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Ravens vs. Falcons: Quotes



(On returning to the field)

"It felt great being out there because it's been so long since I've had live action in a game – over seven months. It felt good to work the kinks out. It was important for our starting offensive line to go out there together and get some valuable time before next week's opener."

(On the offensive line)

"We are young guys, and we haven't had a lot of different people around us. Because of that, we are starting to build the kind of chemistry that we need. We had a good week of practice this week, and I think we will continue to come together the way we're supposed to."

(On his ankle)

"The ankle feels great. It felt great while I was playing, and it feels great right now. Coming out tonight was a big step in my progress."


(On his knee)

"My knee felt great. I was able to work some of that rust off. I didn't feel any little kinks. Next week, I'll come back and be at full strength. I don't have any pain or any swelling. Hopefully, it'll stay like that throughout the season."

(On the starting defense)

"We need to get all of our starters back out there on the field. Guys like Kelly Gregg and Ed Reed – all of those important pieces to our defense. If we get everybody back healthy, we have a chance to do some great things this year. But that's what we need, to get everybody back healthy."


(On his performance)

"It was good to get in there and work with all of the guys. We moved the ball a little bit and were able to get the confidence of the offense up. We need to score and finish our drives better, but overall we did a pretty good job. I like that we created scoring opportunities for ourselves."

(On the offensive line)

"They were incredible. I felt like I was standing back there and nobody was within 10 yards of me. I felt ridiculously protected. The guys also did a really good job in the run game. They looked outstanding to me."



(On QB Joe Flacco)

"Joe [Flacco] played well. He was in control, he played faster and he was mostly on target. He keeps making progress."

(On the starting quarterback position)

"Even if we planned to name a starter, we couldn't right now. We'll find out more about Kyle [Boller] in the next couple of days. We don't know about Troy [Smith]. He was starting to feel a little better, but he couldn't play tonight. We'll see what the next few days bring."


(On QB Joe Flacco)

"Joe was solid and threw the ball well. That was good to see."

(On getting injured starters back)

"It was important to get playing time for Demetrius [Williams], Todd [Heap], Jared Gaither and more snaps for Adam Terry. That means a lot going into the opener. They knocked some of the rust off."

(On finishing drives)

"It is disappointing not to close drives. I said it before this preseason: We have to score touchdowns."


(On the defensive performance)

"We were pleased early. We got some three-and-outs. Our second group was disappointing at the end of the second quarter. You have to earn a Ravens helmet. Some of those guys will make our roster decisions easier." 

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