Reports: Bryant McKinnie To Report To Practice Monday


Ravens left tackle Bryant McKinnie will report to training camp on Monday, reports WNST.

The 11-year veteran unexpectedly missed the first three full-team practices this week. He did not speak directly to the Ravens to explain his absence, but instead had a chiropractor call the team.

McKinnie told WNST in a text message that he was in some sort of accident.

"All is good," McKinnie said. "I had a little accident a few days ago. I'll explain later."

Heading into camp, the 6-foot-8 lineman said that the Ravens wanted him to get his weight down to 345 pounds, which is nine pounds less than his listed weight in the Ravens media guide. He wanted to "shut everybody up" by reaching his targeted weight and reporting to camp in shape.

Instead, his absence created a buzz.

Head Coach John Harbaugh said Friday that the fines for missing training camp practice, as set forth by the collective bargaining agreement, apply to McKinnie. The fine is reportedly $30,000 per day, which now adds up to $90,000.

Harbaugh also said that Michael Oher would be the left tackle until further notice.

When asked Saturday how McKinnie's absence affects the offense, Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron was optimistic.

"You just let it play out," Cameron said. "All these things in training camp – you see it all over the league – the season is not tomorrow. So you just let things play out. It's an opportunity for a K.O. [Kelechi Osemele] or another guy. It gives Michael Oher some work at left. I think we have a good feel – depending on if things work out – of what Bryant can do at left tackle. And obviously, we have to have Plan B anyway. So no one's worried about it. It'll play out the way it should play out, and we'll be ready either way."

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