Redskins Post-Game Quotes (12/7)


(Opening statement)

"Just a congratulations to our players and coaches for a job well done, winning a very tough, physical football game in December is not an easy thing to do. The way you do that is you bring a really good football team into the game, and that's what our team did. I thought our defense played tremendously well. I was just informed by Kevin [Byrne] that we went 46 drives without giving up a touchdown. That's pretty impressive. That's a short field, and they played really well. Offensively, what was it? Eleven straight runs? And then we hit the pass against zero coverage. I think that says a lot about the character and the toughness, the physicality of our football team. So we're real proud of this victory."

(On the play of Ed Reed)

"My thoughts on Ed Reed? I think Ed Reed's a great football player, and he's a great leader. He's got great game-changing impact. What else can you say? He's been doing it for a lot of years. It goes beyond his ability to make plays. He's not just making plays back there. He's playing with tremendous discipline, and he understands the offense he's playing against. He's been in position every single play for a lot of plays in a row. He's just a great football player."

(On if the defense set the tone tonight)

"Well the defense did. It was that kind of football game. It was cold, it was windy. You had two good defenses playing out there tonight. I give a lot of credit to the Redskins. They battled back, like they always do. Our defense just played a little bit better."

(On if Ed Reed should be in the MVP conversation)

"I would say so. I don't see how you can not put him in there. He scores on defense. He makes plays every single week. If he's not an MVP candidate, I don't know who is."

(On if long fourth quarter drives and finishing the games is a Ravens' theme)

"I like that. It should be a theme. If you're the kind of football team that's going to win games at this time of year, that needs to be a theme for you. You have to play football like that. I don't care what level you're talking about. So, if that's a theme for us, I'll take it."

(On what he thought when he heard the play call for the pass against zero coverage)

"My thoughts were, 'They're in zero coverage.' You could see it, and I was real happy."

(On going for it after 11 straight runs)

"I thought Cam [Cameron] did a great job. He talked about it. He predicted they'd be in zero coverage at that time, and all of a sudden they jumped into zero coverage. I was happy to see it and how well it was executed. It was a double route, and Mason just sold it. [Derrick] sold it so well. We throw a lot of those quick hitches out there, about seven or eight, nine yards. He sold it there, and their corner jumped it, and he was wide open, and Joe [Flacco] put it on the money."

(On if there was scoreboard watching before the game)

"I don't know, I wasn't aware of it. We had a football game tonight. We were playing. I'm not worried about anybody else. You know that."

(On how composed Joe Flacco is after making mistakes)

"Well, that's how it is. You're not going to go out there and complete every pass. You're not going to make every play. And the key is, not to go on a roller coaster ride. Stay even. Joe does a great job of that. Our football team does a great job of that. I'm so impressed with where we are right now as a football team with being able to understand that. The up, the down, you just keep on competing. You keep punching, and you believe you can win that football game at some point in time."

(On how special it was to have his brother Jim Harbaugh on the sideline)

"It meant a lot. Did you see us consulting down there? We were talking, he had a couple of ideas. I told him to lay off of the officials. He did a good job of that. It's real special. He's a great football coach in his own right. Obviously, he had a great career. To share this with him means a lot."

(On the focus it takes to win the last seven of eight games)

"You know, it takes a mature football team. I think it takes tremendous leadership to win seven out of eight football games like you're saying. You take it one game at a time. Guys like Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, Todd Heap, Derrick Mason. You can go right down the line. I don't want to leave anybody out. Our veterans have done a great job of showing our young guys the way, and showing them that you just keep getting better every week. That's a credit to our veteran leadership."

(On if this was one of Terrell Suggs' better games)

"You know, I don't know. You have to watch the tape. It's hard to compare from one game to the next. Terrell Suggs has a lot of good football games. I thought he played very well. No question."



(On his touchdown catch and the coverage on the play)

"It was zero coverage. Le'Ron [McClain] and the offensive line had been doing a great job, especially on that last series, at just pounding the ball, pounding the ball, pounding the ball. And when you've got somebody 260 [pounds], gracious to Le'Ron, more like 270, but when you've got somebody that big running downhill at you, you get tired of tackling, and you try to slowly but surely try to bring that eighth and ninth man into the box. And then you leave those two corners outside by themselves. Cam [Cameron] made a great call, and they did a good job of blocking up front. And Joe [Flacco] just threw it up there and allowed me to be Superman I guess. That's all it was. You've got to give it up to Le'Ron because he had pretty much carried that whole drive for us, and allowed us at the end to throw a pass."

