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Ravens Transcripts: Monday Practice

Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening statement: "Good to see everybody. Thanks for coming. [We] had a good practice – another padded practice, a very physical practice. I thought our guys did a great job. One injury issue: We talked about the [Ed Dickson] hamstring last night. We got the MRI back. There's a little tear in there, so we're going to hold him back for a week or so and we'll see where we're at. We're going to try to get him healthy. It's going to be a matter of time, but it's not going to be a long time."* *

Ray Rice left practice and then came back. He was with a trainer… (Aaron Wilson) "I think he turned his ankle or something, so he should be fine."* *

Vonta [Leach] was also seen getting taped. (Glenn Younes) *"I don't even know about that one, so it must not be anything there. No one told me about that." *

We haven't seen Daryl Smith or [Terrence] Cody. Is it anything from yesterday or are they just days off? (Aaron Wilson) *"No. Those are just … yes [days off]." *

How about the enthusiasm you saw from 'K.O.' [Kelechi Osemele]? He seemed very active today in practice, in terms of being physical. Do you like to see that? (Jerry Coleman) *"I like to see physical play, yes. That's a 'yes.'" *(Reporter: "Well, he seemed to get into a few skirmishes.") *"If you want to ask a question, feel free to ask it." *(Reporter:" I thought I did at the beginning about his …") *"No, you kind of danced around it a little bit." *(Reporter: "Does he seem a bit rambunctious to you?") *"No, he seems good. He's practicing very well. He's a physical player, and we have high hopes for 'K.O.'" *

What do you feel about K.O. getting into it with [Albert] McClellan, [Haloti] Ngata and LB Josh Bynes? (Glenn Younes) *"I was just disappointed it wasn't more guys on the defensive side he got into it with." *(laughter) **

Do you have enough, even for the time being, for the next couple preseason games, at tight end or is that something you will have to address? Will you have enough depth there if you hold off Dickson for a week or two? (Jeff Zrebiec) *"We have enough tight ends through Thursday, for sure. We'll be fine. Then, we'll have to address it there, depending on how we get out of that game." *

Torrey [Smith] seems like he's having some good days. Is he embracing his new role as "The guy?? (Clifton Brown) *"I've never embraced that whole definition, so it's really hard for me to comment on that, because it's not a new role. It's the same role. He's actually said that, too. I know there's a narrative out there about all that No. 1, No. 2 [and] No. 3 stuff, but Torrey [Smith] will be the same player as he was last year, only better. Of course, Anquan [Boldin] won't be there, but other guys will be. He's gotten better and improved and done a great job, like he always does. And, he's having an excellent camp. Torrey is an explosive, big-time receiver, and people are going to have to deal with him." *

You think it will be any different for him – that defenses will want to pay more attention to him? (Clifton Brown) *"If they do, they have to deal with a guy on another side. Last year, it was Anquan, but this year, it's going to be Jacoby [Jones] or Deonte [Thompson] or Tandon [Doss] or whoever it is. They're going to be dealing with a really talented guy on the other side, too – different than Anquan, but still a talented guy that's going to be a problem for them." *

Brandon Williams and Arthur Brown are both talking today. I know you've said all along that they're talented but still getting acclimated to the NFL. Is that kind of the same take on it at this point? (Matt Zenitz) *"They're two weeks into training camp, so they've got a lot of reps under the belt. But the next step is a game for those guys. That will be the big challenge. How do they take … Going to Navy was a good step. That's a good first step – being away from our practice facility. Now, they're going to go to an opposing stadium with a team that's really excited to play against us, and that will be the first taste of that, so it will be interesting to see how they respond." *

Have you been happy with the progress of those guys? (Matt Zenitz) *"Oh yeah, they've all done great. We're very happy. I like the whole rookie class. Every single guy has been as good, or better, than expected. So, that's good news." *

Any thoughts on the passing of Art Donovan, the Baltimore legend? (Jim Forner) *"Yes, thank you. I believe we flew the flags at half-mast today. I think we did, or we were going to. Maybe we're doing that tomorrow. That should show you what the Ravens think of Artie Donovan. One quick story: About four years ago, they had an alumni dinner at the Hyatt before one of our games. My dad was in town, and he had heard that Art Donovan was going to be there and Jim Mutscheller and some of those guys. He just wanted to see if he could meet them. So, I think [senior vice president of public and community relations] Kevin [Byrne] took my dad down and sat him down at the table there, and he had a bucket of Schlitz on ice there. My dad knows Schlitz real well from his days in Crestline, Ohio. He's familiar with Schlitz. My grandpa drinks Stroh's, so that's a good combination – Schlitz and Stroh's – especially if you want a headache in the morning. *(laughter) *They drank Schlitz's all night. Art was telling stories, and my dad probably told a few stories, too. He can tell a story, too. And they really hit it off real well, so it was my hope to spend time with both of those two guys – Art and Jim – here. I just can't believe … We were planning on doing that within a week or so, so I just can't believe that happened out of the blue like that. But, [Donovan was a] great man, great Baltimore tradition, and he'll live on in our hearts forever." *

That was a few years ago, or how recently was that? (Jerry Coleman) *"I'm going to say four years ago – maybe 2009." *

Explain your shirt. (Shirt reads: "Fix Bayonets") (Glenn Younes) *"That has to do with the 20th Maine on the second day at Gettysburg – Chamberlain's charge down the hill. 'Fix bayonets' was a command, and it has resonance for our football team. Maybe people think we're out of bullets, too, so we'll find out."


