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SociaLight: Marlon Humphrey Lasted Four Days as a Vegan


With the offseason and extra free time, many players take the time to recharge and reset for a new season. For most, that means vacation, but Marlon Humphrey decided to take a different approach: a 21 day fast!

Personally, I'd lean towards the exotic vacation route, but to each their own.

Each week of the fast is different, the first requiring a vegan diet.

Not everyone is on board.

So, what does one eat when going vegan for a week?

(Anyone else hungry just thinking about this?)

But then, Marlon flew to Miami for the Super Bowl LIV festivities, and desperate times called for desperate measures.

Check the time stamps, looks like the All-Pro only lasted about four days.

We'll that one slide Marlon, good luck with the rest of your cleanse.

Meanwhile, Robert Griffin III is tackling a different kind of challenge. Dude Perfect will be calling.

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