth. What are you working on him with? (Ryan Mink)"Right now, with C.J., it is just getting in playing shape again. He had the surgery to tighten some things up. You will have to talk to somebody else about that. I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. (laughter) I don't know what the doctors did.* (laughter)* He's going to drop a few pounds right now. The next step is he has to get a Super Bowl ring. That is all he is focused with. As far as play, though, it is just little things. It is like tuning up a race car. You get this thing set, and all of a sudden, this bolt gets loose. It is just a daily process on cleaning things up technique and fundamental-wise."

There have been some years where you have had a veteran group. As you said, this is one of the youngest groups you have had. How exciting is it for you as a coach when you look around your group and see some of the guys to mold? Because this organization and you have had a lot of success developing guys. (Jeff Zrebiec)"It is really exciting when they are playing well. You pull your hair out when there are new things, because a lot of the rookies, every day is a new day. Like today, they had to deal with the heat for the first time, really, in full pads, and you could see that out there. You have to stay focused on every play, and you could see some of the younger guys were losing some attention to detail because they were surviving."

How much do you lean on the standard here in terms of that position? (Jeff Zrebiec)"Every day. Every day. That is a great question. It is every day, and they know the standard before they go out. We have a really good room. It is going to be fun to watch. I am excited about the preseason games. I know a lot of people don't get excited about the preseason games, but I am excited about the preseason games, because I want to see these young kids play."

How interesting is the dynamic having OLB Terrell Suggs – who has played for 15 years – with this group that you said is the youngest you have had? (Luke Jones)"I haven't read anything, because we are in the middle of training camp. When you talk about a great leader … And it seems like – I was just telling my wife this last night when we had dinner – he has perfect timing. He will come in my room and say, 'Hey, we need to focus on this, this and this, Wink' in front of all the players. How powerful is that? It has been great. Suggs is … I'll tell you, he is an action figure. He is a superhero. He has been great."

ILB C.J. Mosley

On how it felt to be practicing and if he felt rusty: "For the most part, not really. I'm just trying to get back into football shape. You can run as much as you want in the offseason, but once you put the pads on and are out there running in this heat, you still have to get in that condition. It's been fun being back out with the guys, so I'm happy to be back."

On when he realized his shoulder needed attention: "I knew I messed it up towards the end of the season; I just played through it. This is my third surgery, so I know when my shoulder is messed up or not." (Reporter: "Third *shoulder surgery?") *"Yes." *(Reporter: "All in the same one?") *"No. But, it feels good now – no pain. I'm out there going full speed. I did a good job up here with physical therapy and went back to Tuscaloosa and intensified my training, so I'm ready to go."

On the growth he has seen from LB Kamalei Correa: "A lot. It's all about being comfortable. Coming in your first year, there's a lot expected out of you – being a second-round pick on the defense. There are high standards as a Ravens' defense and as a second-round pick. You just see an improvement in his confidence. Once you have confidence and know the defense, the sky is the limit with your potential. He's been making plays all [through] OTAs and all through camp. You don't expect anything less with him."

On mentoring rookie OLB Tim Williams:"The big thing with any young guy that comes in, especially if you know a player that you played with in college, is make sure you're staying focused. The main thing in the NFL [is to] take care of your body. [If you don't], then you can't make the team in the training room. He's done a pretty good job with that. Everyone has their own battles in camp, so me and him are a little different since he's had his hands in the dirt. So far, he's been doing well, and that's like most of the rookies."

On if there's a competition for the best cleats design at practice: "No, not really. I'm just wearing what's comfortable."

On why he thinks the organization has had success developing linebackers: "That comes from a standard that has been set a long time ago when we were young kids. It started with Ray Lewis and [was] handed down to both inside and outside linebackers. Guys buy into that tradition, and people who come here, whether it's free agency, trade or the draft, they want to be great. This defense has always been a great legacy, so you always want to be that player on that defense to continue that legacy."