LB Arthur Brown

On where he feels he is after two weeks of training camp:"It's been a development process since Day One. I've definitely made some strides when it comes to fitting in the scheme, and that was my main focus coming into it – really studying and grasping and having a full understanding of the defensive scheme. So, where I'm at, there's a ways to go, but I'm definitely making strides."* *

On playing with the first-team defense:"It's going good. Just moving up, making strides, moving forward and taking it day by day. I'm really trying to learn and absorb as much as I can from the players around me."* *

On if he feels he can find a role in third-down passing situations:"I would say that's left up to the coaches to make that decision, but I'm definitely confident in my ability to cover passes on third down if they saw a need to put me there. Yes, indeed."* *

On what he feels he provides to the inside linebacker position with his specific skill set:"I would just say physicality, with possessing speed as well. So, just those two combined, you can do so much with it – moving from sideline to sideline, and really just being a playmaker."* *

On what his emotions are like heading into his first NFL game this week:"They all feel the same to me. I'm excited with this being my first professional game, so to speak, but I'm really just looking forward to putting it all together. We've been practicing out here, day-in and day-out, so [I'm] really just getting a chance to put it out there and display it in front of a crowd. I'm definitely looking forward to that."* *

On if he feels like he has a lot to prove in the games from a competition standpoint:"You always want to make a statement. You always want to prove something. You always want to present the best. So, I think not only myself, but this team, has a lot to prove and a lot to do."* *

On if he looks at Thursday's game as an opportunity to show more than just his teammates what skills he has:"Yes, I think it'll help not only ourselves as players, but our coaches get a better understanding of where we are as a team and what we can provide as players for this team. So, like I said, I'm definitely looking forward to being out there and playing with the guys, and also really seeing where I'm at."* *

On if there are any areas of his game he feels he has noticeably improved since the start of training camp:"I would say just as far as technique, using my hands, that's something I didn't do … I did it in college, but there were some instances where I didn't have to. But, what I'm seeing and what I'm noticing here is that you constantly have to use your hands as a linebacker against linemen."* *

On how he has become acclimated to the playbook as opposed to college:"I would say it applies the same. There's a lot more to take in, and with me coming from a 4-3 style defense to a 3-4, there were some adjustments that needed to be made, some perspectives that needed to be adjusted as well. But like I said, I'm making strides and just looking forward to getting better."

DT Brandon Williams

On how camp is going: "I feel like I'm doing well. The whole defense is getting … [It's] meshing together, coming together, getting plays right, just becoming family."* *

On his strength: "It's a little bit of both. All of us guys, we get in there and work hard in the weight room with [strength and conditioning coach] Bob [Rogucki]. He puts us to work in the weight room and gets the most out of us."* *

On the progress he's made: "I think [my] progress has been very progressive. Everybody has been progressing very well. Coaches are telling everybody [that] every practice is better and better and better. So, we're just making strides to be back at the top."* *

On his current mindset:"Just to compete – every day come out here and get one percent better like coach Harbaugh always says and just compete. Whatever happens after that, just happens. But as long as I give my 100 percent on the field, that's all that matters."* *

On if he dropped into pass coverage in college:"A little bit, a little bit, but not much though. No, not much, but a little bit. Just out and in."* *

On what position he feels most comfortable playing:"The inside tackles – the nose and tackle I feel comfortable at. But, I am getting more familiar with the five technique, just learning the whole scheme of things."* *

On positional flexibility: "Coach [Dean Pees, defensive coordinator] is having everyone … Pretty much the whole defensive line needs to know every single position in case guys move, shift, bump, whatever. You've got multiple positions. The more you can do, the better."* *

On how much NT Haloti Ngata has mentored him: "Oh, a lot. All the veterans, they've been doing a great job. They give us a little hard time just because we are rookies. But other than that, they are wonderful. If you need help, they'll bring you under, like, 'Hey.' [They'll] bring you to the sidelines [and say,] 'Hey, see this? You see what you need to be doing?' They've done a great job – everyone, Chris Canty, the whole group."* *

On the best advice he's gotten: "Just play ball, don't worry about any outside distractions. Just play your game, learn the playbook, and everything else will fall in place."* *

On what he most looks forward to against the Buccaneers:"To hit someone else. That's the biggest thing – to get out on the field and show people what the [Baltimore] Ravens are all about."* *

On which rookie he thinks has the best singing voice: "I don't want to brag, but I think I'm up there. I think I got a little vocal talent. I was going to try out for American Idol, but the Ravens called. (laughter) *I think I'll pass on that for right now."* **

On what he has sung lately:"My first thing I sang was R&B – a little '90s R&B. The whole defense … The whole team got into it and started clapping with me. So, it made me feel a lot more comfortable singing it, so it was pretty good. I didn't break out the Country yet; I'm going to save that for another day."

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