Reports: Matthew Judon Fined Twice as Much as Dolphins' Kiko Alonso

The NFL's punishments have been released following last Thursday's 40-0 Ravens win, and there are some head-scratchers.

According to multiple reports, Ravens outside linebacker Matthew Judon has been fined twice as much as Dolphins linebacker Kiko Alonso, and two other flagrant Miami penalties went without punishment.

Here's the breakdown:

The league fined Alonso $9,115 for his brutal hit on sliding Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco, which left him with a concussion and bloodied ear.

Alonso lowered his shoulder as Flacco was already going to the turf. There was originally media buzz about whether Alonso should have been ejected or suspended.

Dolphins defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was not fined for putting his hand on Ravens backup quarterback Ryan Mallett's throat, which drew an unnecessary roughness penalty. It was his second such penalty of the game and Suh has a long history of incidences after the whistle.

Dolphins defensive end Williams Hayes also did not get fined after he attempted to poke Ravens right tackle Austin Howard in the eye. Hayes also got an unnecessary roughness penalty.

However, Judon got the stiffest penalty of all with a reported $18,231 fine for a horse collar tackle late in the fourth quarter. That's more than half of the second-year player's game check, per ESPN.

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