On linebackers coach Don Martindale: "He makes the job easy for us. He has great vision and always wants the best for us, doing the right thing. He's not heckling us because we're not doing this one thing right or that one thing [wrong]. If guys can get back in coverage a certain way, then make sure you get back that way. The man doesn't teach a certain technique to a point where you can't play your style of football. I think that's one of the reasons he's a laidback coach, but he's definitely a player coach. He'll let you do what you do best. He demands the same out of everyone."

On what he's focusing on after attending two Pro Bowls in three years: "Individually, try to stay healthy the whole season. I want to help this defense and win as many games as we can. The ultimate goal is to get to the Super Bowl. The past two years we haven't made it to the playoffs. For the defense, we've been one of the top defenses by certain categories, but we couldn't finish; that's one of the reasons we lost football games. It always takes a team effort – offense, special teams and defense. We hold ourselves to a higher standard, and if the game is on the line and [defense] is on the field, we don't want it to be our fault that we lost. For the past two years, that's been some of the reason, late in the run game, two-minute, red zone, things like that."

On how much he thinks about the WR Antonio Brown's game-winning play against the Steelers (Dec. 25, 2016): "That whole drive, they drove the ball down the field and scored in the last seconds. That definitely hurts when you feel like you're the reason [the team] lost that game. That just gives you drive to get better. Every time you see NFL Network, and they're talking about the Steelers, for some strange reason, [it's] showing that drive or that play. It just adds fuel to the fire. We'll be ready for every team this year."

On what he thinks when people say that this year's defense could be "legendary": "It's there. You can see with the draft class, the guys we brought in the past two years, and especially, this offseason. We have a lot of young talent, a lot of speed, a lot of vets in each key position. It's up to us to put in the work so we can be 'legendary.' We definitely have the potential."

On if he noticed a change in WR Mike Wallace: "I feel like he's been more vocal, especially on the offensive side. He's not saying too much against us unless he's taking a deep ball into the end zone. Right now, you just see his presence a little more heightened. When something's not right, he's talking to the guys. That's what it's all about right now. You're going to make your plays count, but you want to make sure you're leading the young guys in the right direction – setting an example on the field, running to the ball, finishing downfield and making plays."

G Marshal Yanda

On how happy he is to be participating in training camp:"It's coming along well. I am feeling good. It is kind of part of the plan, bringing me back in and doing the individual [drills] and getting a little more hitting in during the individual period. I am feeling good. Things are going as planned."

On if it is difficult to work his way back from injury at the rate that he is:"No, you have to understand that it is part of the process, and you just do not want to jump right back in. I do not want to be ripping it right out the gate. You want it to be kind of a gradual progression, but everything has been so far, so good, in the progression and stuff. I am happy with the progress."

On if he feels like he needs to play in the preseason:"I still need to sharpen my craft, and obviously, when you do not play football for seven or eight months, you still have to get back to doing the stuff over and over every day. Yes, I definitely still have to prepare for the season, but you also have to factor in that I had surgery in the offseason. You have to have that balance of healing and still working on that to get better every day. We are working through that. I get about 45 minutes of individual [work] each day, and we will slowly progress from there. But yes, I need some [more team reps], too. I still am going to need the work before the regular season."

On what he has seen from G/C Ryan Jensen:"I told Ryan every day he just needs to be grinding every day and getting better every day. Playing the center position and giving the calls out, just every day focus on getting better and learning from your mistakes. Obviously, he has a hell of an opportunity to take that job and to make a name for himself in his league to start every game and do it the right way. I just told him, 'Do not worry about that right now. Focus on each day and having a great practice today.' Stacking days right now for him is huge. Just playing the center position and making the calls every day – just getting better every day. We are making mistakes out there and stuff like that, but that is going to happen. I like what I see so far from him, and he is going to grind and get better every day. I think he is going to continue to get more comfortable each day he stays at that position and gets the reps."