(On if he likes where the team is at this point in the season)

"Let me think about that… I love where we're at, and it's not just because of our record. You've got to understand it's not just because of our record, it's because of the attitude that the guys have. We've bought into what the coaches are preaching, and guys are having fun. Even after some of the losses that we had this season, guys still came in and prepared to win the next game, still enjoyed being with one another and having fun. I enjoy the record, yes, but I enjoy more so the attitude that we have, regardless of wins and losses, because we know that we're going to go out there each and every week, and we're going to fight hard."

(On playing in tonight's weather conditions)

"I've been in colder. I mean, it seemed like it started to warm up for some reason. I don't know if y'all felt like that, maybe because y'all were standing around you were thinking, 'Let's hurry up and get out of here.' But for us, it started to heat up a little bit."

(On if the wind was a factor)

"Wind wasn't really a factor because you would get a gust here and there, probably every 20 minutes, but it wasn't like a constant gust, so it didn't affect our play calling at all, and I'm pretty sure it didn't affect theirs."

(On his impressions of S Ed Reed's play in the first five minutes of the game)

"I kidded with you guys when I said I was just able to be Superman out there, but No. 20, I mean, that guy is Superman for real. He is truly one of a kind at that position. I don't think too many guys, well I know too many guys don't play the position the way he plays it. Matter of fact, nobody plays that position the way he plays it. I don't think I've seen anyone in the last 10 years, since I've been in the league, that plays the position the way Ed plays it. The guy roams the field like a hawk. Nothing gets past him. And he seems to, I think he has four of five arms, because it seems like wherever he goes he has a knack for making big plays, especially when we need it."

(On if Reed is an MVP candidate)

"I can't see any other guy, especially on the defensive side of the ball, that has played the way that Ed has played. This is a guy that, game-in and game-out, he's not in the box all the time, he's just a guy that's back there roaming the field and making plays. He makes it hard for quarterbacks. They account for Ed, regardless of where he's at. They look [to] one side, and try to throw to the other side, but the guy has phenomenal speed to get from one sideline to the next. So, is he an MVP candidate to me? Oh yeah, oh yeah. And he's going to continue to be because of the way he works out there, and the attitude he takes into each and every game."

(On if he can describe what the Pittsburgh game will be like)

"I don't know. I really don't. Right now, what time is it? Like 11:30, 12 o'clock? So we're into Monday. Dang it, I can't give you, 'We'll think about it Monday.' I can't do that. We'll think about it Monday evening or afternoon. They're the next team on our schedule, and we want to focus on what we did today as a team. When we go in tomorrow, we're going to look at the film and make corrections. And then after we make corrections on what we did against the Washington Redskins, then we'll start preparing for the Pittsburgh Steelers, but right now I'm just enjoying the victory, and Pittsburgh will be Pittsburgh when we play them next Sunday. And we'll start preparing for them Wednesday."

(On if he's ever caught himself thinking, "It's amazing what we've accomplished")

"I did that one time, one time. I think it was three weeks ago, two weeks ago. And I said, 'We've got something special,' to Ray [Lewis]. And as he does always, he shook his head and said, 'Yeah we do.' But after that, I didn't think about it anymore. It's not a surprise to me, and I don't think it's a surprise to the 52-some-odd guys in that locker room. I think it's a surprise to everybody else, to you guys, but it's not a surprise to us because we understand. And we understood way back in March when we started this thing that we had something special. If everyone stayed on the boat, and if we steered this thing in the right direction, and no one jumped off the ship, we'd be OK. And everyone's still on to my account. And we're doing OK."

(On what he saw in March)

"A team that was dedicated. A team that really wanted to erase the taste from the previous season. A team that understood that we were in the position we were in last year because of injuries, not because we weren't a good team. And, a team that just wanted to work – that's basically what it boiled down to, a team that wanted to work. It started in March with the two-a-day practices, guys wanted to work. They probably didn't like it every step of the way. I'd be lying if I said we loved it. We probably didn't like it at every step, but in order to build a championship team, you've got to work. Everybody's not going to like it, but if you've got guys going out there and want to work hard no matter what the situation is, you're going to build something special. And I think we're all a witness to what we have potentially in this team, because we've still got three games to go. Hopefully we do what we can these next three games. And hopefully, by the grace of God we can get into the playoffs. But, we've got something special here, and we're going to continue to roll with it."

