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SociaLight: Matthew Judon Unboxes His Pro Bowl Swag 

OLB Matthew Judon

There are lots of accolades and perks that come with making the Pro Bowl, but one of the players' favorites is all the free swag. This year, the Pro Bowl itself is all virtual, but that doesn't mean the guys don't get all their cool gear.

Two-time Pro Bowler Matthew Judon took to Instagram to unbox all his new stuff. Grease stain on the box and all.

As anyone with kids can relate, Judon's son, Leonidas, tried to steal the show. Dad with the great one-liner, "Kids can't never let you have nothing to yourself."

Last year, Judon dazzled with his "Body by Taco Bell" cleats. I can't help but wonder what he would have rocked this year.

Congrats on another great season to Matthew Judon! Check out his Instagram stories all week as he takes you through what Pro Bowl 2021 has looked like for him this year.

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