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Ravens vs. Jets Final Transcript

(opening statement) "It's great to see everybody. Man, was that a preseason game? That was exciting. Just going for two at the end, that's how you know it's a preseason game. My compliments to the Jets. I thought they came in and played impressive. They got after it. They were physical. If not for the two picks for touchdowns, it's a whole different ball game. That 7-7 at the end of the half, the 'ones' against the 'ones.' My compliments to Rex and his coaching staff and players. It's just a well-coached football team. You can see where they are going with that football team. But our guys found a way to win. It was good to see the young guys – guys fighting to make the team, find a way to win the game at the end. [Lardarius] Webb had a couple of mistakes during the game but he came back and made a play at the end. That was big. Them having the ball at the one-yard line, first down with about a minute left and stop them and keep them [from getting] the two-point conversion. It was pretty impressive.

(on if this was the most intense preseason game he's been in) "I don't know if I can remember them all from way back. But since last year and this year, the last six, I would say yes. I'd say it was. It was very intense. It was like a regular season game in a lot of ways. It was sloppier than a regular season game obviously, because there was no game plan going on. So, formations and alignments and those kinds of things are kind of training camp alignments. But it was as hard-fought as a regular season game."

(on if the positives outweigh the negatives) "Yes. We hate to say it. It doesn't really matter because there are so many things we have to work on. That drive they had in the middle of the second quarter was not good. Give them credit, they ran the ball on first down against us. They hit some screens, a couple of draws after the missed field goals. So you missed the field goal and you give them field position, and you let them drive down the field and score. That's not what we want to do. We want to make the field goal, first of all. Secondly, if we miss the field goal, we want a three-and-out right there. We want to get off the field. So, it's something our ones can really work on. Then, they ran the ball against our twos, which is not something we're interested in having happen. There's plenty of things we need to work on offensively, just getting lined up is a problem with the twos. That's not okay. You study, you should know how to line up. But you get in a setting like this and you're a young guy and you haven't played a lot of football. It's still a Monday night setting. So it's a little bit overwhelming. But to have those guys in that situation – we talked about this being a practice big game. That's invaluable experience for these young guys."

(on the kicking competition) "Graham [Gano] missed that field goal and that was disappointing. But he kicked a pretty good ball. So I'd say it's still alive in kicking. But you have to say Steve [Hauschka] had an edge tonight because Steve made his kicks and he kicked off well. So that's probably where it's at right now."

(on what he and Jets head coach Rex Ryan had to say to each other) "You go out there, and you hug, and you're emotionally spent. I think we both said, 'What a heck of a game, and the two turnovers for touchdowns were the difference,' that kind of thing. I don't really remember, to be honest with you, but it was nice."

(on his reaction to the LB Tony Fein incident) "I had a chance to talk with him on the phone this morning, and then I talked to him briefly before the game today. But, first of all, we have tremendous respect and admiration for the Baltimore police. I've had a chance to get to know these guys around the stadium who work here, and [they are] just tremendous, tremendous professionals. So whatever happened there, I'm sure those guys were doing their best. Also, on the other hand, we really feel strongly about Tony Fein. Tony Fein is a quality young man. If there's anybody who understands how to handle themselves with authority, it's Tony, who's been to Iraq and been in the military. He's been honest with us since Day 1. He's told his side of the story. I'm sure both sides will come out. I'm sure… We have confidence that our system will get it sorted out, figured out in a good way for everybody."

(on DT Haloti Ngata's performance) "Oh yeah, Haloti… How many defensive linemen get interceptions? I mean, that's not the first time he's ever done that. That's not a fluke. He's just a heck of an athlete. I don't know what we're going to do with him. Maybe we'll put him at linebacker, or put him at corner or something. The guy's just… Obviously we wouldn't put him at corner. (laughter) Strike that. But, he's a special player, special player."

(on CB Frank Walker's struggles in the second half) "The touchdown was tough. They caught us, and they checked to a fade there, and we were in press coverage. Sometimes they'll make that play on you. I thought it was a great throw and a great catch. The coverage was pretty good right there. Frank was stripping in the pocket, and they made a play. The third-down play, you like to see him a little tighter there. But, Frank was battling and competing in there, and they got him a couple of times, and he'd be the first to tell you that. We still have a lot of confidence in Frank."

(on if the players get excited when the Statue of Liberty play is called) "Yeah, well Cam [Cameron] makes that call, so my eyes lit up. We've been practicing that a lot, and I thought Joe [Flacco] and the ball handling was really nice on that, as you saw. I'm sure Cam's got a few more of those up his sleeve."

(on if the kicking competition could go through the last preseason game) "Well sure, it could. We have two choices to make – we could take it to the last preseason game, I think that depends on what happens here probably through the weekend and this next game, or it could be decided next week. And if we think it's decided, we'll try to see if that guy can be the kicker through the last preseason game. That's a choice we'll have to make. Like they always say, those guys will make that decision for us, and we'll see how it plays out."

(On his learning this season) "I feel great out there right now, running around full speed, just enjoying the game, played the whole game tonight. It was fun for me to actually get back out there and make plays. That's the main thing, just making a lot of plays."

(On taking the next step) "It's games played, to be honest with you, because I feel like when Ray came out, his rookie year, games make you become a better player and show that you are a great player. In this league, that's what you need. You need to come out here every day, every Sunday, every Monday, whatever day it is that you play and show the world that you can do this every game. I think that's what makes you great. It's all good, pre-season, Tavares Gooden rah-rah, but I've got to do it every game, and that's what I need, the game experience, the game time and just playing with my team."