(On the Ravens' final scoring drive)

"That whole drive was our offensive line, Le'Ron [McClain] and Lorenzo [Neal]. That goes to our backs and our offensive line. We hit them over the head with Derrick [Mason] at the end of it. We needed that. They had some momentum, and we were letting the game get away from us on the offensive side of the ball. To go down there and put the ball in the end zone was huge."

(On how long the touchdown pass hung in the air)

"I didn't even see it. I was on the ground, so I just judged by how the crowd was reacting. They were all excited, so I knew we scored."

(On whether the cold and wind made it tough to get in a rhythm)

"No, I don't think so. When you're out there sitting on the bench, you're trying to do the best you can to stay warm. I think we were fine. I don't know if that really affected our rhythm. We just never really got in too good of a rhythm today after our first drive and not again until our last drive. We would've liked to play a lot better, but the bottom line is it was one of those grind-'em-out games. Our defense did a hell of a job, and we got the win."

(On the defense forcing two big turnovers and scoring on one early in the game)

"They got a turnover for us, and we go down and put a touchdown on the board, which was huge. Then before you know it, they were putting another one on the board themselves. It was a huge start and a good way to get out and get a two-score lead. But we didn't really do too much today after that, which is a little bit disappointing. But our defense held them all day. We put them in some bad situations, but they did a great job. That last drive was huge for us."

(On the offensive line's performance)

"Our offensive line did a great job today. That's what they've been doing all season. I had a bunch of time back there just like I needed. We just needed to execute the little things a little better today, and we didn't necessarily do that. But the bottom line is we got a win, so we were happy."




(On how the final drive felt)

"It felt good, just running north-south doing my job. The guys did a great job, Lo-Neal and the offensive line. They told me to run the ball. All I did was find my holes and hit them to help us get our team a victory. That's what I did."

(On the opponent knowing what's coming but being unable to stop it)

"They couldn't stop me. That's my mentality. When I'm getting up, I'm telling them that I'm coming back. That's what we did. It was a great job by the offensive line and 'Lo' [Lorenzo] Neal. They blocked their tails off. All credit to them. I just ran the ball."

(On grinding out games being what December football is all about)

"Oh yeah, in the cold, just put it in the hands of the running backs. On that last drive, we showed our mentality, which is being the most physical team in the league."

(On his 4th and 1 reception for a first down)

"Part of the plan is that you have to be an actor on that kind of play. It's a play that we've practiced somewhat this year, but you only pull it out for certain occasions. Fourth and one, they were definitely not expecting that play. We executed perfectly."

(On how there was no defensive player within 20 yards of him)

"Well, that's what it's supposed to be. I'm blocking down on the defensive linemen and they exchanged a linebacker onto me. So, I was going to block him when they looped their line towards me. I ended up going into two guys and in the pile. They kind of lost me. That's where you kind of mix it up. You go down, but you have to be ready to get back up and go."

(On Baltimore's offense tonight)

"We would have like to have played a little better throughout the game, but we've done that a few times this year, when we needed to make plays or we needed to have a drive, we were able to come up with some big plays. That last drive when we went down and scored was huge and really indicative of what we've been able to accomplish this year and what we need to continue to do."

(On his 30-yard reception in the first quarter)

"I was definitely expecting to get hit and I know, with Dawan's brother [LaRon Landry] back there, that he likes to bring everything he's got. I was expecting to get hit and the ball hung up there forever. Joe [Flacco] made a good throw and had some faith in me to hang it up there like that, and we were able to come down with it. It was a good play."

(On getting a win in primetime)

"We haven't had huge success in these games. So, to come out and beat a team in a rivalry-type atmosphere against the Redskins - it's big for us. Hopefully, we can use this as momentum to get us through the rest of the year."

(On the fourth quarter drive)

"We kind of saw something in what they were doing in a couple of their defensive fronts. We ran some unbalanced plays and we found a play that was pretty successful. We used it and we kept running it. We switched it up a little bit here and there, but for the most part there was one play that we kind of stuck with and they didn't have an answer for it."

