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SociaLight: Marlon Humphrey Is a Certified Cat Guy


When you think NFL players and their pets, the image of a big, ferocious dog or an exotic animal might come to mind.

But, Marlon Humphrey? He's a cat guy.

His teammates don't quite feel the same way.

His love of cats isn't new. Check the date stamp on this one.

But to truly understand his love of cats, you must meet the special little guy in Marlon's life.

One is a star on the field, the other the star of The Show. One has earned numerous accolades as a stalwart of the Ravens defense. The other is a fluffy white cat. Meet the unlikely duo of Marlon and Snowflake.

Snowflake makes regular appearances on Marlon’s Instagram story and fans love the "find Snowflake" game.

Teammate Anthony Levine Sr. has the 200-million-dollar question.

Marlon, it's time to give the people what they want: Snowflake's own Instagram account!

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