Ray Lewis Finishes Second in Reality Show 'Beyond the Edge'

Ravens Legend Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis finished his NFL career on top as a Super Bowl champion, but the Ravens' Hall of Fame linebacker didn't come out on top in a reality TV challenge.

Lewis finished in second place in the CBS reality show, "Beyond the Edge." The winner was Colton Underwood, a former "Bachelor" on ABC's reality dating show who later came out as gay.

Colton, who is 17 years younger than Lewis, was also a former NFL linebacker. He played at Illinois State and, after going undrafted, spent time on the practice squads of the Eagles, Chargers and Raiders.

Though he didn't win, Lewis raised $134,166 for his charity of choice, the John’s Johns Hopkins Children’s Center in Baltimore. Every day Lewis stayed in the race and the more challenges he won, the more money he raised.

Former Hall of Fame linebacker and NFL coach Mike Singletary, who coached Lewis and the team's other linebackers in Baltimore from 2003-2004, won $105,666 for his charity, Changing Our Perspective. Underwood raised $266,500 for the Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation, which fights cystic fibrosis.

Lewis was in the jungle for 15 days on the show. He joined “The Lounge” podcast in March, just before the show's debut, to talk about his experience.

"I don't know how I accepted going on this show," Lewis said. "It's probably one of the most challenging things I've ever done in my life. Why? Because most of it was unpredictable. You just never knew what was coming next. … Horrible. Just a horrible experience.

"But I think the friendships and the bonds that were created, I think it was a spiritual awakening, man."

It was no vacation, however …

Now we know why Lewis doesn't like snakes. He revealed on the show that he grew up with a stutter (after a snake was thrown on him) and motivated himself to conquer it and help others.

Even in retirement, Lewis continues to give back to Baltimore.


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