(On adjusting to life in the NFL) "It's fun. It's always a shocker, coming from high school to college and college to the NFL, it's a different stage of my life and, I mean, to be honest with you, thank God for speed, because I can feel myself flying around and I'm strong enough, a tribute to my strength coaches here and [at Miami], I mean this has been working out for me great."

(On the interception return for a TD in the first half) "It was great pressure by Haloti [Ngata], to be honest, and it was just me being at the right place at the right time and stumbling into the end zone. [There was] nobody in front of me. I was just trying my hardest not to fall down. Ray [Lewis] said, 'That's how you get over the last play.'"

(On the defense and how it's improving) "I see a team that's growing, trying to get better, every opportunity that they get, so it's another game that's right around the corner, and that's what's on our minds right now."

(On playing different spots) "It's whatever the coaches want me to do, I'm there to play the position and try to do whatever it takes to make this team and try to be an impact. I just want to help this team by doing whatever I can do."

(on if they accomplished what they wanted to in the second game) "We did some good things, but at the same time, we've got a lot of things we need to work on. So I think offensively, we were able to move the ball a little bit, but I think we can get a little more consistent. We just want that to show up and keep getting better each preseason game and hit the regular season running."

(on what it was like seeing his old coach Rex Ryan) "It's always good to see all these old coaches, you know there's quite a few coaches on the Jets' staff that Rex brought with him. Its good to see those guys but at the same time you want to beat them, and it's good to get the win."

(on what they're looking to build on going into the season) "I think, obviously, we can just continue to get better offensively, have everybody making plays, have everybody filling their potential. That way, when we hit the season, we all know what we can do. And we're confident and trust one another."

(on tonight's win) "It feels great. It felt great to be playing football again. Last year, unfortunately was cut short for me. I'm just happy to be out there playing and running around."

(on the Ravens' first-half defense) "That was good, that's what we expect to do. When you score points on defense, you can't beat that."

(on the Ravens' depth at defensive line) "We love it. We take full advantage of it. Hopefully, during the season, we're just rolling guys in and keeping guys fresh, so that we can all go in there and make plays."

(on facing a rookie quarterback) "You want to get after him and show him what the NFL's all about. Our defense is tough to go against, regardless if you're a rookie quarterback or not. We tried to get after him, get in his face, and hopefully, he would make some mistakes."

(on coming back from injury) "It was a lot of work. It was the second preseason game last year when I got hurt. It's been a long time. It seems like it's been forever, but I continue to get better, get into better shape, and all that stuff, and here we are."

(on making the game-saving play) "It was a great feeling. The best feeling I've ever felt. It happened at a perfect time. I had fumbled the ball in the third quarter, and I was feeling down. I was trying to make a play throughout the game, and that play came at the perfect time."

(on the ups and downs of being a rookie) "That's what it is, ups and downs. But, you know, I've been trying to maintain an even keel. As I see it, there's always going to be some ups and downs, but you've just got to keep pushing."

(on the speed of the game) "Game by game, it's slowing down. When I started, it was going real fast. Now, it seems like I know what's going to happen. Knowing what these guys can do, it's slowing down a lot. Once it slows down a little bit more, I'm ready to play ball."

(on learning from Ed Reed and Ray Lewis) "It's great, they're wonderful guys. They teach you more than football. When I made my mistake, Ed Reed was one of the guys that came and helped me out. He said, 'Hey, you fumbled the ball. Next time, switch it to your other arm.' It's great to have guys like that on the team that can come and help you at a low time."

(on how he felt the team played today) "I felt it went all right. It's definitely a preseason game, and we've got some things we need to iron out, but we got in there and got a win. The offense, at times, didn't do the things that we wanted it to do, but we came together and got a win."

(on his performance) "You know, it was all right. [There were] definitely some things that I could have done better, made better decisions. That's all playing quarterback is; decision making, getting guys lined up, and you know, that's the whole job description of the quarterback. So, I still got some things I still need to iron out."

(on what he saw from Jets rookie QB Mark Sanchez in his first NFL start) "I saw some good things and I saw some things that everybody has to work on. I'm definitely not a critic of him; I'm not going to critique him at all. He plays the position that I play, so I understand how tough it is."

(on how the team played in its second preseason game) "[The team] looked pretty good. The group I was in, we have a lot more things to work on. We have to be more disciplined with penalties, especially what was going on in the second half."

(on whether he had a chance to speak with any former Ravens who are now with the Jets) "I talked to them before the game. I haven't talked to them after the game. You know, it's football. It's a sport, you just have to go out there and play football. You can't worry about who is on the other side of the ball.

(on what he saw in the Statue of Liberty play between RB Ray Rice and QB Joe Flacco) "Touchdown. Because I ran it in practice, and it was a touchdown for me, so I knew Ray was going to make his way in [the end zone]." [laughing]

(on where they need to improve looking ahead to the Carolina Panthers) "We just basically…The second group needs to get their act together. We had too many penalties; some of us were going the wrong way. We just didn't look crisp, so we need to work on that."

(on what he needs to work on) "There are a lot of things I need to work on that I think are going to help me going into the third preseason game."

(on if it's more mental or physical) "Definitely mental, just getting everything down, recognizing certain parts of the defense and recognizing certain moves that someone can make. When you start to recognize those and get all those down, I think you'll be alright."

(on the difference of the speed of the game from college) "I think I can play at a fast pace, I'm a full speed guy. I wouldn't say it wouldn't be tough, I play fast anyway. So I don't think that's a thing I have to learn or do. You've got to play fast practicing with the Ravens anyway."

(on what he wants to see from himself in game three) "Just to calm down a lot more. I've got to lay back a little bit and ease into it. I've got to work on my technique a little, and like I said, recognize certain things."

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