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Ray Rice Gives Back To Baltimore Kids


Ray Rice is happy.

He's coming off a Super Bowl victory and is entering his sixth NFL season as a cornerstone player of the franchise. 

But few things make Rice happier than being around a bunch of Baltimore kids.

The Ravens running back hosted his annual Ray Rice Day at Calvert Hall football stadium Saturday afternoon, a free football skills camp for boys and girls ages 7 to 13.

The camp expanded to about 600 kids this year and had thousands of spectators in the stands.

Rice put the kids through light drills and included activities this year for special-needs children, assisted by staffers from Kennedy Kreiger Institute.

"The way I give back to these kids is with my heart and soul," Rice said. "I think that's why they gravitate towards me. They can really feel my energy that I'm ready to go."

Rice used to host his camp in his hometown of New Rochelle, N.Y., but moved it to Baltimore last year and continued that tradition this May. He brought along some of his teammates, including wide receiver Torrey Smith and outside linebacker Adrian Hamilton.  

"These kids really need it," Rice said. "They really need to be out there amongst my teammates and myself and see dreams can become a reality. And even if they're not, you can still do something successful with your life."

Rice, who is an anti-bullying activist, talked about the camp being an opportunity for all kids to unify as a group. He looked for opportunities to talk to any kids on the fringe of the group, telling them that "we're all winners."

"Some guy is trying to be the next Ray Rice or Michael Oher or Joe Flacco," Rice said. "But today is about all being one. We just want everybody to have fun. That's what the camp is all about."

Attendees received a camp T-shirt, autographed photo and a gift bag. It was all free of charge.

"I'll never charge a kid to have fun with me," Rice said.

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