(On S Ed Reed)

"It's to the point now where he's been amazing for so long that you expect him to make those plays. That's not always a good thing for the fans, but we're back there and we're expecting him to make those plays. We know we're always in the game and that we have a guy back there that can always make a big play for us. He was a huge spark today."



(On if the team is hitting its stride)

"We still have three more games. We are taking them one at a time. That is what we've been doing, focusing week to week. It is the right time for us, but at the same time we have to focus on one game at a time."

(On whether he was more sharp today than normal)

"I am just trying to come out and do my job, be where I'm supposed to be and help the team win anyway that I can."

(On if he put extra study in on what QB Jason Campbell would do)

"I think as a team, as a defense we knew their offense pretty well. It was just a matter of communicating with our crowd being loud, we knew it was going to be hard for them. It was just a matter of being on the same page and just making plays. Guys made plays that tipped ball, that first pick, that's just somebody else making a play and me doing my job.

(On if he questioned whether or not his forced fumble was actually a fumble)

"Yes, once I got to the sideline, I was kind of jogging when I had it and I didn't know if they were going to blow a whistle or not, but once they don't blow a whistle, we're taught to finish the play and let them make the decision afterwards."

(On if he was trying to bring Clinton Portis down or rip the ball loose)

"I was trying to rip it loose, I was going for it a little bit, and it came out."

(On if the early defensive plays demoralized the Redskins)

"Yes, I think it took a little bit out of them, but at the same time, we knew their defense was going to fight hard. We knew their offense wasn't going to give up, which they didn't, pretty much, until we scored that last touchdown. It was a good game, they were right where they wanted to be, I'm pretty sure down 17-10. You don't give up a big play to [Derrick Mason], which is hard…we knew it was a tough game, we knew it was going to be a tight game at the end."

(On if having a big game is any sweeter due to the injuries he is playing through)

"A little bit more, yes but it is hats off to the trainers, hats off to my doctor, who I see every Friday, me and Willis [McGahee] and just continue trying to focus. It's not easy, but at the same time, if you can be out there for your teammates and help then I am going to be out there."

(On if the next game versus Pittsburgh is going to be a little more emotional)

"No, emotional, I don't know about that. That is a good team coming in here, and once we start to look at the tape, we'll see what we got and what we are going up against."

(On how he feels about the offense eating up the clock at the end of the game)

"It's great that we have an offense that can finish like that. We can sit on the sideline and drink some Gatorade and watch them do their thing. Now that we know that we can finish on both sides, that's huge."



(On the play of Ed Reed and the defense)

"I just like the impact of our whole defense. I just like the way we came out and played tonight. It was freaking spectacular. Ed is going to always be Ed. But the bottom line, the way our defense came out and shut down Clinton Portis tonight, the guys up front did an extremely incredible freaking job. We really got after them defensively, mixed up a lot of things and played some good football."

(On setting the tone early with big plays)

"That's the bottom line. The bottom line is, we always said if we start fast and we make people play from behind, no matter what happens during the course of a game, it's going to be rough. To come back it's going to be rough. We got out pretty good, and then we [had a] couple of early quick turnovers. Ed made a couple of huge plays. From there it was kind of a downhill spiral. We pretty much owned them until we kind of turned the ball over a couple of times and put them on a short field. But we knew they were going to fight for four quarters."

(On his hit on Clinton Portis and if it set the tone)

"You know, you always try to get a hit on their main guy, and he was one of the guys that I really wanted to get at, so when I did square up on him pretty good, I didn't see him for a while. I knew he was dealing with some injuries. It's always a physical game. You want to make it a physical game. I just think overall defensively we made it a physical game."

(On having to return kicks while getting more time as a DB)

"It's tough, but in situations you need to do it. Today we had some guys get nicked up, and I was the guy they had to go with, and you just try to do your best. You know you've got a lot of guys out there working for you, so you just try to get what you can."

(On how the team's been able to close games well)

"I think the offense bounced back really well. It was almost an eight-minute drive, the last one, and any time they can run the clock like that, and the defense, we got a field goal out of the one turnover. We'd like to get another field goal or a stop on the next one. We're playing well late in games, and that's obviously why we're winning."

