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SociaLight: Lamar Jackson's Edition of Madden Is Finally Here 

Lamar Jackson on Madden 21 Cover
Lamar Jackson on Madden 21 Cover

The unanimous MVP quarterback was a shoo-in to land this year's "Madden" cover. By now, you've seen the covers.

The copies are finally here and they're perfect.

There was no doubt that the people's Madden champ, Hollywood Brown, would immediately hit the sticks with the new game. You can re-watch his stream on Twitch.

The best part? He auctioned off the Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes to keep his own quarterback. That's loyalty.

These two are inseparable!

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For teammate Patrick Queen, sure it's cool that his quarterback graced the cover. But, Queen was really thrilled to see himself in the actual game.

It sounds like a Queen vs. Brown Madden matchup is coming soon. Sorry Patrick, I think we know who we're taking in that contest.

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