On if he has noticed an improvement in WR Mike Wallace's leadership:"Yes. I think that Mike … When Mike came in, I hit it off with Mike right away. He seemed like a team guy, and he is a hard-working guy. He definitely … He is excited this year. He has a little extra amp to him. I like that about him. He brings that positive attitude every day. He is a hard-working guy. He was ready to attack that conditioning test, and he killed it, so he was fired up about it. I like that. He is over 30, and he is coming in worrying about killing the conditioning test. Guys that are motivated like that, those are the guys you want to see – guys that are older, but still have that drive. He has that, and I am excited about him. I love the attitude he brings every day. He is a positive influence. He is not a whiner guy; he is not a complainer guy. He is a grinder. I am a Mike Wallace fan."

On if he feels the national spotlight on the Ravens due to all the surrounding news:"I don't. At this stage of my career, I kind of try to keep my head down and focus on what is in the building. I try to tell young guys that you can't be getting caught up in the media every day, because obviously, if you read the media, the sky is falling every day, and we aren't going to survive until tomorrow. No, I tell them to put the blinders on and control what we can control. We can't control injuries on the football field. It is a nasty, violent game, where people are going to get hurt, and you don't want them to get hurt. That is just the nature of the beast. What we can do is control our preparation, our attitude and our focus every day. We have to roll with the guys that we have, and the guys that are hurt, we want to get them back as fast as possible. Obviously, we have guys in the building that are working on doing that. I tell guys to focus on their job. I try not to get distracted or anything like that. You just focus on your job and what you have to do.'"

On if he has a sense of how upset QB Joe Flacco is that he isn't practicing:"You guys know Joe as well as I do. He does not ever miss practice. Besides his knee, the guy has never missed practice. I'm not worried about him; I think that he will be fine. But obviously, I do not know. I can't predict the future, and I don't know if it is super serious. All I know is that I think he is going to be fine, and everything is going to be fine with him. Obviously, if they can rest him right now, why not rest him and let it heal before we start actual live bullets? Backs are nothing to deal with or mess with, but I feel good that he will be ready to go when we need him."

On what he thinks of the young defensive linemen:"During camp, the defensive linemen, they have the upper hand a little bit during training camp, as far as the drills that are run and stuff like that. Sometimes, defensive linemen have a little bit of an advantage during camp, but they have brought in some young guys that are playing hard and looking good. Michael Pierce, watching that kid develop – obviously, he is only in his second year – but just the power and flexibility he has for a big man is pretty special. I am excited about him and some other of the young guys, too. Obviously, Mike is in his second year. The other guys they have brought in, it is early, but everybody is working hard, and we will see how they do. It is still early, but they have a lot of time to have a good camp."

On if he has noticed anything about T James Hurst this season:"No. I think that James Hurst, since the day he was [signed] here, he comes in with the right demeanor to get better every day and to know his job and know his role. He acts like a pro. Even when he was a rookie, he acted like a pro, as far as taking this job seriously and putting this job first before anything else. When he comes into the building, he is locked in and focused. I do not think that has changed. He has been working his tail off, and I expect great things out of him this year. I think he is going to do great. I think he does everything the right way. He has the ability. He has played a lot of games for us, and we have won a lot of games with James. I am excited for him just to stay at right tackle, take every single rep at right tackle, and get better every single day. Obviously, he has always been flipping back and forth; he has been our swing guy. But, you just want him to get it at right tackle, take every single rep, get comfortable at that position, and you hope for him to play every down."

On what RB Danny Woodhead brings to the team and how he has looked so far:"I didn't realize Danny is a little ball of muscle. Golly! You see him walking around the practice field and stuff like that. You have always just seen his headshot or you have seen him on Sunday with pads on, but the kid is a little ball of muscle. Obviously, he is an older player, but I have been getting to know him a little bit, and he is a great guy. He has a positive attitude every day. He is a grinder; he is a hard worker. He knows his role. When we are in meetings, he is active in his protections. He knows, and he is involved. He definitely just has it. He has a knack for the football scheme, and he seems like a guy who is going to help us win, as far as with the matchups he creates. You can just tell that he is a pro, and he takes his job seriously. Like in meetings, he has the protections down, and he wants to know every little detail. He is a detail guy. I like what I see from him, and I think he is going to do great things for us."

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