(On the big early plays)

"It was big. Whenever you go into a game and you set the tempo. We're playing on our terms. All week, we [prepared], the coaches just made the great calls all game that put us in the good position."

(On the fourth quarter, and what it meant)

"We feed off each other, regardless of if it's a turnover by the offense or we [get] one on the defense. Everybody in this locker room believes in each other, and that's what so magical about this season."

(On the cold weather)

"If anything, you know, it brings out that little kid in you. It's cold. They're going to be cold, but at the same time, you block it out for three hours, and you just go ahead and get it."

(On the play of Ed Reed)

"I played with some Hall of Famers, [and] it seems like the ball seems to find him. He doesn't find the ball. I guess people don't see him when he's back there. I have no idea what's going on. He is one of the spectacular players in the NFL. That's one of the most spectacular players I have ever been around. Period."



(On his pressure on Jason Campbell)

"Jason Campbell is a great player.

"I don't want to take anything away from the Washington Redskins, but I think they should blame their local fans. I went down there to support them (at the Wizards basketball game), and tonight was personal for me (laughter)."

(On if the defense set the tone)

"We're a defense that feeds off each other. We've got probably the greatest player in our time. He's also the greatest leader, and he got us going from jump. We went out there, we played off each other and played off each other, and we played really good football."

(On was it too cold for a Gatorade shower)

"No, they got him in here (the locker room). They got Hue [Jackson]. I guess he coached in Washington and they couldn't find him outside. We got him. We got the 'Battle of the Beltway.'"

(On next week's game)

"We're not looking ahead to next week. We'll deal with that tomorrow. We're going to enjoy tonight and go from there."

(On being the 2nd all-time sack leader in Baltimore)

"It's just amazing. It kind of just happened. I like to think of myself as a team player. I don't really try to shoot for individual goals like that. The more I keep playing for my team, keep playing hard for the Ravens, great things like that will keep happening. Let's just see if we can keep chugging away."



(On Terrell Suggs creating a lot of pressure on Jason Campbell)

"To be honest with you, as we practiced during the week we were seeing that circus type of rush. You know, when they are lining up all over the place and then at the snap finally getting to their areas. I think our biggest problem in the first half was our communication on how to slide, who is sliding to who, who is staying put, or who is helping on a slide protection. Some of it was just communication. Not being able to communicate it right at the snap and that hurt us."

(On the game slipping away and playing with injuries)

"We're not playing with a full deck. We were early, and we weren't moving the ball, and as we adjusted at halftime, I felt like we came out very strong. We got Stephon [Heyer] in there for Jon [Jansen], which didn't hurt us too bad, and then when Chris [Samuels] went down, we played with a center at tackle, so, that hurt us, and it's going to hurt us as we regroup here."

(On the injuries to Clinton Portis and the tackles)

"I think Clinton is fine, I think he's going to be okay. I think he's going to be able to help us out next week. I can't tell you about each of the tackles, as far as what the long-range diagnosis is. I know that Jon Jansen has a sprained medial collateral ligament, I don't know to what degree yet, and I know that there's something wrong with Chris [Samuels] triceps. I don't know if it's completely torn, I can't make the right diagnosis yet, I haven't been in to see the x-ray yet. I know they got x-rays."

(On Portis being banged up)

"As Clinton didn't practice all week long and Ladell [Betts] did, and even Mike [Sellers], on third down, Mike was going to go in, because he was going to give us the right kind of protection, and we used him, both as a receiver and a running back. He did very well. Ladell gave us some spots, cutting up the field. We just felt like we wanted to give Clinton a bit of a rest, and then get him back in. I let our running backs coach kind of regulate who was getting the reps there. At some point, Ladell was the guy that we just went with."

(On what you say to your guys)

"This was really hard. I'm taking each game as they've gone, and this was very difficult, for me, after the game to talk about why and what and how and who was at fault. It was just hard in the first half. Basically, I just talked about the first half on offense, and then when we needed it, on defense, on that big drive, that long drive, we had to stop them, and to let them score a touchdown, they're a very stingy defense, they're not going to let us just go down and score right back down the field. They made it difficult. I think that was the game, we made it hard on offense in the first half, and then we had one drive in the second half that made it hard."

(On future games on the rest of the season)

"That is the thing I ended with as I talked after the game to our football team as we have three games now. It is sudden death. Unfortunately, losing four of the last five games does not help confidence so we have to dig down deep and in our preparation. I mean I can't honestly go out and just say 'OK, we are going to restart this season, and we're going to pound everybody and brow beat everybody because I think our preparation was very good this week. I really do, but play 1 to play 60 or 70, whatever we get and each play has to be sought out by each guy. So it's sudden death now and it starts with Cincinnati next week."

(On the play of QB Jason Campbell)

"Well, you know I think Jason, as he got protection, did fine and we got some balls batted and everybody has gotten balls batted by this defense. They do a nice job of getting hands up, and we had an interception off of a high batted ball. I've seen it every week with this football team. They go for the ball when it is up in the air, and it was up. Jason did not have a perfect game. There are a couple of things that Jason has to, you know, just continue to learn and know what we want. He got talked out of a couple of things on the line of scrimmage. We did a nice job of disguising some things for him that made him check out of a play that could have been alright. He didn't get us in to a bad play though. It's just our tempo was slowed down because he was working at the line of scrimmage. They caused our tempo to slow down because of all the movement that they had on the line of scrimmage and that made it difficult."

(On if RB Clinton Portis did not play in the second half because of a fumble)

"No. Clinton knows how to hold on to the ball. That was unfortunate. That was not the reason he was out and it was more of how he was communicating with Stump [Mitchell], our running backs coach and really kind of the optimism we had with Ladell [Betts] in there. [He was] just fresh [and] worked all week. He kind of had the edge there in my mind. "

(On the players' morale)

"I think you could have looked at anybody in the eye on our football team and could see frustration. Our guys are disappointed. There is no faking what's going on in there. Nobody is stomping around and throwing a fit. It's just a real disappointment."

(On how close they were going for the first down)

"Yeah. Very close. I felt like our defense was doing a great job of getting the ball back for us so we punted there. [We] tried to back them up and keep them down there so we could keep the field position situation going for us. I didn't want to give them a short field and have it easier for them to go down and score, and it didn't happen. They took us on a real long ride in that last quarter."

(On if turnovers had an effect on the game)

"Yeah. It's just something we have to look at real hard. As coaches we have to look and we have to talk about it with our football team, which we did last week. So, we are recognizing what we are doing, yet the result is the same and so again we have got to go back and regroup. I really think that the idea of our tempo has been stymied because of advantages we want to take when we see a particular defense, and it is slowing us down instead of keeping us going. I am going to look at that real hard and see if that is an issue for us."

(On the last interception)

"It was a matter of pulling back a little bit. We believe, after we watch this and we make errors that hurt drives, that we have to pull back and not do as much stuff. I think we can still be patient because that has to do with the mix of the plays. We still have to run the ball and if I'm not patient, we are probably throwing the ball down the field too much. I thought we had a decent start as far as mixing. It's just when we got to those third downs, we didn't hold up on our pass protection and we were forced to punt. That has been the nature of their defense and it's been our nemesis. So, they kind of played on one another."

(On if he is ever frustrated by the defense outplaying the offense)

"Ever? Always. Yeah always. I just cringe every time I think about us scoring only 10 or 7. We have to be able to sustain drives. We're losing it on third downs. We are losing it by a big mistake and getting set back. We're not good enough yet on offense- that's period. We've shown that we're not good enough to sustain and teams have just been playing their defenses. We have to be able to concentrate through any stress that gets put on us. We're not able to do that quite yet. You can look at the positions. Nobody is immune to what I am mentioning to you."


(On being taken out of the game)

"Ladell [Betts] was making plays. He was fresh and he was at practice. He was given the opportunity. I'm going to go home, go to sleep, and get up in the morning for my 11:00 run."

(On if he's talked to head coach Jim Zorn)

"He's the head coach, and I'm the player. I've never said, 'This is the second time that I've been benched.' I said, 'This is supposed to be my second time.' We just have to find a way to get one win and then go from there."


(On his performance)

"We tried to take pressure off of those guys (WR Antwaan Randle El and WR Santana Moss). Hopefully we can find a way to throw the ball around and move the chains at the same time and put some points on the board. That's the key."

(On if he was disappointed)

"Overall, as an offense, we're disappointed. Regardless of how I feel, I'm disappointed in the fact that we cannot put up enough points with the firepower that we have. We have so much talent and there definitely should be more points on the board."


(On the rest of the season)

"Someway, somehow we just have to play better. We have to rip off three in a row. We're going to Cincinnati this week, so we just have to prepare ourselves. We've lost our left tackle and our right tackle in the same game against a defense that was relentless. And that doesn't help your chances at all. I thought [Justin] Geisinger came in and he fought hard for his first time playing tackle, because he's our backup center. But he came in and guys helped him out along the way."

(On continuing to run pass plays at the end of the game)

"Yeah, I took a shot on the last play. The end told me he was kind of upset, and he was going to tee off. He came, and I tried to step up in there, and I was going to try to launch it, but I probably would've taken a worse shot if I didn't dump it off to Ladell [Betts] real quick and tried to get out of the game healthy."


(On interception)

"It would have been more enjoyable if it led us to a comeback win. Then, I could be excited about it. I just stayed in the middle, read my keys and did my job. The ball came right to me because I stayed with my assignment."

(On any scouting report he received from his brother Dawan who plays for the Ravens)

"No, he didn't tell me anything. I wouldn't expect him to tell me anything. We're both competitors and competitors don't do things like that."

(On how frustrating the Ravens' long drive was at the end)

"That was very frustrating and it was heart-breaking. We couldn't get a stop. For us, it's back to the drawing board and get ready for next week,"

(On Ed Reed of the Ravens)

"Ed is a great player. He is an elite safety. We're both from the same neighborhood so I've been following him for a long time. I grew up watching him in high school and then at Miami and now with the Ravens. As a safety, you just admire what he does and try to play like him."


(On whether the Ravens' defense was as good as advertised)

"We came in here and knew they were good. But we're not playing well at all right now. We're making everyone look good. We need to protect the quarterback better and we need to do a better job running the ball. We should be doing much better than we are."

(On whether the offensive line is to blame for the loss)

"I'm not going to sit here and point fingers and I'm not going to call out my teammates. All I know is that, personally, I need to do better. It's all about being a professional. We have to regroup and do better. This has been very tough, losing 4 out of 5."


(On the end of the game)

"It's man on man, you just have to make a tackle. There were a few missed tackles, and we just had to tackle better."

(On the difference between McGahee and McClain)

"It was the last drive against the run. You've got to tackle better. If you tackle, we get off the field."

(On the lack of offensive scoring)

"I play defense. My job is to stop them from scoring. That's what we do on defense, and we didn't do a great job of that either. It's a team game. We're all in this together."

(On the defense's need to make a turnover)

"Any time you get into the fourth quarter and you're down, you've got to step it up. You always step it up every chance you get. You've just got to keep plugging away and try to chip away and score."


(On what they need to do better)

"We've got to have better starts to games. Better halves, we can't wait until the end to get it going. I think, defensively, we did a good job. We got a couple turnovers to give our offense the short field. The one discouraging thing was at the end. Their last major drive was when we had them backed up and we weren't able to keep them from scoring."

(On producing turnovers)

"We knew we needed to get some turnovers to get us back in the game. Laron [Landry] did a great job of coming up with two of them to give our offense the short field and ten points out of those turnovers. But in the end we got to within seven points, and it was back onto us as a defense, and we needed to stop them again, and we didn't."

(On the Ravens' defense)

"Their defense has a lot of great players. They did a great job of controlling the ball game. They came up with a bunch of take-aways, they scored on one of their turnovers, and in the end, they definitely outplayed us."


(On the offense)

"We were not good, that's obvious. We tried to do all we can. We just didn't do enough. I don't have any words for what really went on. We just aren't doing good enough, we've got to find something to do. Honestly, we keep coming out of these games not really being where we want to be. And we're just hurting ourselves. I don't really know what to say."

LT CHRIS SAMUELS(On his injury)

"I think I have a sprained biceps. We'll know more tomorrow. Hopefully, it's just a sprain. It all happened on one play. I just felt a twinge when I was trying to reach out and block their linebacker."

(On whether the offensive line play has been hurting the team)

"I don't know about that. We win as a team, and we lose as a team. I think everyone needs to do better."

(On Terrell Suggs)

"He is definitely good, and he's tough to handle. I know he must have had a great game tonight."

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